                                  Debate & Moderator Workshops “Pizza n’ Politics” Movies, Documentaries Crisis Scenarios Co-sponsored debates w/ other clubs Political Charades Quiz Bowl Conspiracy Theory research Activism-bonding volunteer activity Political Compass Guest Speaker Debate school issues Teacher/Administration Debates Activism Booth Service Project Fun/Humor Debates Thought Talks Rainy Day Activity (i.e. watch Colbert Report) Discuss a news article Agenda-based meeting Musical Chairs Debate Video Conference Debate/Speakers Costume Debates Book Talk Colbert Report/watch some News Show Movie Night (could charge $) Freestyle Rap Debate Simulated Election Candidates Forum Field Trip Scavenger Hunt Make a Video based on an issue (get people’s opinions) Pie-Eating Contest w/ political questions at the bottom JSA-Sponsored News Column in School Paper

                Club Fair -Flyers, Music, Food Freshman Orientation “Bring a Republican/Democrat Day” Teachers give extra credit for JSA events Flyers Posters Club T-Shirts (Fundraising as well) Stickers Announcements/PA Talking to Classes (especially History Classes) Connect w/ other clubs Assemblies School Paper/Website- write Op-Ed Articles Food! (always attracts people, bring it to a meeting or provide during recruitment venue) Spread the word- word of mouth is very effective! Make Recruit Goals!

         Restaurant Fundraiser Bake Sales Sell Food @ School Functions Team up with fundraising programs -JSA has connection w/ Green Zebra (ask Carter) Making/Selling Things (i.e. disaster kits) Free Dress Passes (for uniformed schools) Movie Night Car Wash Contact local businesses and inquire about club sponsorships.

      JSA-Sponsored Guest Speaker Trips Talk about politics w/ senior citizens (“Senior State of America”) Publicize/Sponsor Trips to upcoming political events (i.e. Town Hall Meetings) Voter Registration Drives Volunteer for Political Campaigns/connect with local political figures Letter-Writing Sessions

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