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Our Brothers’ Keepers of Southern Illinois

(Revised June 21, 2014)

Our Brothers’ Keepers of Southern Illinois is a faith-based organization that is dedicated
to the full integration of formerly incarcerated persons, “returning citizens”, into the St.
Clair County, Illinois, community.

Our Brothers’ Keepers is a faith-based organization that assists returning citizens in
attaining productive citizenship by participation in reentry services. This ordinarily
includes supportive housing.

United in spirit and purpose, Our Brothers’ Keepers will serve adult males who have
been released from jails or prisons as well as those previously on parole or probation. All
such individuals must reside in St. Clair County, Illinois, in order to be participants in its
reintegration services.

Productive citizenship is the full integration of a person into the St. Clair County, Illinois,
community. Full integration is demonstrated by a stable lifestyle which includes dignified
housing, necessary identification, employment and/or a reliable income (such as SSI, SS,
disability), possession of life skills, a sincere willingness to become sober/addiction free
as needed, and strong family and faith-based relationships.

Our Brothers’ Keepers recognize that each person has a unique history, strengths, talents,
abilities and challenges. Each participant will complete a thorough self-assessment to
learn the next steps of his reentry into the community. Qualified social service personnel
will assist each participant in the assessment and in forming a unique life plan.

Our Brothers’ Keepers recognize that, for participants to become fully integrated into
community, the community must also be involved in the process. With collaboration as
the foundation, Our Brothers’ Keepers will reach out to all social and human services
providers, faith communities and government agencies, to help in the process of full

Special emphasis will be placed on acquiring life and career skills designed for returning
citizens. Through a computer-based program, this education will also provide participants
with instruction and practice for successful employment.

Since many returning citizens are released from jails and prisons with inadequate or no
support, participants will reside in supportive housing staffed by counselors. Reentry will
begin with shared-occupancy, which will continue for each participant until he has
proven that he can pay for and maintain adequate housing in the long-term.