‘Thanks’ is such a word which is million times smaller than somebody’s cooperation. Yet it is a far better medium to repay it, if accompanied by regards and depth. So, in the same context we are highly obliged to our respected Executive Director Sir managers. We are (Dr. P.L.Maggu) for providing us an environment of business and thereby breeding us as world class also thankful to our respected Dean Sir. (Prof.V.N.Rai) for helping us to think innovative and to apply the upcoming thoughts to obtain fruitful results. For the industrial visit we are greatly thankful to Mr. Aseem Prakash (Industrialist) who has made us visited the Mahaveer Plywood Industry, Parsakhera, Bareilly. We are also thankful to the respective Heads of the Institutions where we visited.

Roll No. B-08-21 to B-08-40 Dated August 22, 2009


Sr.N o 1 Review of Plywood Industry along with SWOT Analysis Representative Plywood Industry Product competitive scenario Problems faced in setting the industry Manufacturing Marketing Recruitment training and appraisal Photo gallery Student list

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