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PSYCHIC MAGIC - Fage 4. SUUl'CffiC Mngic, Bidcford. Devon. in 1937, Ormond McGill ':[rete a group o f

articles for TOPS under the title of "The Psychic


The continued rGspect which;~hiG s o ri s hns

enjoyed through the speaks volumes for both

tho vi tali ty of Mro l"lcGill' s writing and for Magicians! Ln t e r-e s t in PSYCHIC MAGIC.

And yet! such interest is but nc.turo11 for the

who Lo art of the conjurer is based en c-' leva of

performing the impossible and knowing the unknowable,

and who more thw Magicians can profitably av a i L

themselves (if cxci ting arnaz emant s 0

In this coursol yeu will unquesticnably find

much that is mystery and much thc,t is orrt er-t.a i rri ng ,


"PSYCHIC ]VIliGIC" is published in GJ:'e[~t Bri tfcin and COIJYright by The SuprorJc Magic Co , , 64~ High Street, Bideford, Dovon, by arrengcIDent uith The Abbott Magic Company of America.


Supreme Magic, Bideford, Devon.

I n t rod u c t ion

vVhen the late Theodore Annemann made the statement that mental and psychic effects were the most grown-up form of Magic, he spoke the truth. But while it is true that intellectually such mystery

is the most mature Magic, emotionally it is the most naive. And

as proof, one could hardly conceive of the most innocent spectator giving credence beyond entertaining trickery to any other form of conjuring, while many have been the sophisticated who have expressed belief in Psychic Magic.

For there is wish-fulfillment here; an underlying hope that somewhere deep within the mind there may be some mysterious powers that will in some measure help in the mastering of the countless problems that constantly perplex in the hazardous art of living.

And there's a question mark here; on one side we have the readily demonstrable "tests" of the mindreader, and on the other the laborious tests of the researcher.

When we consider such men as Jo Bo Rhine of Duke University diligently experimenting and daily proving new horizons in man's psychological make-up, we begin to realize the deep respect Psychic Magic deserves.

And then there is the testimony accumulated through the entire history of mankind that unqualifiedly asserts the human mind's most remarkable Rnd highly subtle abilities; abilities that endow man with a heritage of t ru Ly Magic-like powers.

It is doubtful if the Magician exists who has not in the c()urse of his experiences been besieged to explain or discuss psychical miracles, or asked to demonstrate some examples of the phenomena. Q£ such is the basis, of such is the appeal, .2f. such is the entertainment of Psychic Magic.

Now, the great majority of works on psychical subjects tend largely toward attempting to prove a causation belief of the author through case histories, confirming analogies, and ingenious theory. From such works, this book differs radically, for while it leans a sympathetic ear to the possibility of genuine psychic powers and even proposes some experimenting along those lines,

it has but one purpose - and that purpose is to provide Magicians with some most unusual material with which they can entertain - material that, indeed, offers the very cream of PSYCHIC :MAGIC.


Supreme Magic, Bi~ef0rd, Devon.


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«»: f;¥lw>1

What gives Psychic ]1,'l2-gic such D w8Cllth cf--ench_'3,ntmerit lies in the fact that it is an imitation through illusion (" f y.=,t F'.nO her f;,rm

of mystery - phenomeria , IT IS MAGIC PORT'RAYING M.A.GIC ~


Let UB first, theref~re, tabulato, in the order in which we shall c0nsider them, the varieties o f tho ... .ronders j t sirnL_Io.tes and then pr-oc e ed to the ac tua l, pro due tt 0n of such vrond8:I';'.

TELEPATHY: Thought Trc..nsference - Mindr8.2-ding .. the i'sychicQI ability to tr::msmit a th/J-ught directly frem mind te' mind. tc project

,'1 thought mentally thI'Gugh apac e , tc receive :::. t hough t , '" accur a+e Ly read the minds of men.

CLAIRVOYAlJCE: Divining -- SC8rship ,- the ]Js~rchic3.1 Lb~ 1i ty to penetrs:te the secrets ,- f nature and matter d.i.r e o t.Ly , to _ or-k ahe ad and behind in t,im8 ::'.,r,d 8v~,~e, to SE!8 whn t the eyes uf mart have not yet 38211.

CRYSTAL GAZInG. A f~TIl ','r tE-chnique of cl:.lirvnY311Cl? in which the

psychic "seeing" is extern'llized from the '.lind :"'-110'1 m.ui , v i aua.L thTnugh the medi um-' f :1_ crY3 t a.I, -b.s.,II.

?SYCHOMETRY.~ Th~, tc-;eh_.'·ligue o f interpreting :ma rcc--''1struc:ting frOID the psychic "ernana t i on" clinging t.o ,--n nbject -;;~1P '-riginal source , history, or expe ri cnce pr.-.ductiv2 o f the rvd i .ti 'n.

X-RAY VISION: A unique Lrm of cl,';.iI'vc'Y'l..'1t pOWe!T in wh i ch the

psychic iro able tr s co v!i t the usc c f the C--_'Ycos; tho: oili ty o f

sight from po r't i ons "f the bo dy ') thc-r t.h: n the coyc. 0;rcsigh t

that penetratos matter.

lllHMAL MAGNETISIiI1. A subtle GID:t.fi2.tiC'Tl cr force: ~':lic t- P'J.SS from

one crgan1ksm t·--, ~;ther c>bjGcts~ both 'LIlim-~tc-n-~ i.:r;-'__Ylimote, being considersd .\ r~dia tion :PTe' auced f'rv.m .ind by +r., Jl1ihd and body ~ and by hcving l".ws s i mi Lr.r tc those :-)f fTl2.gn8tism., h. ,ICc +no name , arri me.I m agne ti ST;1,

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Phonr mono of t.ho mind 'r soul ~ bej_ng that

grnup of supe rno rma.L ao i Li, th;,(~ clo.ssifiod (oS psychic.


Supreme Magic, Bidef0rd, Devon.

AUTOMATIC "ltRITING: Th2 ab i.Li, ty to pr-vduc e sub-conscious writing t.hc.t cunt.';:; Lnf'or-ne.t i on net known to the cOnscKcus mind;

unc thc.r me ans of extcrn:clizing psychic powers.

TRANCE PHENOHTINA: A condition physic811y resembling sleep, in which the psychic f' L tics are peakod and made manifest to their utmost.

ASTRAL PROJECTION: The abili ty tr~ send forth the ethGric self;

a method of clairvoyonce; as t.rnI or magno t.i c radiation; the human aura ,

SPIRIT NLtJJHFESTATIONS: Communication from the other side of the gr' ~ D .. ctivi ties :-of spirits "If the dond or en t i tics of the unknown ,

ECTOPLASM~ .J.\. subtle psyoh.i c cxc.r-c t i on ac i d i;("; be the substance t hr-ough which spiri ts mnrri f'e s t and illaterii'clize.

TABLE TIPPING, GYRIl..TING1 TURNING: A neans Df establishing

ooramun i c.a t i on wi th sJ)iri ts thrnugh the manifc.station of Tappings on or by mCVGITlCH ts in :\ tC\-blc.

THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE: A gToup g"., thorcd tugcthOl', :i, unit of minds

set w i th (1 cumrnon purpose 'Jf uniting in the development r\f psychic poweTs or the producti0n ~f psychic phenomena.

EAST INJ)IhN MYSTERY ,_ YOGI J.lyst."ries .- Yog-:.: iL typo lof psychical phenomena usually a3soci~tad pith th0 contr~l of the functions of the body by the mind.

PHYSICAL :PHEI{QMENA: Direct psychic o on t r-vI ovec :physiccd CJbjext; manf.f'e s t.a t i on of t o Lek s i.e , rp.rakine,Jis.

LEVITATION: The p syc h i c Li.ft i ng , i.c18va.ting, 1083 ,~f wo i gh t , or fl""ting of an ob,ject in dofin::cnc,:; tc tho no rma l ,:,rnrking o f' the law of gr~wi ty.

OCCULT EXJ?ERDIENTS: Psychic or Payc h.l c n.L Emperirnenting - Expe r t s of CL psychic c t: my c t i nc I nature.

TBE PENIlULUM: A d ev i co :lccredi t c.d 1;;-i t h supc rnor-mn.I power-s ["-'r the penetr:,.ting f'._.,'ld the ~;i.lving ()f the kn(rr,n ::.nil t21e unknown in nature •

.lni of these marri f'os t-rt i o ns ,rf~ur :psychic powe r a , n.s listed, arc o ov i.oue Ly very unusuo.I oc cu r anc e s , -md n.s such lend th.:;illselvc:s wonderfully tc: our themes of Psychic M,:::r.gic. In f'nc t , it is in


Supreme Magic? Bideford, Devon.

the simulating o f thesG SUP8Iw-"l"'m3.1 forcos that Psychic Magic has its origin, and the more per f'ec t tht:;. s i mu Lat i on , the more -perfect the presentation oJf the Psychic Magic.

So we shall pursue in our studies as a matter of the production of genuine psychic oc cur-enoe (Mir8.cL~) together with simulated psychic cccurenca ("Miracle") ~ for it is in the skillful blending of the pseudo wi th tho authentic? that is found tho real basis

for Psychic M3.gic~8 rightful "place in tho ART OF ENTERTAINMENT.

PSYCHIC MAGIC -- P::tg8 '9

Su pr2me Magi c L Bj ri ef'o rri , Devon.


The idea thnt e, th'-,nght arm be tr~sferrcd f'r om one mind to another, independent of 8Jly elf tho e s t ab l i. shed fi v o senses -

sight, hearing, sme Ll., t,'l.St8, and tGUc11 ._ is urrquo s t ionab Ly one

of the foremost psychic quo s t Lcn s under consideratic'n today. And by far the great majority of the gcnor2.l public 880m to hold faith in the existence of such 'l f'acu L ty, Cl,1J1Y peinting w i th pride to some personal Gxperience along such lines.

But the cultivatinn of telepathic powers is such a rarity that the Magician who apI)o.rently domonstl'at..::::s co mp Le t.e mastery of the gift if.: very much ,: figuT8 of CLwe. Heric o , t.r entertainment end s , telepiJ.thy becomes a highly v a Luab Le commcd i ty with which to experiment.

Perhaps one of the most inteTcBting' (,f telc'pathic acts ava i.Lab Le to the magical on to r t a.i.nnr is that phace o f mf.ndz-e ari i ng known [15 Contact Telopathy, in wh i c h the performer appears tc be able to receive th,:mght messages from ::1 subj oc t ~d perform vl-'l.ri(1us ffiGllt,r.clly retained ac t.s through 8. rne r e grosp of ::l hand on his arm. A number of performers h-iv e nradr, envi.",blc reputations t hr-c ugh this cne fe,".t e.l one , and sGvenll very worth-while beaks, such as rt(Jontact Mindreading" by Dar i e L Fi tzkoo'1nd "Hellstromism" by R(rbert Nelson

h.'!VI;! been wri tten d(?iJ .. iling expurimGnts i;1 t.h thL3 fascinating technique. C0ntFLct T('.lepn.thy iD truly :2 very worth-while skill

to cu l t.Lva t.o , f'cr not ,_-)n1,)" d oo n it prov Ld e nr'ndorful entertainment

in its elf, but it ::tl s o furni ahe s :l. rO[l.di ly domnns trllble exrri bi t i cn that corno s Cl..'J :r_ear tr- genuine mindreading 3.8 '3.l1ything y o t discovered.

In a typical demonstrntion nf Ccntact Tolepathy, tho Magician is blindfolded nnd escortod frnm the r~nn. In his absence, the


SUpTemE' M8-gic , Bideford. Devon.

nud i ence takes 8'"me s i mp Le cb je ct , such C:,8 ,;:t, I'imcil, e',nd hides it someplace in the rrum.

Being r ecc l Led , t ho pe rf'o rrne r "S].~2' f'lr ::l vo Lun r to step for-ward. He then explains t 2,t tho vnluntoer is t c crn cent.r-c.t.e very

intently ru d gro.s p his right wrist 9 ~1 ,c t. he will th n obtain an

impression directly fren the mind 1'[ the subject~ and if the experiment is ~ success, he will ~ctu~lly locRte the hidden object.

The vo Lun.t ee r bogins tc conc en t.rrrt.e , '~nd the M£'_gicinn proceeds to draw him f'o rw ar-d , Lcad i ng h i m frc');, spo t tn SI'ct abc ut the room un ti 1 he n!i:r1.culrus ly L, c" t(:;.s the hidden C' l).j 0 ct.

How can such :1 fo s t be accomp.l i shed. 13 it tc;lcpathy? Well? not nece aaar.i Ly so, but there may be .,C r"'!latic:nship9 as we shall later observe. However, f~r thoso initi~l experiments, l~tts seek the simplest exp Lana+i n we:: c an find - ,-. id Psychologist William Ja.mes /1, s an :-ins-ver fc-r tho phcncrn18nn. in h i s idee-moter theory.

This principle of ide0-matcr netion is based on the premise that every ide~ held str:mgly in tho mind tcmds to produce unconscious movements in th muacLe s - f the body. Thus 9 the volunteor gr i.pp i ng the IIIc.gicinll' S wrist, cc t uo.Ll.y unoonae.i.oua.Iy , Le-id a hi dir ,ctly to the hidder, object. Of course! these mu s ou Lar "cues" are so slight .::18 to be absolutely invisible tc' bo t.h the volunteer and the aud i en co , only the s tudi .... d skill (If the IlGrformer mak i ng their interpret~ti0n possiblo.

Y u can te:st and

o bs cr-ve an example ,f this ideo-motor action for yourself by using a s~mplo dovice called Chevreul' E] Pendulum. To construct this, Ly tie a fing(~r ring ,_,n ;' felet-length of string and hold the o ppo s i t.c end of the string betwc'C?ll th,C! thumb rend forofinger of your right h2.11d, let ting the" ring dn.nglc freely - S,?C

Fig. 1.







Hold the ring '),8 still '-13 yrJU o an and thon think tn y~'l.lrGElf tho id·_rl, nf it commencing to Jwing frnn right to loft, from right to left.

In ., Dr :;)(m t , tilc:' rini!. wi 11 "c tually bGgin to so sway! soemingly of its :"ViTI vc. Li. t i c n . H.,~1-"r 1 while continuing tc think of it so swinging, deli be:r·~tely try tc' h Vi ynur ClITl pEd'ectly still ••• and yet, the ring or-nt i.nuc o tn S".7ing. Next, cnnngo your thought to the ide,,- of th,_' ring comnono i ng t". swing rlrrund "nd :crcund in ,~1 circle. .. :'Jld, in d i.r co t rc; SIJ 'n8C tc :yr',ur t hough t e , the ring stops its back -und-cf'r rt h path ·'.nrl begins t swine; in 8. o.i r c Le .

So much for L'-n expo r.i.norrt \7i th Chov r-ou L' s Pendu Lum , The; importHnt fact for you tc> nota is t1at thl:' ring develops its swinging motion en t i.r e Ly independ~nt -:l'::'l1y cr.nsc s movement on yt.u.r part, t.ho muscular rcspnnso thtlt produces the swc_y bein, entirely the product of unoon s c i rua muacu.Lar nov encrrt . Such 'is tho working cf ideo-motor ~ction - the principel 0f C0ntact Te18p~thy.

PSYCHIC M..IlGIC - Page 11.

SUpr0r.18 Magic! Bideford,DGvon.

In the t(; S t abou t to b8 d(~ s c r i bed, 0 b s C)TVe how ideo- rna t or ::wtion applies not only tc the l-'J,rge muscles in movement, but even woz-ks down through CD the minute muscles surrounding the blood vGssels.

Tl10ught Disc,~rnment

,some years back, the late c[oseph Ovctte r.1t'.Tketod t,hi s effec t und e r the title of "Yogi Power". It was not 2.1l original i tem with

\ him, but it pr-cve d 1, mystery well

/~~, ~ \) worth knowing. The effoct is

___ "~ L~ ../, simply- that the Magician holds 1'1

\ /' ' I ]. hand of 2 spectator in !-3ach of his

\" (' )' / own - SCI~ Fig. 2 - then the

~ / spectat~r is told to concentrate

1/ / /A~I,)' I' upon either of his hands, and the

\,r - \ Y performer instantly divines which

d. ® hnnd is being thought (If.

L]_ Th8 method is that while he

holds each of the spectatorls hands, his fingers Test on the wrist-pulse D f r~ ach hand - See Fig. 3. Vii tIl YC'tU' forefinger so resting just undor hi t, thumbs, you can distinctly feel the pulse beat in each wrist.

Next, roquE-st tho volunteer to 018[1.1' his mind of all ~houghts ond to close his eyes. At tho same time you close your eyes, as you secretly t ake c ar-e.f'u L tab on his pulse b e a.t.s and establish the general fOBl of their rhythms.

Now suddenly r8q_uest the subject to think of one of his hands, either the right or the left. Immedi'ltely he centres his thought in the direction of Cine of his h2!1,-:'.n, the rhythm of the pulse beat in that wrist ch;mges; it will t.orid to slow down, skip .'1 beat or two, and will then speed up rapidly_ Exact details of the change naturally vary with the individual, but you can easily detect the change, Sf) merely lift up the hand in which you note the effect with the remark, "This is the hn.nd of which you were thinking., II

For an initial 8xp8rirnent in Contact Telepathy j before WG at t.empt !'I raore comp.Ld c a t.ed t ea t o f locating 11. hidden object, try this next one.

Tel'_wathic Card Selectic·n

Secure a vo Lun r who is serious abriu t the experiment and have him remove eny fivG cards frnm a deck, hold them in a fan, with the fFioe toward himsolf, directly in front Df his eyes - See Fig" 4.

Now ask him to ~8ntally select ~ny Qne of the cards, instructing


(~~ (',~f{) .. ~,.;;'\

\ C J '\'\/J' J '/

. I' j"/'

/~,,~J\I J(M

'~\ \ \ u- )

\ " __ /


Supreme Magic! Bideford,. Devon.

him tn gr i p your right wrist firmly nnd t" ccncen t ra ts intently on his one pur t.Lcu.Lar cho aen card - SeG Fig. 5.

A8 you f;'io,t0 these instructions, r'1.iso your ri gh t hand up a()OV8 the fan of cards. Pau so e, ~'''ment ~ and stres s t.ho f'lct tho..t he must think intently ~f his card, theD suddenly lot your hand dr')'P cloVIn t,_) the f'anned crrrrla ~ and thG first card y' 'UT fingors tuch r emove f'r-om the fan. It will be thE self'cted cur d .

Remsmber, in loworing y~ur fingers to the t ous I,f th0 fanned cards, in no way attem:pt to guess at which of the five c'1rds he i12 thinking. Just keep mind passive and let you r nand descend fr801y, almGst RS though it were dropping cf its own accord.

Al thcugh tho v : luntlw:c will on his cr:.rd "ill !1utoj1[ltic.'l;lly scic1usly le,~d your h.sncl to tho

never realize itt his crmc,mtration direct his r.luscles so that they Wlcondesired cur-d ,

Lot, Us now conaid8r a moro '1d'Tf:l1ocd peri'ormance f' this phenomenon,

The Ridden ot"\ect Test

While yC)U 3.reJut '.If the rC!ofJj hav e SOc)CODO hide an ar t.Lc l e , You than return and p~ttGr:

"An article; has been hidden in this roem by you , Sir. Kindly keep the lc.'cation (if thn.t'l.rticlc firLlly fixed in your rri nd , first, by ke,?:ping y vur attention '-n the place whero it is ooncealed, and then upon thE', ar t.Lc ho itself. All c thorn in the rc .m can do likGwi ao IJJ1d assist in the experi'':\('nt by concrmtrC',ting their linda, tno, upon tho o.Tticli;,' and its loe:-Ltion."

N"I'/ (;xton(l yr'llr :l:'ight h'1wl ('ut .fl-'3.t with its prol;:, d(3\7fl, :-me. havE' the topf:?ctatoT ro at one r.f h i u l'l.~m:b [,aIm UP b81~,v,- it and his f)th.:n:' hand ori its top. Yc~ur right hand is thus gently squeezed betwc:cn borh of his - Soe

Fig. 6 -- 'lS ynu ccntinu8 yrur introductory cormcn t s ,

"Nnw rculeT1.b8r, Sir, the, success of this t cs t in tolGpathy rests

r'.fJ much with YClursc,lf rl.::: p.1i t.h no, f 1.' you aTC the tr.:l11sni tter of thnught arid I ths r0cci vo r , And rtf] in T2.dir; j the two must be at tuned

o with the' o t ho r , S,' G0nccntrJ,te as intently as you can to try

PSYCHIC MAGIC - Pr-.w- 13.

SUpreTI0 M~gic, Bidef~rd, DeV0n.

and :project y"ur the ugh t t;'lrt;Llgh sp''.ce t,- no ,'Cnd since I can l1aturr,lly Gbt:,i~1 but "")[18 thcught'Lt '-, , con cen t ru t.e like this:

Keep the L,c2.ti,:'n If' the t".,rticle fr .rCL"st in y,' ur tri nd , '-Llld WILL r:)e tCJW,'1rd it, step by step. F, 'r 8x''Liploj if I :.:u:t tel l.l'lV8 f',:.I'ward, think t,· y'-'ur881.f, "G(\ fc,rwrrdj g-~ f('Y'W:,,Xd", ever "',nd over. If

I a::l t, turn tr the t , t.h.i.nk , "Turn ri.&;'htj turn right, turn right" •••. , .repc,..,_ting ::,yer and :'ver in yc ur mind the men trvl, comuarid that I :::C"1 t.o oxe cu t e . And then, C'8 vr(~ Get ne'-_r the apo t vlhel'e the a r t i c Le .is tu.dd.en , ccnccntr·,.te '.'n. d i r act !Ily hand sr. it will

ill"va cx-ic t Ly <1.S i2 nuoc s srrry to find the hiddel1 (~bj8ct, thinking

e.i thor th:;.t it nC've up, cr dovrn , "'r rig11 t "'1' left, o.s the C3.Se may be. And whon we loc,tc; the h i dd on ,-'bjG'~t, then cn:1P.I[,nd lJG mon to.Lly to c Lo s e ny hand r-vo r it. Understand? ( t he aub j c c t oonf i rm t,heLt he u.nd(;rst'Uld 8 .-,1' explain fnrthcT mi.ti 1 he d00S.) Good'

Just rewowb er Y: ru tr, dh.' 0 C t ~G men t ''llly, s t c P by step, t,

wh crevor- I am tn go •••••• willing mE:; to ::10V') as you mentally direct. I sh[~ll de ::ny very best tr' t r ananri t powc rf'u.l Ly tn me v "

With such fln intrcduction thE; sub.ioc t is inpresscd vIi th his duties rtnd is l.l'ldc CcS re81,,-'nsible for

tho success ()f the expo'r imcn t

as y ')u

At this po i n t y-'U h.vvc n.: t t 10 r ono t c ct ide~~. r:.c, to nhGre the object is hidden, f: ': st'1.nd still t: rnornen t "nd you \Viii suddenly

feel rm Lnpu.Lso L e t ar t ou t in .-, giv2n d i ro t i on , Suddenly move: r..ho:ci. If the iI'lYfulse i s c,)]'rL!ct 1 y -u.r «r: luntee will willingly

t'o l Low .:l.long with ,Y"lU9 but if Y:"U'lTC wrong, he rill tend. to hang back , and ,~'wing to thtJ I'Lrrt palm grip cri your h and , you.r hand may pull'} trifle.: fruG ;If h is , Toll h i m t~, pross gently in on ynur hand, ;:-nci c'.mtinuc mov i ng f,' rw.-:crrl. jkvc rC'pidly, sW'lying 'J. bit frc,m right ie' Laf t and ynu Bence OJ. "cue" f'r+m his hand pressure upon Y'-'UTS.

When yr-u 2TG gc ing in the right directinn, his hand s will t.ond tc press in tight..::r u.pori YOIJTe, -:md he will ",rGn unconac i-us Iy urge

y= u forward 'lS he .'J'lgcrly f,)ll,'ws. Pu t when you 3.r8 wrong, tho p.r0::lcure c f hi s hands will lii~ht(;n :: .. nd ycu ",cnse a "ho Lri i ng back" impulse. Ke:op yr u r mov cmorrt s srnoo t h and flowing? o cc ae ionn.l Iy telling h'i.m tt c",nccntT:tte ,'n the J .. r:,"..tirn c f the ob,ject, and to diT'.!ct you T'l'-'nt:~lly ~3b:.'}) ly 8t0~1 hl~\'1 y;:cu rvr c to LlOV8 •••• t.-, keop thinkinr; f'rrw-ir-d if you L1'O tr gt; fcrvr'lrd, '-r bfl.ckw;J,rdj right or

Lc ft ~ :,6 the ne, d :.l,"W bo 0

Alld 8(' Y"U, t.ho voLun t o..r' uncr n s c i.o ua.Ly guiding you dir,:ctly tc: the loc:-Ltion ,_f the; hid.don "b,jcct, ynur "cue" n..lw0.ys bl3ing t h.rt when y .tu 'l.rr~ prv-cccd in th' right d i r oc t ir n , he

f'o Ll.ow s z-e-td.i Ly j wh i Lo if ,fC)u "rc wrong in your direction he unconec i r us Ly r,),'~ist3 your movonon.t . In other w'Jrds, frllcw the CIUTS of 12'l.~t roni8t~neG.


Su prame c, 13ideford, Devon.

Having discovored you are proceeding in the right direction,

move along fast. When it is timG tc turn,his mind being intently fixed upon the place ho ws.nts to go, hG unconsciously, but definitely noticeable tcyour delics.te 8ensing~ will c(}ntrL11 his muscles and

show a. slight resistance, and Doting en this "hint" 1 you turn, and

he will ei ther favour or show TIOX'S' resistance, according to whether you are right or wrong in the direction you select tD go. If you

axe ever in doubt as to the "cuo", merely r8quest him to concentrate harder on which way you are to move, and you will almost immediately receive the "impulse". Continuo on , so following your "cue e ", and Boon you will find yourself at a spot wher", all y,"u seem to want to

do is stand still. If you gc forward, an impulse comes to go back.

If you go back, the "impulse" is to move forward. If you go right,

it seems as though it should be left, and if left, that you should move right. When you reach this point, y':JU know you are getting close to the object, and your fine work is about tc; start.

Extend your free left hand outwar-d as r-:!. "feeler" and request

that he watch that hand intently and WILL it to movo as it should

to find the object. Raise your- left hand up, at the same timeraising your right ha.nd slightly. If the hidden article is above the Lev s L of yeur hand he will willing raise his hands along with your right 1 but if it is below, thon he vIill rosist, and will favour your movements a s you work dcwnwur d ,

As you got no rrr cr rmd n8ElrGT t.o the objeot 1 tell him to mentally picture your hand closing 0'181' the object when you come to it. Shortly you will note a pressure on your right hnnd that will almost seem a8 though the fingers wanted tc squeeze, o.nd when your fingers touch the object you will f081 a eudd cn relLlxation of the muscles

of the vo Lurrt o e r ' s hand , 'j. r-e l i.c f' from tensicn which is unmistakable. Close your hcmd OVC'l' the object 1 and you will have successfully completed the experiment.

It isn't necessary, but here's a little tip that will add to

the showmanship and 0aS8 of working this demonstration. Have them show you the article they are goi ng to hide before you leave the room. Then on returning have them tie Q, handkerchief OVGr your eyes. It's simple to get a. peek dawn your nose, 8JJ.d when you get close to the cbjGct you will frequcmtly be able to actually see it, all of which make the "mindreading" just that much casier.

VC!ry Li. t t Le : "::18 been Viri tton upon the mental attitude of the performer during the- course o f a CONTACT 'rEIJEPATlfi 8xperirnen t.

Wl1Gn you first c.ttompt it, no.turn.lly you will bo worried and keenly alert to try and catch and properly interpret each and every impulse from the han.ds of your eubj cc t , HowGver, wi ih experience you will overcome that nervous concern a.t possible failure, and the sooner you can approach tho whole experiment in a completely relaxed

frame of mind, the sooner you will master the technique. For as your skill d!3vE!lops you will find that your "cue interpretation" will becomo [llmost'lutomatic •.••.• and it will 808m that you can


Sup-rOInG Ha.gie, .Bideford. Deven.

sinI'ly let y vur ae Lf scr t of ririft"_lcng9 CLoving 'lbr,ut :J.S tl)')ugh Y"u w'-'r" fln"tin;- (\n'j, c Lcud , r • vi.Jry g'::nt1 o L,,'vcrn_mt. ,~,f your right harxl 1)~in0,' "1,11 tllr't yru ~,ill ncod -t;-' rCGGive tno "cue." 1 ;~.nd .-nce you

Lc "Tn t.. X"2cnb'TIi Z'2 it; LIe; V'. th [~f ,1(V CP1Cfl t be c - I:l()S SC c Le ar twn

0..:,filli tc ttl-:.t Y!'U c"my,-t p-;3sib1y gr_ w-r'~,ng. And c.:::' yr u ·l.dv8J1ce

in LVI ur: skill, th\, w:'.y :{,,)U £,',110>7 U_8 "cues" will b=comc mer-e and mc ro '~. p'l.ssiv(~ prop-,,)3itL)1l until it ('",GDS :1Lnst 'l.S though the

"f mpu I ao ' thl'.t nov e s your borly GC,ffiC:S less '1...Yld loss frrllJl the c t th211 fr'-:'G i'1ithill YC1UT own mind ••• " ~md thc.t gentle fl,·"r~ting ;3 cns::-ti 'v'} will boc~'rw intensified ~1.S you gently mov o

y ur b,_.dy c-,l"jnS' in the 'iirGcti rn t')w:lTd whic h soue inner fnree SC("~l t." tug it. So, ·:'8 so-::n P.S YC;J .. l ·~re able, cultivate th~'1t D."l.8Sivitvf nina. ~,nd ,just let y<'ursolf drift; followin.g c.lons ~hc "impu180" SeCll18 tc DC'VO yeu until your h<'md ill tiv.Lf1 tely dOSCf'l1ds upcn tl18 hiddo·n ar-t.i c l o ,

And yell will find th2.t yo' call 10c;J,h~ the hiddon ol),jcct

oqua Ll.y '1fJ effectively wh on yo u:r subject merely grips your wr i at i'ri th ono of his hrvnd a - See Fig. 7 - o r no Ld a enri c·f ,'l stick while yeu grip thr2 'Jthor, '-'T even, I':-ith pr uc t Lcc , when". limp

_______..-0 lonp;th ,,1' cnrd 'I~t' chain h.'1nf':s "botwe(_,:n you.

/~\ \ The "Lnpu Lso " will still 1)8 there. l'fow d0\3S it

). J 1..-. ' t rrtns rri. t (V';-'T .:,~ length r f limp string? There' s

.___ ,..... ~ r' bit ,::of m;'{s tory hur-o 9 CV0n f,- I' th.'} skilled

---r",J ,) / --4 \. c..,,..., It.'I' ,r"";__ tor.

- (U) -

\ )


Mr. FitzkL;G in

[lis splendid '.((Irk c n Oorrt ao t ,-:'rL int ere sting example of the thil'd 1) 'U'ty Ln t e rpo aed be-

RG w:ri t (0)6:

"Lnpu Ls o If tVleOll the

MinLll'Gading cites D,.,ing t rnnszri. itc:cl tlu'c,ugh :~ r'=::rf'---rrF'r r-nd the ~ubjE" ct.

ItI V1':.f1.t t! J'",int .u t on int Cl'0stin« lin", r)f SJ.iC ou Ln.t i r-n wi th c nt cc t zri.ndr-c-id ing , QV<) 11 tIl" u gh it alr'~y c-uis c Sf_)tTIQ o f th0 more ~_~kor,tic"l r f MY C"-iru'ror ~; t:- ah.u t , I F~-"ke~"

IIAt v".rious ti::e:;; I have expoYimont\.Od with the plc.cing of n, third pr.:rty bc twcon ruyself-:.nd th.:. tr:1113mi tter, tho third, party being ir'll.,-lY:1 .. n t as I r.f the test to be 'i'.lne, using the 8',"'!(; me t ho d of cnntn..ct with '111 p'1rtics,

n!(''''J'r; 1,lc. Clse d.:n r t insis t th :'t I c.£plnin why it is pos sible ~ 'lnG (h n-t insist Pl'-t. it c'Uuwt 0._-, rl-'Ti';:, if I cannot explain it, but in tho lY'.jc,ri t;vf thcSG tC'3tS! tho dirc:ctiuno.l inpuls es C'.J1d the· nOC0~lS~~J.'Y clues hJ.vr b(;o;n J.'cnd·Jrcd t,-, I:L by the third party, even t·1u/1,"h i,g11('l'('l1t hir:1!)eJ f 8.S tr, the tG:--;t tr:- be }?orLrmecl.

"This hn s 'lcturclly h'~'T)pcnccU l'T('L once, but many tim~s. At this 1!1(1rll~'rtt~ -~lthcugr_ I hnve nl;V2T attcl!1ptc.d it in pub Li.c , I shou Ld nn miT.'',ititto in ·'_ttcnpting- sr no .f the IJl' r-o slmple tests wi t.h 0. third lx:.rty bc twcc n ~lY~(;lf ,".Xl:l the: tr:;.ns;:li ttor, tho.n I wcu Ld to ~ttcnl't '--.ny f'o rm i)f c"nt:::ct £1inrl.rG:-tding.

flI rC2p.::,'l,t, I d: not knnw why. I cann-vt oxplni.n why. I should Ot.' very much int0To8tiJC~ in .'lny iillrl'lll'J.tin!1 which TJ."J.y cl-:u-ify this


Supreme Magic , Eideford,. Devon ,

fCT 'TIe. Bu tit k,ppens ~ Try it wi th oonf'Ld ence , in the Sf'1I16 fr'1...T18 ~f mind C'3 the d.i r ec t con t aot me, T think you will find it will wcrk.

"Bu t the deeper y.:u gEt Ln t.o this con t ac t Qindre'-,.ding, the m(re YDU will oecene c onv i nc ed t hn.t there s.r e p'v're ou r i oua , un explr!'inp,ble things still in the f Le Ld -·f },hgic. If

Yih3.t is the rmSfJer to Hr. F'i tzkee ~ 8 "cur-Lou s and unexp Lr.Lnab Ls things still in the field of thgicl!? Pe rh aps we may find an :1.nswer in cur next c hnp t.e r when -,,{8 consider experi menta in Nnn-C'Jnto.ct TelepathYl but first, her€ is :; very ingenious idea wd presenta.tion fox' Contact Tel"'Jlathy th·-,_t Percy Abbc,tt has kindly contributed. You wiLL find i t excef.~dingly effectivE. It is pr~'l3ented he r o vr:)rbutim:

I~pr0v~d Muscle Re~ding

The genero.l effect and principle o f MUSlcle Re8.ding is thnt :J, pers':n merely thinks o f 'my nb,j oc t , and Y0U take held of his

wr Ls t 9 ;,:c hand, and lend him tc the rrr t i c i.o ho is thinking cL

If the po r-sori w iLl re'llly Cf'nccntro.te nn the ar-t i c Le and think

",f nClthing .JIse, ~ hf= "ill unconcicusly Le ad yr.u tf. the very article he is thinking c f, Th;~Lt is, if yrvu start r u t in the wrong direction, you will feel a slight tug tn gCI the o ppo s i to w.qy, then when you get nenr the obj>Jct Y' u will gr"t '1. slight tug nne wo.y and then the othuT as yru.r fTee hand C1DVE:S bn.ok '~lld f'o r t.h , nnd you will then knew it is bh e i tC'1 in t.ho c en trc . In noe t cases, the subject will r'e l e,x the lO,3-stbi t ""-,,cn y,'u t ouo h t he ar t i c Lo he is thinking

In this impruvGd rno t.h (1, l'i8 h rev I:; ,',vcrCOTIlO 8t;'Jcr,'1.1 --'bstpcles to insure> picking :,ut the r i-rh t subjects s,.-, yr u o anno t f·

As an .. y',n8 giving public perfnrmonccs wishes t o b.(· sure he will bo ab l,c t,- ac ccrap l i ah ph'lt h,.; starts'ut te, de 7 this is a big asset. ',iff; h' 21s,' f'o und ,'l gl d rep,snn f,I' holding the subj cc t ' 8 wrist, -ind 1~c8tj but n rt IG''1st, hClVC'-' prQctic'Cl, appar-on t Ly nr)n-conti,ct no t.hod . 'I'hi s thr'JI'f8 th8'ludicncc off the track.

Get ~n ordinary set radio c~rphones, frOID finy T'"di.' 8 t.or-e • Run ,2 wire frO'Tl the phones rend on the, ond (·f this wire hnve Go. thin flat Det~l plate - See

Fi g. 8. AleC"' have 0.

d(_"ck~\f c·"..I'ds, 'Ll'ld :,{cLl ,".re set.

C~ll att8nti~n tc ~ur 1~t8ot develnpment in Mi~dre~ding. By thl::l :-',id ,:,f c..'::.rph;'m s yc u v.ill rG'1d t.hc i.r v,:rJ' a , you SRY, '1.Jld l'E'qUL'3t thr0(: sl;ri,_'us-t1indcd 8pl-,ct"t~'rs tn step f()rlV~,rd and

PSYCHIC ].ijl.GIC _-__;P;";;'::"~.!:Jgc::3~1::..7:_;_. ___:S:;.;u;:.FI;;;..'r=e.:::;m:..:;8:.......;:]::;.iI';c..:z,~B::..:l:;.'_d;::._;;:.e.::;f..;;.o~r~d:;.!L......;D;;::..;:;.e\i..;.T.;;;.o.;.;n;..:._

r'i3si:d~, ".8 this :i_~:: l'8::.l1y -t c c i errt i f i c ,1EJ1' EstrD .. t Lr-n , St'ltc

1 h,-,.t fi r-a t ;YOl! w i Ll try ~_"rEr'.f s lc test wi t.h pl ... ying c ar-d s - thl2.t yc u ,.lEO ~)l::--tyinG <;2.rd8 b cc auae y·)U Jo_,,"vc f"und th::lt ':.-p8rson c :::.Xl. I)i r:; tu 1 ,=,,, c r.r I in hi c: rJind much 8c~si ur than. ho C [ill vi s ua l i ze

;"1 n111a1Jl~ r-, E r~r.J(-t ~ ~ t (, r

T r:kc ~h," d~' C': I':_ill(j h'N(~-. JUaD S G 10 etA. c '".rd, then p.l ac 8 it t"-~Cl:_ i_Yl_ t!"'co d,--,,;k. Yr-u ::'_;cT~tly bring it t the tr.p, then give' t:li' cl<e-c.1: :~ -+~~._i.~! '_,lmfflc, -i t tbc :3'-_rne tir:J.e g8tting ::::. peek c't tho i: 'TlI~ 'then :.Jhuiflj H[;' it l'Lght intc the deck. New p Lc.c e the ,?aX-

ph 'neS-'~l 'T.d b)]_rl the" ·-,,::t-l-l plcctc ugGinst the w:rist cf the man who 8"lf:c1,,~:!(1 1:10- C..-'_l'rl, f:~n l,L,_ d. ck::ut, t.o Ll i ng the man tc think of Lie c~r2_; ;,na \"l1e~l_ ~l~u f)C" it? y:'.u p i ck .i t out with fnur other

c a r d: 5'"'.8 :r-'u -':l.-pp'1]"cntl.y canno t d.r so e rn oxac t Ly rrh'i ch one is his. Pl~~r tb0G~ fivo C~J'd8 an th~ tabla in ~ Trw, f~ce Up, qud toll the ::;:l"_~. tr\ -l:;hink of hi.-3 c,U't1-1nd nc,thing 8180'18 yr:u run Y("ur free

hand ov nr the f i.v e crir-d s j back and forth \TG1'y- slowly. Right here y~Ju netl:: if the man i3 G gl' - d sub,j ect; if he is, he wi 11

un iou s Ly tug first to ene side ~ then the otllGr as yc,u 11a2,g his c.rrd , N,,;_tur~Llly y,~,u get this tug f'r-orn his wrist thc .. t y'u are h~11ing the plete ~gainst. If he doesn't rG~ct well, you know the

CiU'rl <er~,;-w'Cy J [./' in dUG tim8 yC1u pick ou t the car-d he is thinking

Dfn Wc:"k this f' .t:18 t.o s t w.i th the" o t.he.r two men, o i ther f')rcing ~" card '_1' Sl?c1'c~tly g:ottlng '::l, JlGek ,°',8 yc>u chr,(.se, and ou t of the threp y.= I: will fi nd ~:. t lelco;t o ne gOf'd sub j eet, o r perl·1.~ ps even

t;rc-. ~!'_!-) ~n Hl SUD~ oc t e ycu usc for th>J rG2.1 tests that follow .•

'i'h<Jr~· ~re hundr cd s of r':!guL,r nuac Lc rC'1.ding tests you can IJ8r.:"nTIn. :i'l-I8 subj ec t r.icrely thinks cf :myune in the hall and

Y'.Ju p i cl- h in ' 'It. Or they csn h i d e any article while YOu --J;s'.:;nt~ arid when y,--,U rc t.ur-n p l ac o thij plate ::.gninst tho su b ject ' s 7!rist and fiwl .~ t.. H'2 CQ_11 f!1Grely think cf .-,;ny test h,_; 1:'Ii3h08 you r/l{crk s nuch '18 1'o.:::l,= ving-~ 17E'.. t ch f1',,::'l soneorie ' s po ckc t and pl':.cing it in t~l.C pc ckc t f :-~ OEm in the fifth rDw. You can tell them cl-:n'_;3 thsy c'.re thinking (",f by hav a ch ar t VIi th ttLG .'1lIbl_o,--,~ ,"-n it, ,t1"),-1 run you r hand over t!lu Le ttur-s , findino; thE: .first 'L;y the aubjo c t t S "librations, and in the 89.JllP. way the ry~h"l''_C'tter'~ un t i I yc u get thE: crrtd.r o name. Fcr number-s have a c ~l[_',l-t -Ili 't.h numbo.r's ";1 .i t fr'--,!': 1 to 0 ~ then you C .'l.n tell :1-gc s ,

numb e rs 9 c+o , ~ th,,_t thf}Y are thinking of.

"FO:T:' the)" appnr-on t Iy ncn-c'-lntact ne th. d , we will say! for [X· r!:rpl':_) j y, U {~l'C ~_rL-,ing tc pick nut :. pe:r'S011 thcolY are 1'l8rely

thj_r.~<::inf:_~ ;J£'. Hold the llb- t e , ..... g~.inst subject':3 wri st until you

fino the p vr ty , hut :p<l83 Tight on by the pOTs"n 0.8 if you do not lGlC"7 it is the "118, Aft0r '- while, 8'J.y you seem t,- be unab l e

i;c get the t,flOUg1-lt H~lVCSj S'_' ask subject t,~ held t.hc p c against h i a '-Y~l ',)"Tist~ t hen yr-u "IJ' .. y be," ab Lc tc gr,t c' Dettor contact. Nnw :lft,_l' "'c l_i + t L; Bt~;,lltnF.l;Vou w ando r biWk .ind pick cut the p8rsnn t'"lr u::l]_t, ,f" 'I'hie if: c~ very conv i pi8C~"f mi::::tiirectie'n wd "V0l'1 fr',:'l:~ those iITh, -'-,::,VfJ be on w,',rking rru s c Lc Tending for years.

l'S 'CHIC MAGIC - P:'ISC 18.

SUpr12m8 M<:1((,ie , Bidoforr.l. D8VOU.

'\Jill for t hosc wh,~, want t:c put in :"1 Ii t t L, pr ac t i.ce , they vlill find II t they c,~n lc-::t the p~r::;r,n huld t h« pl.".tL' C1g"{',inst his own wrist t'1.' T'l the vo.jry st'!.l't. ?,f,Jr':ly h,.lei t h« wirl= t'~ut 'once in " while,

,I f'ron th8 :Jli~ht tugs o n th.:; I'liro you get th1-:; 3~.I.16 z-e su I, ts as '{ith the wrist.

A ',ror:I {!",. d test u~Qd by Pau I i ne is ro be> es ccr t ed fro;cl the

.nci eu'~ rd,_,J ,:hi 1 \ C T1:l.TI hid \ . .3 11 :l,2]JDC r "Uvl a ria i I, and .1"_c€<J q C!"'DS wi t h '1, p ioo o v f chalk 3I1Y',VhET0 c'n the floor.

L ,}'fCrf,-tLr returns, i:~ rl-l.niIr Ld od , tc.kes no Ld o f IllFln's wrist and fi.nds thc l,.l'!ITnCr, IJhl'.m the: nail I then th.] cha.Lk ffi2_rk, and by

L.' '(inr ,l,::il.'nl tlw c,":crwr of his nose he d.cLvo s the right in ih, mid.dle rf thu (~T08S.

In '." rking the O1!-;'")Vl, stunts ncve.r menti vn flUSC10 TGRding •••. . J .'lays rcf.:,:r to your work as experiments in telep::Lthy or oind}'I'·-'ding. If:1 per on is st':rious and a l l.y think" of the ~rticle, nI' porsons, or test1 he will une nscicusly le~d you to t}lIJo. It neve r i''1ils.

;.-:<-; "."

; .. ' ... ~~


.. "~

.: -. . . ." .'?~ >'

:::" ..

.. -, '.~,. ';,;"



Supreme Ml'!gic,

'I'rie master of Contact Telepathy has 2 twofold purpase. First, it provides you with an excellent vehicle for enter·_ tainment, and secondly, it render:3 y0ur m.i nd sensitive t o the more ,~dvMced field of reoeiving telepathic impressions without contact. You will find experimenting wi t.h genuine thought trm,sference very interesting, and terrific for diversion in your scoial entert::tining with intimete groups of friends. There is something everlastingly fascinating in seeing what psychical experiences a group can develop toget.h8r.

Mental ImpulsE's

Try this experiment: Request the spect:J.torsj during your absence, to decide on some person in the room that you are to go to and touch upon the forehead.

Upon being recalled, ycu. stand in the middle of the room, have the group sit in e. large circle about you, and ask them to mentally think, by stages 9 how you 03.1'0 to move to Lo ce.t e the selected person. For instnnc()1 if the party whor.l you .:Lrc to touch is directly behind you 9 each member c f the company must WILL you tc step backwo.rd first of all. Be sure they understand they are not to begin the test wi t.h c general DEntal order that you touch such and such a person, but that they ATe: tc, direot yell by degre8s, it 'being sufficient fOT them to silently repeat to themselves the m8ntD,1 order, "STEP BACKliVARD1l! and when you curap Iy wi th t.hat thought command , then t.he ir thyughts should fol10w on, 3.8, "FURTHER BACK - STOP 0 .• TURN AROUND - PUT OUT YOUR HAND - TOUCH THE PERSON - RIGHT," etc,

You, fOT Y'.)Ul' par t , oric e you have carefully ,:explained

eX£Lctly how the group is to concentrate in guiding your movements telepatically, I!l.ust make yourself responsive to the most persistent iIl'_pression that strikes your eonsciousness. And c1enr yourself of any feeling uf che.g:rin in cuse yeu do not respond correctly to an

PS!CHIC MAGIC - Page 20.

_SupTe:me 11,re.gic. Bideford, Devon.

impTc'osion. RemEr:~ber yell '_n, experinwD ting 'iii th genuine t e Lopat.hy , net :p8rfcwling :c Hagic t r i.ok, and Dounc expects yru tf' -be ccrr,:;ct 100 po r cun t of t.hc t . Who.t :TI"'.kcs telepathy such rL f:::tscin[',ting mystery is thf~ vrc,ry sub t.Lone s s ..f its na t.uro •.• ::;,~ ctlW2.Ys koep in mind Unt it':3 an uxpcl'ir:>(mt yc'u err; att'o;;lptih&f and that the strivi!lrr for success (n:-t certainty ,,1' success) is what makes it und quo entertnin.rnent. Kucp your ::"tti tuck thRt ,-·f an Lnvc s t i gatc r he-pin,;: for r-o su Lt s , hut net gt.L7,l":-.ntccing them. And if you will

aclrmt 3Il J.ttituc1c cf L1indc1' ;'.lort cOIltcmt ... no hurry ... no a.nxi8ty .. nc' iU"p8.ticncC' .. ,. you rrill bC::'I.;:18.zcd at the results thc.t will oVi:mtuQlly como, Y,.~l] aro te' h", J'ccQptive to an impression from

wi t hou t, and f'o r that Ye::CS['D, if no "tlv-'y) pa s s i vi ty t'.nd absence

uf :111 cagern.::!Gs t,:~· succeed O,TC c_{s{mti:,l -;;, success.

This po i rrt )f keeping Y":'1.::T 2inr-l cle"..T r..f cc.ncc r-n over the expcrin(:nt' G SUccr-'~J;J <'T f'n i Lurc is :;11 Lrapo r t an t in conducting telcp,3. thic cxpor i men ts 1 f'o r 33 :.-,. Tocci 'lor ,~,f a 't o Lo pa thic impression, your mind must b(, '18 paGsi ve 9 ce.Lm, and as freo f'nom distY'lcting' t hr.u gh t a 8.S z,'DU crin make it. Just let anything h~:.ppen that wi 11 ~ and when the II impression" T G ac ho s yon, it may CGr:LO thrc,ugh in several rf;.ys. It may take tho f'o rn of a whisper8d "Step" in your rai.nd , c,r it may aGeL as merely an .i erpu.Lae tc:, move backw:c.rds, 01" it f.V"ly .2ppear as a Ben t.u.I image before your closed eyes of the V7ordc, "Step back" or a picture of yourself t ak i ng z,_ backwar-d step. EQtl18V~:I' it comes tlu'oui5h, follow the impulse ::;,ccordingly. The chnnce s ewe in these telepathic experiments wi th mc vcnon t , that tho "Lmpr-o s s'i on " ,rill

C(")L'lG in the na.tur o nf '3.11 impulse: t.o Dove in " certain ·iirection. Whon you f'eo L it 9 wait f-,y a Tl~peti ticm (if the urge, and wait for its insistence. Dr, not bl~ in [t hurry t o o,c-!_; en

the first faint Lmpro aai on that rC3.chcs you; rather wait for its oonf'Lrmc.t ion , arid when thG i:lpuls8 tc Clove is d af Ln i. tely strL:mg~ then QOV('. Again \f'",it ~ ~cnd when ~'1L,ther "Lrrpu.l s e " hus built up, lliOVG again. Thus, step by stop, movernen t by nov emerrb , you proceed until you have comp.Le tori t hs test.

Tr~TIswitting Images of Playing Cards

With yc,m:'b::lCk turned t ' the group, :-L playing card is ao Lco t.ed and p ed flCee up on the flour iNhere all o f the 8Jl0ctat.ors

m~~y'- get ::. .. good look at .it , ExplniYl tr- tbem th£!'t ill tr"U1S-

mitting such (LYJ iDag,~, all that is noce asnry is far them to

get a c18:J.T IJictur0 ,::,f tho ap.lGarc.nco f the c ard , it net being neoessary for them te. repec.t over GIld CV8Y tel themselves the

nano of the card, In f'rio t , it is no t even ne ce s errry tc r them

to Gspecially t h i nk abr.u t t ho c'-:'Td. For in thought proj0ction,

no '3ffort is nccos sar-y , the 8SSi)Q o..i~,l thing being th;' t c ach

person nercly gets ;1 gc·,-,d view ,;f the c ar d , Thoy en" not to try

k r econs t ruo t the card in their minds ])y building up i ts Lmage ,

s po t by spot, they ;:tI'f'" net to c l.cao t.ho i r GySE, they ar o no t

tr) b ocomc tired by "taring at t:lL:': card .. ,. as t<?lcpathic

PSYCHIC MAGIC - Pp.,ge 21.

Supre~e M~gic1 Bidefrrd. Devon.

nrojectc-r,; the~". aTe ""arely to :clertl_'{ If,,-k ::ct the card.

Since the inpc'rtQYl t thing f'< r tLe rJr~' jec i.rll'8 tr, ,ie.' is t.o see the ir;I<!.[j8 ,-'f tbe crrr-i c Lear-Iy .md distinctly without dist.ur-banco frcr:1 su r-r+und i ng -'bjects; ,~, simple device called the

"Telel_Y'.sc('pe" may b0 effectively IJTIIJI"yed. Thi sis e as.i Ly made

by f--';~ ,-- sheet ,-J zt i.f'f p.ipe r .i n t.o ~_ c -ne _. See Fig. 9.

Give one of these to each ncnbe r of the groupj and by placing his eye tc the 8m~11 end ::::,£' the cone? the effect will he t" shut from view all sur r-ound i ng 0 b j Be ts lJ1 d to assist the concentr~tian of

v Ls i-.n ('f en,eh meribe r of the cOU!_Po'ny solely upcn the crrrd.

As it is difficult to Leek intently I".t an cbject

for ~ny length ~f time without it bccGRing indistinct1 the transmi tters shr-u Ld

f' r om t c ~, long ,'} pe r i f) d .;f staying, .ind should blink their eyes as fre~~ently as


;;:A;.:;s:,_' -:t;:.e;;:..::l.;;,e,.l;l):;.;2.:;._t::.;l:.:;.ll:;,.· .;;,c__;;t;_:r;_:,'ln.::.:,8:;.D=i;..:t;..;t::.;8;;.;1:;_· :::.s_..::t""h::.;:e::,.;:i:.::r:;_....::::d_;;;:U:..;;t~y:....,_;l:;,.· D:.:," _..::t:_;,h::.;:8=n me rely tn [Lle r tly

look at the card.

New, as a Taceivdr y~ur pneition is somewhat reversed, for rather than being alert, y~u desire to b8 passive. Your eyes arc closed ~ and you :J.wo.i t an impression of tht; image of the c ar d ,

It will 'lppe,-=cT ttl you e L ther as '_-l vi sua L im'l,ge bo f'o r e ycureyc'3 or as ,::11 i cprs 3 S i on (1 f the name c f the C ar d wi thin ynur rai.nd . Wait for thE:> im[' . .g'8 tobecc[;lcpersistent. I and thcm call ,·,ut the n8llle of the card.

Having recorded t.ho n.::.mE; of the c,'1:i.'d given, checked ag:unst the card they sc'ught tr:: t.roriam.i t , t'18 spoctators ae I o o t <mother car-d and ccn t i nuo 0Y1 t'ii th the experimen i un ti I acme twelve cards have been, ,.]i ther correctly '-IT incorrectly 81'1 t.ho case may be. Allow 'lne minute between o test t ha t bo t.h t r-anami. tters and receiver may be fresh :.It e:owh trial, :lnd it should be lU1derstood bE'tw8cn all p,"Crti es e:x:reri!!len t i ng , t h-rt E:. t no t during the performance shou Ld the rccci-:r8r be given C!JW hint v,'hats' ever <08 to whether his "gu8SS8S" ) right ',T ''trang. It .i o import.:mt tr", Don.T t.h i.c in mind, as an 8'lTly Boyies r f fr-,.iluTG8 may the rc:cei v es: to such -m ax t.errt 0.8 t, rcnd,:er him t')(1

('oj ecti v e Ly concerned with thu si t ,

Tho s selected \'1i th the 1!iopr8Ssic)n" ~v(Jn by the perf8rmcT


Supreme Magic. Bideford. Devon.

should each be c ar ef'u Ll.y set down on papc r by ene o f the company fer the pur'po sc of later r-cf'o r enco and exami nat.i.on , Those momor and a , forming the record of the cxpe r t s , will provo of ::"bsorbing interest P,s they arc compar-ed wit.h advanc skill in subsequent experiments.

Tests in N0n-C~nt[\ct TolGpathy should not be: conduc t cd for a pOTiod longer than one hour 9 ::end each Lnd Lv Ldun.L test should not ccntinue Longe r thc;n ten minutos. So performed they will prove of consuming intor·:::st to 2.11 concerned.

Many Magicin,ns ao ou at.omed tc 100 per cent foolproof 1,1/lgic vrill unquestionably be wary of attempting tests of such unpredictable phenomena beforo his observers. Hence, if the

o au t.Lou a performer so desires, he 0"';0 make USE) of o-n td ng style of showmanship in conducting such tests by himself assuming a passive part in the role of a teacher intelligently instructing' the spect:1tors in the mode of procedure 9 thus letting tho spectn..tors conduct the experiments themselves •••• and how they lovo such personal participation. This will give you a new entertn..inment s Lan t to the usual por-f'o rns r-audience relationship. ~ the more difficulties the spectators experience in producing the desired phenomena. such will only serve to enhance the appearance of your own skill when yeu easily produce like miracles. Of such is the presentation of Psychic Magic.

rSYCIGC lirA GIe ,- _;P:..;:.:8.,""g""E,-' ...:2~3.,;. • z: ___:S:::_u:::.J.r::J.::.r_;;e~m;.;;le;;._:!V:;;.r:;;;aJ,:lgc::i:.::c;..;H!l_..,;B;;.l.::.· d.;;,;;8.;:fc.::0:.::r:..;d:;.;z... _:;::D.;;~~v_..:o:..:n.:... ..' ~ •

.c--- 7-]



I/(~" ~/, ~;>.- ~ ... .c y

U /' '/. L~j I - I ".J.---; \

» -;-' I)J1::'- ~~- '0~/

~slc=ac M.AGIC AN~ A DECK OF CARDS (~:\~ V; ~1 '

_/\ ""''Vj'' d

Cards hove l~h~ lent themselves spl ~:::}!){, =~"SSions of psychic ability. UnfortunntelYl card tricks in general hrtve becamp S~ associated with trickery that they frequently rrrcuse ske pt i c i sm. However· ~ th"'. t ne ed no t be t'JO gr8-'l t a cone ern for ~he em tertcdner. The main thing in z e Le o t Psychic Magic card trj,cks j_s t:,) use items that give strong ao o cn t tr:, their mental anc impossihle nature.

I'h8r8 is ''1 tremendous wealth of material in this f i e Ld , und in ttlis chapter y~u will find seme highly suitable feats.

Psychological 10crrtions

In thi s effect, thrGc e,:-,.rds cr e p Lac cd f:J.ce up n the table, ~ld ~ spect~tor is instructed to mental Iv seloot ('ne of the ce.rdc, After 2, c18grcC' r.f concentration, Y"'J. reveal wh'1.t car-d

hp m '2 I1 t.slly chose" Next, f i. vc~· diffcrent cnr d s J.XC La i.d in a row

on th<o, t ab Le , and the apec t a.t or is (!..sked t.o mentally select ~ne cf them. Picking up the five cards, you pines one of,n ,- :-! hi s hand f a.c e down. It proves ir. be the very nne of

wh i.c h he is thinl<ing.

The principle used is is oxceedingly effective. He,crts 1 Four of Clubs, and

applied psyc hoIrgy and its application Arr~nge faoe up, in ~ ynW, the Ace of the Fivo of Clubs.

'1\18TS "2vT12. thrco0 c8.;rds - the Rce cf 1:1Garts I the 'ii'our "f Clubs, 'n,d the Five of Clubs. When 1 turn ny bp_ck, I W8,nt you tG mentally select onc oI' those three cards_ And refl1umbGr, do not let mH influence yOUT choi c e in ':'.uy WFl.y. When yeu have so Lo o ted a c'),Td, simply .l e t me know. And let t18 r8peat, don' t let me force filly ('ne of thc)se cards on yo u l "

'I'u'rn ;rur back and:111ow t he spectator tn make his mental 38l(3cticn. When he says, "Ready", I'aco him, look directly into h l s ey e s , ~.nd ,?,t:J.te calmly that the cur d he is thinking of is - the Five of Clubs.

P3YCBIC J\{J\_GIC - P["~gc_ 24.

Supreme Magic, Bidef-rdt Devon .

.Arthur Buckley is t, 1,'2 th,otrtk",d f,- r the s -,·c'nd pha sc o f the e xpe ri mon c , In this, ::crr'1ngc' the L")11r.'c7ing- f' i v e cr.r d s in ';_ rem en the t:J-blE.: Kin,g -,f Hc'::,rts _. Seven ·-·f CIu's - Ace of Di2Ll1Onds -- F(lu.T ,-f He"'.rtc - Hine I'f Di.aracnd s , D-~3 :,ru pattGr:

"Tkre 3,rE;' fi Vlo ill! 'r' c ~rds; 10t I 8 try the oxpor-i men t :'.g.'"lin,

rill-d y--u nen t.u l Ly ac Le c t ':<1"'_"- \.f t.hora , Nc,\':' ror_lsrnb8r, d,- no t IGt

me feree .,,:~ny r·w,-· of the ~\.u·ds~'n yr.u , -lr in any \'!ay Lnf Iuerice your choi ce , PuT t ns t anc c , yr u may think the AC8 o f DiM1' nds

is . .Lucerl here in -t he c an t r-e f the r( .~.r? "her'c, hr::ing or-ns p'i cuoue , zr,'u wnuld b(; Lnf'Luoriccd t se Lo c t it. Or, 1lorhaDs, yC1U may think the Sov on '.:'f Clubs W:l..8 purposely p ed in the grN1P to mr ka it

s t tnd ou t t,1 y,' u r c hvi.c c since it is only b c ar-d , R_C::,k~!l-)er t.m s , you have ·''lutcly free ohri. 0 I.;. , '-'ld can ch~ulge ycur mind

1'L3 oft s n ;:'8 yc:u lik8 ,'C!.S t c -'hat oar-d yr_;·u wish tc select until ",ft',r I have p l.a.c od :~':ne c ar d fGee down nn the pa.Ln of y"ur h nd ... and n. matter how "ften you charige yrmr rri nd , thp.t will be y,)ur mentally ac l oc t cd c ar d , Fa'i r ennugh?"

As yi1U offer tr-lI.:' abova COI1J'Tl(mtG I slightly f'o.rwai-d tw" CT threr:: t i nc s . this aotion, simply dr it.

nush the King (!f Hoar-tis HaJ'::G no comment 'l.brmt

Tho ape c t.n to r h:win€!' t.hough t c,f '!. c ar d , yOl pick up 211 -,f the gr"UP, shuffle them, sr h· will h-w o n : knr:wludg8 where the Lc c a t i.on c f :-my particular car-d is •. ,".nd r-emov e the Fc;ur of H0art - 2nd place i t fr~c0 downwr:.rd on the palm nf his hand. 'l'hcn ask him what card it Wc.s that he men t aLl.y se Le c , When he names his G",Td (it will be t ho Fum:"£' HG.clrts), ,"'.8k him t,. turn -'V8I' tho c.rr d Y"'J. pl ac ed en his han d ,

As wr.s oornnon t cd a.t the beginning ,-,f this ingeninus reutine, thifl of'f'c J tis ac comp l.i shod t hrv ugh the pr i p Le o f t:I

"pay cho Lc g.i c.i l f0rce". and 'lrhen epplied to rm intelligent n.nd cri tic!'].l grnup ia e.lmost Lnf'e.Ll i b Le . In ',-Ither '!Turds, the t.o s t is so paych-.Log'i c a Ll.y do s.i zned t.ha t the success-} of the spectator ac Lc c t Lng these ]J, r t i cu.Lar cards is greatly in y ur favour.

In the first deme'nstI'retieD l.'li th the grnup- f three cn.rd s , the! ACf?; cf H.G8-rts "LS by {''l,r the !n.~ st obvir',us, but ynu d,'!li -'oera tGly warnc;a_ tho pe r son D'Y1; tc [l11rw :r"u to 1 0TC8 ".:ny

ne of the cards en him, his ice nf that cru-d is elimin::ttod, "U1d the Five-,f Clubs bccor.:lcS th8~ne psychologic'3.11y favoured.

With the grouf' ef f i.v e crr d s , in yr-u r prGsentc.tinn, overy card 9 with the ('XC,~ptt('n of t.hc F' ur ''"'f Hcnrts CU1d the Nine

"f Dinne·nds, has "SUSI,icinn" o n s t Up0D :i.t ••• and 'If th\se two, the F~UT cf HQ~rts S~2rns thG card ynu wruld least likely ~ish PH') ;JCl'::'1()11 t·' so Lee t , .. t.hur it bGCOClO 5 psycho lr:'gicn.lly fn.vourod to bo tho ch0sun ' ne.


____ Supreme 1k.c:ic, Bidef rd, Dev')n.

In th,,· dl?:TJ: ris t.r-vt i ng :: f this fC'(c.t., it is n(;c,,,~s"~ry t ::..ffer lG eXc,ctly :3.8 dot 8.i 1e!1. S'" T'-']rfCTo8rJ., i tc 81J.CCGSt'. ;'1i11 '1.:J~:le yr·u.o. ~n<1 b,2inr; c· mp Le t c Iy intr,-'specti'le in rn dus-'}"wrcndij -,'~ poe s ib l.e cx:pl·'..Dc,ti, n :r81:1-,in8 -,thf~l' t",,,t"f minrlTG'lding.

If on T,qrC CC[:'sl(DS yr U s hr-u Ld -[ucppt._~n t,~, miss, n this test

~ I' th(,rB:::,f s i rri Lr.r Ci:-.tUl'>:c', :i_ t nc]ed ':",use yr-u n spec i al. c:c'nc,-~rD. Frr Ime; of t hc ch i of 'i':'Ti'-!.l1ts "f psychir H"_gic tr.' ,-,ther f'-,YC8 of c njur i ng' ie, in the "cxI!8rimenting'l ,'lspects inherent in i t:, n-vtur e : in which the SP8ct'l.t\,r is seemingly ilS rnuc h a 1j"rt c f the; i',~,_.-,t' B SUCC(:lS:3 [lS is the 11'JTfnnner. Herein Li e a its unique cl'.arm, arid herein lies th,_pe:ri'r,rG",r' 8 S'lfcoity v-vLvo ••• fCfT the M3.gici2.ll. in his presentation mc.kcs it a

defini te p(}int to pl:1cl~ the success ('r failure ('f the experiaent l'1i th tlk sp('ctatol'. Thus, if the test is successful, tht',

8:pOC t.a.t.o:r beCO!:l88 e Lr.t cri ~~ t j_ ts qoc':'r:tlJli snmen t kl the n t h r1egree 0f entertainment pleasuro, which in direct rQtio lifts the perf-1rmer as an (mtert3.incr. On the o t.hs r hand, if the test sh=-u Ld happen to f'a.i L, the Magicis.n is no t held 'l,ccCJuntF!.blL', since it 1j'H:~S r: feat th~; spectat<'r,. himsGlf, iE'lttemptinp:.

Two Grc.bel Mysteries

As Y8U casually riff18 the deck in y~ur h~nds, give the cards t: backward c ri mp ,_ SEe Fig. 10 - then havE! 'c', card .freely selected.


~~ _[I In rerf(lrming Peych ic Crrrd Mctric 9 o.lwu._ys an

(!~. -----~,.L (k things w-"tuTall:l, and 8r;-,ph2siz8 the iI'lpos.sibil-

--S::.:_ I 1 ([jZ i ty rf Y":'UT hav Lrig .:cny s l e i gh t=of'<hand control

--z_ 1- . ----fllll_f)',)'l

c- "vcr the car da by 8"flC such 3.S de1iberCltely

"-=--' turning y u.r heqd".side while the c ar d is SGlc'ctcd;

nr LIse: sprGad thu c~rds ,ut en the tQb10 whi12 the ch~ic~ is

mad>:.;. Ncx t gnthGT up the rest ,-.f the (1,:1Ci( 'end ask the p:::.rty t.o c'::,ncGnt1',~,to un th!? c:'.rd he! s e Lec t ed , ,'18 ;ru e xp l a.i n thrd y,'u will

s pr the c ar'd s hapnazar-d Ly c n the t.ab Lo , 'lJld he; is tc dr0p h i s c.vr'd in [' .. mongst t he shower cards Cl.S thc:l dr'p t, the tabh;.

SIlTing the crrrd s slowly t.1 the t8.'01c ~'!.nd t.ho SIH}ct.-,t,Jr so loses his card. You then g~thcr up the deck? nnd with mo:re T8CJ.UCS 1-3 t,~ or-neon tr;:', t e , yc-u Lr.c.k i'., t the squ::::.rlJd deck, make

f~w ou t e , and ov en tua'l Ly plr.cec" curd f".cc:! d~wn in front ,"'f the vo Lunt.e er . On turning it ,:,vrr I i L r,rOY8S t') b8 the c'1.rd selected.

HERE'S THE HOW; After th.:; cErd is ~:w12c;t;_;d~ :ru gGth8r up the rest r~f the deck rmel get it ink, pOE::' t i cn ff r the c mveri-

ti~nal c~rd springing See Fig. 11.

This natur~lly squeezes the dack in the opposito di:ractiun to yrur first crimp Pend gives" curve t,c, .:111 the o ar-d s , N')\lI spring the cards tc t.h o t ab Lc , -:md the spe c trrtr r bu r i e o rri s car-d


Supreme Magic, Bidefford, Devon.

among the falling shower. It lr-r-ks Lrnpo se i.b Lo th;'.t there cou.Ld be e.:ny cc-ntr)l,'=wd the card see"1S ho:peles81y lost in the; deck. But thn.nks to yr-u r crimp "l..nd the springing process, r-n gathering

up and squaring the deck1 you will note ~'n( an r,bvir-us bre:l.k 2.t the spectat'-,r's car'd ,

~. L \ 8(, yr u CaDeut directly to it See

\IT((,/----_ I, Fig. 12. A little build-up, and yo u pr duc e

I~ , his sel~ct8d card.

.L J ,\.- ~D What makca this trick so different is

~'" t ho.t everything can be handled so fairly ~=---- (l1LL )thc.t it Ii terally seem em "impossihili ty ", ~::--.... \'-J Wi th ,"; psychic presEmiaticn you have a

" .~- mi r-uc Le here.



-- -- ...........

Now, take the deck and give it 3. pressure fan showing the faces of the 8ards to the

spect~tQrs Fig. 13.

Squqre up the o a.r'd s nrid appr o ach some gFmteel ilppco.ring person who is seatGd slightly away from the r<OJ8t of the group, so that only he can see the faces o f the cards aa you hr.Ld them before hi.n , Again

make the f~'1 but this time me~e it in reverse, which makes an

all blank fan with the cxc ejrtd on of the bottom card Sec Fig. 14.

To the rest of the spect~tnrs, this looks exactly like the other

fan you just made and e xh.i bi ted, Be' when you as k the person to

think of any card he; sees in the fan~ it all PFLSSC:S without a challGl1ge. And since the pa r ty CR.n S8C' the cne c'-"rd which is on

the bcttom of the deck, naturally you cr:n "read his mind" and

name the o ar-d .

this nodus cper,:mdi, i tEl effect is tremendous 1 If







_ Supr8DsMagic, Bid8ford. Devon.

~rllu Ch(~"-SIJ t;-lO rie'ht type -of ]X!'SCT t.: wc:rk it 'nj hi? will nev o.r Cl='!~~:i'_nt. In f'rrc t , hc , hiD81.:-1f, will be lr!rg8ly puzzled ?S t:::i hew y vu rnan. g,.:'d te 1Il~._ke '1. f'"n wi ttl +n Ly t ho -r" C';rri shewing,

;'nd w i LL b(~ right therr- in c,-'rLgr'"!,tl.ll~l,ting yur skil.Lbv cr.-"I'f:r,"tj_n~ with ;y-rn in s,_;llin,c the ,~ffc;ct.

rrhl- Y/,_,ll-l<::n--:'TIn He,giGi '"!,n1 IJc(' Grabel, is t(", bl') sinc(;r,_,ly t.nanked I, i: r,_.103.sinfS t.he so ch. iCl: b i ts-"f lcgr:rdem",in )'1'('.:'1 hi" repertr-,iro.

H&r0 is a very old trick in - ne~ dro32 that will pU3zlc the bos t «f r -"I. :Fresc:nt,-,d in this ]ls;)Tchic mannc r 21"':'" feat ,:_,f seer:Jint: o La i rvr y'Ul8 i?, i t Ion kn. -ckc u t 1

First, t.h. p=ck is shuffled by "v',luntecl' r~nd cut. Next, the deck 1:3 d i.v i d ed i n t.. 1'Jur pnc ke t.c, 3:pect~lt'- r n':w l"_kes the tnp C[1J:'d ,,1' (",-eh grnul;'md hl~ric :3 it in th,~ ccr.t.r-e of its re8]!8cti vo

ri 10. Obv i ou s Ly no < .ne C"-D know the narao of' the; c::l.rd now on

t,::':;_J o f eRch se c t ic-n , yvt the IH?rf:rmer, by merely te-nehing 0ach gr'luf, La "ble t,-, Yl[:.mG the tor' crrd c f each packet.

The me' thid emplnyc::d is, af t.o r the; d o ck i.g shuffled, tf"' t.akc it b:1ck and secretly n - tt-' the ci-'.rd G']cnnd fr,~ C,) the bo t t om vis y"u

c a.sua.I Ly run thr"ugh tho car-d s , Let us ir:Jl.gine ~ f,e CX2..<nDlG ~ t hat this cur-d is the Ace -,f Hc,,-rts.

Next h[,1.'8 tho speot,.,t,-,r ['toJ,::(' f 'Ul' pc, t s ",Vn.gsidt; r,f e ach ,-·tbr;r c,n tlE' t;--,b to, 'Tnd y~ U l"::n::18:--,bsr the? 1(- c--:. tic n f the 'JDe

c 'D t;~ining the; ACE:! I' J00rts j Sf:'cond fr(,~;; the 1-: t tr fa. Ask the ST'Lete, t,·r to c,',unt th,_; c ar-d s o.f w',cb pack. t face (l.C'wnw['_l'd nn the table, which prGc~ss roverS~8 thu ~rder cf th0 cards se that

t.hc Act cf Hearts will now OLi sec0,nd f'r ora the t.. 'r rf its llFLcb-,t,

l',::'ring r n th~"'lbili ty r f cl,'l,irv":'Y'll1ts 'c.' divine the: nnme r f :: c~_rd l y b~r t, uching c f tlH_o finger', iI'S ell its b.ick , y'''\u pT'-:9~'8e Qxrcrim~nt, And t" present it under s c i en t.i f'Lo c~'ndi ti,-ns, y( 1) suggost. '1 fresh c t rrr t by- having the;- spectator bury the t,:)) ci,rd _'£' c'-,ch hlJ::~? w i thin I ts c~ntr,:;. Thus thE'

!'~c:\,;, 'f Hearts the J I,co,rd "f its par t i cu Lar' packst.

Centinuing y" r' Ij[!ttL'r rn c:lFd.rv;-'y,'1nt rowors, y,u t.ouch the t· cn.rd .f (-DC, ,f the; th,:...r packo t.s nnd b+ Ld Ly state trwt you rc'ceivc- an ir:r;JI'essi "D t.h.a t it is the Act; nf 1-l.::aI'ts. Pick up

th~) c.rrd , glc_ncE 'It it iii thr:~Jt Sh'-"NiJ'lg w h+t the c"rel is tr' any of -the: S})8ct"toT3, r~J1cL l)l'~ce i t fr~c' ,l'-'v!Yl_wFLrd 'on the,r's

han d , This cru-d i.e , lr_,t us sew, the'! Thr~e o f Sllr~rlcc;. 'I'ouc h

~.n"thcr pi121 S tr'Y'::OJ.rd and 2,,]neI't t.ho.t it is the: 'I'nr c o ,-f Sp::dcs. Ag:1in T8r.l.--'VU thc_ c ar-d , e:;lrmce '''t .i t , and pl::..ce it f'ace ·1 ':mY,'::lrd -'n ,h~ C l.I'd in tho Slicctn. t or I G hund . This car-d is ~ 1ut u s sreYI the: NiTLG o f Clubs. 'I',':lcl1 .mo t hc r t.o p c'TI'd and n-unc yc'ur "ilJll,rGssic1(1" ",8 Ute Nine ·-f Clubs. Gltu1cC .i t it arid p e it, ;J.lcng v;-ith the C'th,,'r cards. 'I'h i s cco_rri I a , let us S";.Yi

th,:: Queen' f Di'-'T1LI-nds. PI','cE:":tJd r;;_j1idly en and " UGh the Ln s t

J''J:Tu).inin[" pile (this pile· ynu k.:nf\w h;:3 tho, ce cf H.-;,'Crts n

t: p). CAll the c=rd ,'13 t'JI) Queun of J)i{'JJ~l'1d8! 31{IDC<" ~;t it 'llill ~;l'''C:L it o i t h thc th,_:_Y' c;o,Trls '-n the SI1ct"tcI";::l h,lTIrl.

Tt ]1lti 1mt r<JJ1'lin tni,-::k up thL [""'lUI' c".r'(1::;, mix thu[;' r~ Ldt t l.c s thcJt will Yl"t be,' in c!l c spcc i a L ryder tho.t miGht be T8L:lbriber."d, ,"1nd turn th0Cl =v:« r ah/wing tb ~ I Y u havu Lnd o <1 c,"~ll.,d e r:';''1d (';v;'!l.ry rn,} ,£' theD r,bs:' Lut oLy c,,':rY'l:ctl;yo

All M~.gici::tns will Y • .,:c()gniz8 in this trick t ho vv)'kings ,:f an cld f:ricmd, but in this nuw hand l i ng; of the c.Lrri rvoyant pr cs(mt,ni;ic:n c:'f'lbincd eli th tho shuf'f'Li ng f111d bury i ng ·-f thto tn}] c~rd in ~qch p~ckot boforu seemin~ t~ ntart t~G effGct ••• it hoc'"lillt s ,1. vory decoIJti'TiC; i t ern ,

Henry ];mderol}, my fri nd frem 8c:n J.)se, Calif" volunteered t.Iri a very oxc o Ll.crrt i tl~::-l. The m o-ina by which it is ,'lCC(\r:1- pli~h.;;d is st"' .. nd ar-L, but the ingenicusncss :)f Mr. Bcmdl<rob' 8 _present,?tion pr ov'i de s r;. trick th",t is tr-.p-r::mk mental


S8t y~'ur de ck v-f cru-d s in the f;uai1i'1.r 8i Stebbins "-rTr>ngcmorrt , Magici'ms \'7ill 0.11 T8e:,11 the l,qy-c1ut, cut in

,'UlY memor Le 8 have s Li. IJ'PGd, ho rc ' s th:: 8 ct-u p:

Ace of Diam'~nds Fnur Df Clubs Sov(:n nf Hear-t.c TGn ,·f Sp8.d8S King r-f Di anond s "i''rLTee rf ~l.\l-'N" Six "f Ile ar t s

Nine (-..i' Sp[',d<2s ""UGon G f Di amorid s TWr) ,-::,f Clubs

FivG 'if t1L:D.rt;:, Eight (·f Spades Jack of Di amon ds Ace "f Clubs

Four 'Jf Horr t.e Seven of Spad08 Ten . .f' Di.amon de

King r,f Clubs Three '--,f Hc"..rts Six o f Spr.d88 Nine .> f Dir1J!l0ncls QU8(}n~,f Clubs ~o '~f B,''1'':rts Five ~f SIl~d(,"s l?ig:Jzt;[ lJi !]E('l1dS Jack cf Cluts

Ace f H8n,rts FI)ur 'f SP'l.dl;S Sevon l)f Di"-lilnnds Ten elf Clubs

King _" f HG =-~rt s Three nf s Six ·)f DiaJ'l'mds Nine of Clubs QU8en cf He~rts

Two (·f Sp"dee:

Five f DiQ..I1L' nd s Eight ;- f Cluhs Jack c f Hc ar t s Ace r.f ST'G.,ies F0UI' u f Ih Qrilcn<is SGvcn rf Clubs

J't'l) ct 3e::rt.., King of Sll,1"diJ3 Thr80 ~f Diar1nnds Six :::f Clubs

Nine ,- f HB''lrts QU8t)n (f Sp'J.des Two of Df amcnd s Five: nf Clubs Eight o f He ar-t s .Iack of Spades

As you will no t.o o_bcve I in thi8 set-up th;~ c az-d s run from orie (AC8) t, thirteen (King) 'IDd ro'ccte Uf' three, wi t.h .",1 ternating suits Diam,-'rds9 Clubs, H8~rts9 and Sp,~:.dcs. Sr: BL·t9 when .'l. card is removed fr"D the: dc~ck ,"1.nd tho deck ':;11 t at the

spot where the cRrd W~G rem 'led, the card nuw nn the bettern, after the conpleted cut j will "koy " n ame r-f the cS-~'d

PSYCHI(J MAGIC - Fag.:; 29.

Supreme Magic, Bidefnrd, Devon.

88hlc ted • Now, (-.,::;r0 t show ynu ur.ko uE,:;~,f tilis ur i nc i p Lo f-'r 'l rual rn en t a l :'!lasterricocc.

Got two s l a t us , gi v : - ne t,.-, the rat-Eliu'"l '~n thc~ s t ago , -md tnt thl3 aud i nco wi th Pk (hock (;of c uxln and th8 Ot.hE:;T elate. Run 1-hruul;:1 Fl'" cc.:rds Lnf'o rmn Ll.y .)hr'(';ing thorn a l L rl.i f'f'e r en t , fn,lS0 :"3:-1ufflcc:nd cut .- t i no "1' tw if ycu 1i1(0, th,:n have

0,,1','1 solected. Fj~'11ph:-u:dzc the f~_ci th',t n.: (,nco but the 8j_10ct'1tor is tc> knc v the r):,l1c-;O:~ ,:,r tr-d:,c c cz-d , 2:8 yc u turn yc,ur h~nd ~siJc 30 ~ll Su]n~ Bupsr-f~ir.

'I'he c a.rd ~:l8L,cted, '-c:::;k t h-, 8rk'cL:.t,~r tc~ I)lr_~,--, .it in c,:"Ei trr,c]w t rind yell l'l.'"_kc: tho ell t i bringing tho cnr d that WCl.S '-ltK'VG t;li2 301ectL._',1 C'LTCi t,- thE.2 bo t.t.o a of the d o ck , Hand the,; Slj,Jctat"y- t ho .''''l'''t", '''_.nrl ;, piec3 of chalk, .,:,_sking th'J.t he wTi t,J the nano of h i a chosen cnrd on it when you sper-!.k the 1"01'01 "rc:; 'l.dy'; •

Returning tc thr 2tag~, ynu flash the batt0~ card ~f the d o c k tf" the mod.ium , ,~nd kn:::wing the sot-up S'rll~ S-" 1,:rLrns the c"'rd th;'lt w a.e 821ccted which nr'w residoG in the gcntlDfJ[..n' 8

CC '2. t p·cket. Coul(1 '-:nything be me're 'lrtful? Nc,t,:, word spokcn , n;;t '1, cede signGl given, a mere "fLa.s h '~f tho deck" P.s you p l ace it en the +ab Le , ~::1cJ th8 ncd.i um knows the c a.rd ,

Th8 rest is pur~ build-up. Actually! thG tri0k is rtnne bofore the ~xlr',ic,nc.8 even knows it's s t vr t od , and tlLatts the k i nrl rf

trick -y': u CC.U1 r€-ally give "thE i'!('Tks". H"Vl: thG spe c c a to r s t and

U~] fT'~;n his seat right in th,) ra id.s t o f the em\1iE~nco~ +nd when

Y'u c'C~ll cut, "He',dy", hj wri tes the n-une '-,f his ci~'rd. At the

8r'.8,," time tho med i u:n nri t2S '-iTl hpr s Lat.e . V{hen the. wri tings

'He c.::mpc.ri3d, they bc,th becu' the naUle c'r tllc3 selectod card.

ltts D. e tunnor t