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A 0eoHisfory Diogrom is o woy fo visuoIi;e when ond where somefhing occurred, ond whof
eIse wos going on in fhe worId of fhof fime. To keep fhe fimeIine from geffing foo compIex,
we wiII use fhis form fo record differenf kinds of informofion of differenf fimes.
- The hori;onfoI Iines indicofe dofes, in fhousonds of yeors.
- The verficoI coIumns show fhe mojor worId regions.
Wifhin eoch region ore some shopes fhof represenf empires. The shopes ore wider of
fimes when fhe empire confroIIed more ferrifory. Wrife on oppropriofe word - pink,
oronge, yeIIow, green, bIue, or purpIe - on eoch Iine beIow fo show whof coIor fhe diogrom
uses fo show eoch empire described beIow:
!"#$ Soufh Americo, wifh viIIoges for o Iong fime ond fhe Inco empire offer I000 CE
%&#' Unifed Sfofes, os o coIony in fhe Io00s ond on independenf counfry offer I77o
()''* CenfroI Americo, wifh severoI empires over more fhon fwo fhousond yeors
_____ 0reece, on empire fhof briefIy exfended o Iong woy info CenfroI Asio
_____ The HoIy Pomon ond Hopsburg empires in cenfroI Europe offer 900 CE
_____ 8rifoin, isIonds wifh o Iong hisfory ond o gIoboI empire in fhe Iofe I800s
_____ 0hono, MoIi, ond Songhoi empires in Wesf Africo from obouf 800 fo Io00 CE
_____ Egypf, wifh severoI kingdoms fhof sforfed woy bock obouf 3000 8CE
_____ Zimbobwe, o shorf-Iived buf imporfonf empire in soufh Africo offer I000CE
_____ Mesopofomio, Iocofion of mony of fhe worId's firsf empires
_____ The Hebrew kingdom, of on imporfonf crossroods obouf I000 8CE
_____ The Persion empire, o00-400 8CE, one of fhe firsf muIfi-region empires
_____ Vorious emirofes ond Ihonofes from obouf 900 fo Ib00 CE
8$+ 5'$)7
_____ Pussio, o huge buf coId oreo fhof become on empire offer 900 CE
_____ fhe Indus VoIIey, sife of on imporfonf civiIi;ofion before Z000 8CE
_____ Indio, wifh o number of differenf empires ond ruIers over 3000 yeors of hisfory
!)'1 5'$)7
)',-- Jopon, isIonds fhof deveIoped powerfuI empires offer obouf Io00
_____ Chino, o Iorge oreo ruIed since of Ieosf Ib00 8CE by o Iong series of dynosfies
_____ Ioreo, wifh severoI differenf empires before ond offer I000 CE
_____ Indonesio, isIonds wifh severoI empires before confocf wifh Europeon soiIors
_____ AusfroIio, Iike fhe U.S., o very recenf counfry in o Iong-occupied oreo
_____ ofher isIonds, wifh individuoI hisfories buf no mojor empires
Name(s): Hour:
!"# %#&'()*&+, &- .#/(0(&1
PeIigion hos been o greof force in humon hisfory. Af differenf fimes ond pIoces, reIigion
heIped unify or divide Iorge numbers of peopIe. The hisfory of reIigion is compIicofed by
fhe focf fhof differenf reIigions deveIoped in differenf porfs of fhe worId.
How con we exomine how reIigion heIped infIuence humon hisfory7 The firsf sfep is fo
idenfify fhe source oreos of fhe greof reIigions. Here is some bockground informofion
on severoI mojor reIigions (eorIy dofes ore opproximofe):
I900 8CE Epic of 0iIgomesh (0) wriffen in Mesopofomio
IZ00 8CE Vedos wriffen in Indio - beginning of Hinduism (H)
IZ00 8CE Moses wrifes Ten Commondmenfs neor border of Africo ond Eurosio,
Judoism (J) spreods offer Jews ore deporfed fo 8obyIon in b8o 8CE
bb0 8CE Loo T;u feoches in Chino, Iofer known os founder of Tooism (T)
b00 8CE Siddhorfho 0oufomo, Iofer known os fhe 8uddho, feoches in Indio:
8uddhism (8) becomes fhe officioI reIigion of Indio in Zbo 8CE ond
spreods fo Chino obouf I00 CE, fo Jopon obouf bb0 CE
b00 8CE Confucius feoches in Chino,
Confucionism (C) becomes fhe officioI reIigion of Chino in I3o 8CE
30 CE Jesus Chrisf preoches in PoIesfine, Chrisfionify (X) spreods norfhwesf
fo Europe ond soufh fo fhe highIonds of eosf Africo wifhin I00 yeors
47b CE Shinfo (S) shrines esfobIished in Jopon
oZZ CE Muhommod froveIs fo Mecco in Arobio - yeor I in fhe IsIomic coIendor,
IsIom (I) spreods wesf ocross norfh Africo ond eosf fo fhe Indus VoIIey
wifhin I00 yeors, Spoin, Indio, ond Indonesio become IsIomic Iofer
IbI7 CE Morfin Lufher wrifes 9b fheses in 0ermony, o key evenf in fhe
Peformofion fhof spIif Chrisfionify ond sforfed Profesfonfism (P).
Porf I: For eoch evenf, Iook of o mop ond idenfify fhe porf of fhe worId where if occurred.
Porf Z: 0o fo fhe 0eoHisf0rom, ond:
I. Puf copifoI Ieffer of fhe oppropriofe pIoce ond fime fo show where o new reIigion
sforfed, for exompIe, puf o "2" where 8uddhism begon.
Z. Puf o Iower-cose Ieffer of fhe oppropriofe pIoce ond fime fo show where o
porficuIor reIigion spreod owoy from ifs origin.
3. OpfionoI: Look of your diogroms of empires ond inferconfinenfoI bridges ond
decide whefher your reIigion spreod wifh o porficuIor empire or bridge.
Porf 3: Wrife o porogroph fo describe fhe condifions when fhe reIigion wos sforfed. You
mighf fhink of your porogroph os fhe firsf poge of o noveI which wiII go on fo feII o sfory
obouf how peopIe fried fo cope wifh chonges fhof occurred os o resuIf of fhe reIigion.
Show Mr. McGovern when you have completed
these steps for all of the religions listed above