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The Republic of Benin

Tatianna Belton
Land of Songs
Capital of BENIN

Benins Language & Religion
There are over fifty languages spoken in Benin. The official
language is FRENCH. The Beninese language Bariba and Fulani is
common in north Benin and FON and Yoruba are secondly most
common in the south of Benin.
The Majority of Beninese's practice animist religion; which is
praising and worshiping inanimate objects or animals. The rest of
the population mostly practice Islamic or Christianity religions.

Tourist Attraction: GANVIE
Ganvie is the Venice of Africa
The largest lake lagoon in the country
A 400 year old town, built on top of the body of water
Population of about 20,000 people
The sight of the locals enduring their daily routine; amazing
Restaurants, hotels, catering, bars etc.
Tourist Attraction:
The Royal Palaces of Abomey
Located in the center of one of the most powerful kingdoms in
African history
Beautifully constructed by the FON people between the 17
Known for the local artwork surrounding the compound.
Location of a great war between the Kingdom of Abomey and
Sacred grounds of what once was full of prosperity and luxury
BEST of BENIN; Cuisine
Crab meat or shellfish
meat, tomato and onion
stew with red pepper hot
sauce and basmati rice.

Americans stereotyping Beninese
The Beninese Yoruba are scholars but still wich to do labor like
Yoruba Money-hungry brag of all their wealth men and women.

Local Superstitions in Benin
Benin, the capital of VOODOO !
otraditional cults hold prayers, pour libations and make
sacrifices to their ancestors
If you are walking down the road and a black cat
approaches you, you are then doomed of bad luck.
If a python slithers through a village it is said to bring
good fortune.

Symbolic Hand Gestures
Formal greeting: Extend your right hand and grasp your right
elbow with your left hand and shake with knees slightly bent.
Informal greeting: Shake hands while adding a snap using our
middle finger and thumb of the other persons hand.
Group greeting: Clasp hands above our heads and shake them.
Anger: Grab left elbow with right hand, extend arm out in front of
you, and shake fist up and down by bending your elbow

Business and Culture:
Etiquette and Body Language
Good manners is very important, taking the time to greet people
It is also important to shake the hand of each person present
Public display of affection by opposite sex is highly discouraged
To refuse good hospitality is rude
Using the left hand is considered bad;especially using it to eat or
offering something in that hand
Kneeling in front of others as a sign if respect

Business and Culture:
Relationship Building
people usually greet each other even if they are strangers

Business and Culture:
Communication styles in decision making
When communicating it is always important not to interrupt
especially if a man is talking
Although varying from town to two Beninese tend to act based of
past experience(historical) as far a big decision making. i.e.
moving family, job, etc.
Also, when talking to one another eye contact is significant
Business and Culture:
Power structures in decision making
Power given to each town is solely based upon the family (male)
with most money and strongest family historical background.
Because Benin was such a powerful and strong country the legcacy
is passed down to present day and those families now in decision
making will continue to lead or guide.
Business Culture
Communication expectations
The significance of wealth or
at least comfortability of
Men as bread winners
Shaking everybody hand

Buying families
The use of the left hand
Belief of Voodoo or animist
Social problems like crimes
are rare
Communication Styles
As far as business culture, unlike the USA, Beninese men
communicate very well, even if the do not like you they will still
greet you and hold a conversation with you or handle other business
that involves the both of them for example, to let the other
person know that they dont like them, they shake hands but with
the other arm holding on the elbow of the hand that is extended
Power Structures
Benin although was a prosperous country now more mediocre than
ever, with the massive increase of population the demand for jobs
had decreased and unemployment has increase. So even if
educated, one may still be with a job driving taxis or working as a
fisherman. Power today in Benin solely comes from income and
historical background.
Internet and Social Networking in BENIN
Benins internet penetration rate is 11.8%
Academic social network site:Kgounna
Benin Social Network (facebook)

In a means-oriented culture people see themselves as avoiding
risks and making only doing enough for their jobs, while each
workday is pretty much the same. In a goal-oriented culture, the
employees are primarily out to achieve specific internal goals or
not hesitant of risk to achieve those goal.
Beninese are really one or the other, they are education and have
professional jobs to better themselves or work only enough to

Means-oriented vs. Goal-oriented
Internally driven vs. Externally driven
Working solely on your own motivation whether its internally of
Beninese work solely to decrease the chances of poverty
(external) but also (internal) to have the same pride and lifestyle
their family did in past history
Open system vs. Closed system
Having a open organization or community. Welcoming others to
join or simply not allowing others to be apart of something.

Beninese often only let other from their town or friends of friends
to join local organizations. They can be very shut off from most
because of personal demeanor or pride.
Employee-oriented vs. Work-oriented
In every employee-oriented organizations, members of staff feel
that personal problems are taken into account. In every work-
oriented organizations, there is heavy pressure to perform the
task even if this is at the expense of employee
Beninese men are mostly selfish to the success of themselves and
others. They re mostly seen in the work oriented field that if any
man fall off thatll be his lost.
Employee-oriented vs. Work-oriented vs. USA
USAs depicts a little bit of both employee and work oriented.
Most work fields do not care about personal feelings or find it
appropriate to intentionally down another to benefit ourselves.
Open system vs. Closed system vs. USA
USA Open system is very common in this country, for the most part
we allow or accept anyone who wants to join organizations to
better the cause.
Closed systems are seen usually when its smaller low-key groups
with specific ideas.
Internally driven vs. Externally driven vs. USA
USA is both internally and eternally driven whether in the work
atmosphere in apart of day-to-day living.
Means-oriented vs. Goal-oriented
vs. USA
Just like Benin, Americans for the most part do not live above
their means. There are people with Masters working at restaurants
or places not even tangible with their degree. Meaning, living to
keep means comfortable with maybe a long term goal.
Benin Today ; Current Event
Wednesday 24
of September 2014
China offeres Benin supplies for EBOLA. $840,000 US Dollars worth
of prevention materials
October 11
Protest in the middle of expressway gridlocking traffic; protesting
the Benin government involvement with the recent attack from

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