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Browse Our Spring 2010 New Releases & Bestsellers Catalog


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Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Dec 22, 2009
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The Ultimate Guide

Nicky Scott

Composting is easy, fun, saves you money, and helps you to grow lovely plants. Whether you
live in an apartment with no garden or have a family and garden that generate large amounts of
food and garden waste, this book shows you how to compost everything that can be composted
at home, work, or school, and in spaces big and small.

How to Make and Use Compostfeatures an A-Z guide that includes a comprehensive list of what
you can and can’t compost, concepts and techniques, compost systems, and common problems
and solutions. It includes how to:

• Compost your food waste safely
• Get the best out of a Dalek-type plastic composter
• Make your own seed, plant, and cuttings compost
• Create liquid feed for your plants with a wormery
• Make compost in your flat or on your balcony
• Avoid problems such as rats and flies.

By making your own compost you can feed your plants, increase the fertility of your soil, and help
reduce the amount of waste going to landfill at the same time.

Everything you need to know to make successful
compost in the city or country, flat or field.

Green Books

April 2010

Gardening • Agriculture


An Easy Household Guide

Nicky Scott

$7.95 US • PB • 9781933392745
4 3/4 x 6 1/2 • 96 pages
Color illustrations

•••Also by Nicky Scott•••


An Easy Household Guide

Nicky Scott

$7.95 US • PB • 9781933392752
4 3/4 x 6 1/2 • 96 pages
Color illustrations

•Pub Date April 2010
•$16.95 US, $20.95 CAN • Paper
•ISBN 9781900322591

/4x 91

/4• 128 pages • Color photos


Nicky Scott is a former Chairman of the
Community Composting Network and is
the Coordinator of the Devon
Community Composting Network. He
has helped in the development of the
“Scotty’s Hot Box” and the “RiDan”
composter, both now widely used for
composting food waste. Nicky Scott
lives in England.




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