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Organizational Behavior Project Proposal Faiza Khan

The core purpose of this project to provide an opportunity to students for research and applies the
concept of the course content of their particular interest and to demonstrate more in depth and
critical thinking. Students are required to work in group of five to six members. Develop the group
on the basic of their multiple expertises.
This over all activity is about 20% of your course evaluation which covers the assignments and
project. Project is divided in to five major phases.

Step 1

Submmit Group Names and Selected an Organization
Fnalizaion of Gruop memebers by advisor
Step 2

Organization Overiew
(Backgroud and overview, key success factor, Departmental overview, Swot
Analysis, Key Managers and Employees, Hierarchies, Decision making
system,potentional OB problems)
Step 3

select a Reserch Topic
Dvelope a hopothesis
Approval from advisor
Srep 4
Develope a Questionaire
Approval from advisor
Step 5
Conduct the research
Interpret the results
Suggested plan
Final Report submission (Hard Copy + Soft Copy)

Topic List
Personalities and job performance
Job satisfaction and job related attitude
Tem work and collaboration
Creativity and innovation- the impact of culture
Group performance

Project Time Line

Step 1
5th April
9th April
Step 2
12th April
23rd April
Step 3
24th April
30th April
Step 4
1st May
12th May

Step 5
13th May
28th May