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Expected questions of Islamiat for CE-2014 by

world times academy

1. Muslims arrange for the recitation and learning of Quran by heart, but neglect to
understand and practice Quran. What methods can be applied for reformation of the
2. State guiding principles of economic system of islam? How can it be implemented in
modern times?
3. Describe the importance and philosophy of fasting (SAUM). Also explain its individual and
collective benefits?
4. Many women today reject the old saying, A womans place is in the home?. How far do
the teachings of Islam support women in this rejection?
5. What use is made of individual endeavor (Ijtihad) in legal place? Some legal experts have
doubted the value of Ijtihad. Explain why?
6. Islam emphasizes a lot on the circulation of money. Describe in the light if zakat system.
7. Increasing numbers if Muslims live in non-Muslim societies. What major principles of
Islam can they employ to help them in their day-to-day living?
8. Write down in detail the problems of Ummah in the contemporary world
9. What is the Islamic concept of creation of the universe? Are the modern theories about
creation of the universe commensurate with the Islamic point of view? Discuss with
10. There is a visible decadence in our society due to invasion/influence of liberal western
culture. To what extent is it harming our countrys youth and what can be done to arrest
this moral decline.
11. To what extent is the modern political system i.e., democracy in consonance or against
Islamic principles? Discuss with references.
12. Produce a juristic-definition of Both Ijtihad and Ijma elaborating possible role of both
the above in Islamization of a state in modern time.
13. How the protection and application of Islamic culture is possible in the mid of the
influences of present western culture. Describe the features of Islamic culture prior to have
a comparative study of the issue.
14. Describe the importance if the concept of the Day of Judgment and explain the
practical results of this notion of the private and public life of the people.