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2) Reserved

Business side: can provide a value

Talent: corporate cultural identity, there are prospects for career development, improve the training system,
reasonable remuneration
To do:
(A) with a heart to !eep people, mostly for communication, a sense of belonging, more effort, more stable
"hinese employees# sense of belonging in general stronger than the rest of the staff, the influence of traditional
cultural factors
$n the one hand: the corporate goals and performance of the latest developments to convey to them, so that
they see the prospect of the development of enterprises, and thus have the power struggle, the employees and
the company#s business ob%ectives lin!ed to pursue& ensure employees for corporate e'ecutives possess the
ability to have confidence&
$n the other hand: (ou can set up a mechanism to employees# performance on a regular basis to give them
feedbac!, and listen more to their opinions about their personal development difficulties, timely help, let them
feel the value of the enterprise, and the enterprise for their concern &
(B) use the benefit of !eeping a fair and reasonable remuneration system
)airness: discriminate different levels of employees, there are too many people have contributed,
*evel all the difference in the basic wage and salary advancement
Reasonable: There manifestation pay monetary and non+monetary forms of two monetary remuneration,
including salary, bonuses and other direct compensation and non+direct remuneration, including the private and
public insurance and other e'penses, and some of the social and psychological aspects of reward, right some
contributions fewer employees can ta!e some non+monetary forms of incentives, feel their own contribution to
the recognition and trust, can increase employee loyalty,
(") with the thing to !eep people, to create an environment, providing a platform
"omprehensive training system: *et people constantly improve their learning, so as to contribute to the
)or multinational companies in "hina, the establishment of an interactive learning organi-ation, very good.