Following screenshot will show u how to delete Batches (unused) of PP module with the help of Basis.

Step-1= Go to Tx SARA.

The following archive administration screen will appear. Fill in particular object( MM_STOCK for Batches)

Click on write option.

Now create a variant for it and MAINTAIN (click on maintain)it. Fill in the batch no . and other fields that required to maintain variant and click save.

Now go back and maintain other two- START DATE and SPOOL PARAMETER.

Go to start date. Now schedule job immediately as follow.

Save it. The screen below will show that it is maintained.

Likewise maintain Spool.

The screen below will show that it is maintained. Now click on execute and the job will be scheduled in next slide. Check the status of job weather it is successfully schedule.

Click on Job log.

Now click on Job Log. It will show that the status. Now go back as we have archived the batches now its time to delete those batches.

Click on delete following screen appears.

Now its time to do customizing settings of BASIS. Go to customizing tab.

Go to Archiving Object-Specific Customizing: Technical Settings do the setting as below. Fill in Test & Production variant Logical file name appears automatically. SAVE it go back(first time the variant was created it will ask you for request)

Now Go to Basis Customizing: Cross-Client File Names/Paths (Alternatively you can hit Tx FILE also to do the settings)


Here Double click on Windows OS

NOW Here remove .archive extension and set physical path. You need to create temp folder at OS level and give the path as given above w/o archive extension as shown below.

Save configuration and and request pop up will appear create request and save it.

Now maintain following three and execute. During archive selection problem may come that you wont be able to see any session and files. Solve the error.(check weather in C:\TEMP directory files are archived or not and do the setting then again go to job overview and see jobs are successful and properly executed.)

Now just ask PP to cross check weather the batch is deleted or not.

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