Stock Market Game (SMG

Marcus Lamar Walker – A. J. Moore Academy

Welcome to the Stock Market Game (SMG)
• You are about to embark on this semester’s stock market game. The following information, rules, and rubrics are as followed. Consider this an addendum to your syllabus.

SMG Objective
• The stock market contest will be a high-stakes competitive competition that will pit students against each other in buying and selling domestic stocks in a virtual stock market. Each student will begin with $10,000 virtual dollars. Each student will have a minimum of 5 publicly traded stocks to invest the entire $10,000 in.

Table of Contents & Assignments
• • • • • Objective Rewards Materials Rules Procedures

Contest Rewards
• The three persons (from 2nd, 3rd, and 8th period economics at AJM) with the highest percentage gain will win a prize To Be Determined (TBD) by the winners. This entire objective is subject to change at any moment without subjugation or discussion.

SMG Materials
– Set up a free account. You must have an active email address. – Click on “Contests,” Click on “Classroom or Private Groups,” Type “Walker” in to the search bar. Click on “Walker’s Economic SMG.” Join the Contest. Password: eco2009. Begin trading.

Stock Market Rules
• Stock Markets are open Monday thru Friday 7AM-4PM. They are not open on weekends or holidays. • You may purchase any stock at any share value. You must wait 15 minutes after initiation to buy/sell any stock. You may invest in Mutual Funds. You may reset your accounts only one time and there is a $5.00 commission with each purchase or selling of any stock. So, BE CAREFUL!!!

Assignment Breakdown

Procedures: Time to Start!
• Step 1:
– Setup an account on – 1 Daily Grade (100 points)

Time to Start: Step 2
• Complete the first assignment:
– Initial Stock Investment – 1 Daily Grade (100 points)

• Obtain a minimum of 5 companies and their stock symbols. Complete your research by using online financial resources (i.e. You may use any researched organization to select your companies.

Time to Start: Step 3
• After one complete trading day, please complete the 2nd assignment
– Stock Research – 1 Test Grade (100 points)

Time to Start: Step 4
• Continue trading (buying and selling stocks – including research) for two weeks. • After the 10th trading day, it is now time to complete the 3rd assignment:
– Status Report (Executive Summary Template)

Time to Finish: Step 5
• The stock market project will be ready to end no less than 3 weeks after the start of the project. • The winners will be announced the following school day. • Begin work on your 4th assignment:
– 1st Draft Executive Summary

Time to Finish: Step 6
• Your last assignment for the stock market game will be the final draft of the executive summary.

• You have completed the SMG Project. Thank you for participating. • Mr. Walker 