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6054 EEO/ADA Employer

Lovely A. Warren
City Hall Room 308A, 30 Church Street
Rochester, New York 14614-1290

Oct. 21, 2014

George Moses
Chairman, Board of Commissioners
Rochester Housing Authority
675 West Main Street
Rochester, NY 14611

Dear Chairman Moses,
On Wednesday morning you notified me of the Boards decision to remove Alex Castro as Executive Director of
the Rochester Housing Authority. At that point you said it was a personnel matter and I asked for an explanation
as to why he was removed. You said one would be forthcoming.

To date I have not received the explanation which I requested. I am now asking you to immediately explain why
Mr. Castro was removed, otherwise I will have no choice but to get more involved.

I recognize that an interim replacement to Mr. Castro was needed. However, now that Adam McFadden is in
place for a three-month period, a formal search must be done to find the most qualified candidate for the

In this appointment, the RHA Board of Directors was entrusted to make decisions that would first and foremost
serve our residents and protect the housing of the most vulnerable among us. Your organization serves 22,000
people in our region, 2,400 residents who live in properties that you in part manage.

This responsibility is too great to make an appointment of an executive director without a rigorous review of

I expect to hear back from you today with the reasons why Mr. Castro was let go, otherwise I will have no choice
but to further look into the actions of the board, and publicly call for your resignations.


Lovely A. Warren
Mayor, City of Rochester
CC: Willie Otis, John Page, Tom Quock, Sara Valencia, Jacqueline Levine and Calvin Lee, Jr, members of the RHA
Board of Commissioners

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