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110.26. English Language Arts and Reading, Speech (Elective Credit).

1. TEKS (Middle School)

The student will be able to use skills to express and respond appropriately to feelings, participating in
social traditions, informing, persuading, creating, and imagining.
Objective The student will develop skills using the five identifiable functions of expressing and
responding appropriately to feelings, participating in social traditions, informing, persuading, creating,
and imagining.
2. Big Understanding - Communication is everywhere. It is used in our social, cultural, and
academic lives; therefore, middle school students should develop effective communication skills
to further their academic pursuits and to prepare for interaction in social, civic, and professional
roles. The students will develop and apply skills in using oral language, nonverbal
communication, and listening in interpersonal, group, academic, and public contexts.

3. Assessment Evidence - The student will compose and present a 5 minute speech to the class
from a selected topic. Your goal: all components of speech should be included.

4. Opening Hook Present 1 minute presentation of Phenomenal Woman, Gettysburg Address,
and I Have a Dream Speech in character and explain how they show different parts of speech

5. Instructional Strategies/Student Activities List the different parts of speech on bulletin board.
The hook will help model the behavior of what is expected when making their speech. I will
monitor and check for understanding by reviewing the work in progress and being available to
answer question or coach or re-teach.

6. Materials/Resources I will be in costume during hook presentation. Parts of speech on bulletin
board. Copies of 5 unforgettable speeches on board. (Costume, bulletin board, speeches, props
for each speech, Elmo, laptop, screen, white board/chalkboard, markers and color paper.)

7. Technology Element My technology will be showing of Phenomenal Woman and the I Have
A Dream, speeches on Elmo/Laptop. Students will have a visual to help them understand how
passion can be demonstrated in a speech. I will also play a recording of the Gettysburg Address.

8. Grouping Patterns Work in groups of 3s. This will help in brainstorming.

9. Ending, Summary/Reflection I will restate the objective and allow time to re-teach if
necessary. I will also leave time to answer and clarify for any questions the student may have. I
will end with a few sentences from one of the speeches to drive home the point.