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DATE/SESSION: 04/16/14, Session 6 PSU STUDENT: Emily Murray

(Complete all strands that apply. All strands may not be needed in every lesson. Use only the
standards that directly apply to the objectives. This section is worth 5 points.)
STANDARD: RF. 1.4 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support
comprehension. (Running Record and Guided Reading)
RF.1.4.c Use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and
understanding, rereading as necessary. (Guided Reading)
BOX SUB HEADING: Key Ideas and Details
STANDARD: RL.1.1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. (Guided
RL.1.3 Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.
(Guided Reading-comprehension and comprehension activity)
BOX SUB HEADING: Phonics and Word Recognition
STANDARD: RF.1.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in
decoding words.
RF.1.3.c Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing
long vowel sounds. (Spelling Extension Activity-blind sort)

BOX SUB HEADING: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
STANDARD: L.1.5 With guidance and support from adults, demonstrate understanding
of word relationships and nuances in word meanings.
L.1.5a Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the
concepts the categories represent. (Teacher-Directed Guess My Category)

Objectives: (What will students know and/or be able to do as a result of this lesson?) (5 points)
Evaluations: (You must be able to measure the demonstrated objective (ex: a %, certain
number correct, checklist of items, rubric, etc.) (5 points)
The student will read a guided reading book, Henry and Mudge: Sparkle Days (chapter 1)
with appropriate accuracy (90-94%), fluency (at least level 1), and comprehension (at
least satisfactory). (Running Record)
The student will apply meaning and structure cues to read Henry and Mudge: Firelight
with at least 90% accuracy. (Guided Reading)
The student will answer 5 out of 6 comprehension questions about Henry and Mudge:
Firelight, including main ideas, events, and characters. (Guided Reading)
The student will sort words into categories that they have established, first they need to
sort by short and long i and then by igh and i consonant e with at least 14 out of 16
correct. (Teacher-Directed Guess My Category)
The student will correctly identify the category for each word based on the pattern, igh
and i-e with at least identifying 6 out of 8. (Spelling Extension Activity-blind sort)
The student will sequence events in Henry and Mudge: Firelight in order with at least 3
out of 4 correct. (Comprehension activity/skill)

MATERIALS: [List all materials for the teacher and students that are needed to accomplish the
lesson. (3 points)
Teacher Materials:
Community Guidelines
Shared Learning Goals
Header and word cards for sort (short/long i and igh,i-e)
Recording Form for Guided Reading Book
Bingo word cards
White board and marker
Student Materials:
Community Guidelines
Shared Learning Goals
Header and words for sort (for each student-short/long i and igh,i-e)
Bingo boards (for each student)
Gems (for each student)
Directions for Bingo game
Henry and Mudge: Sparkle Days by Cynthia Rylant (for each student)
Henry and Mudge: Firelight by Cynthia Rylant (for each student)
White boards and markers (for each student)
Magnetic letters (for each student)
Sequence Strips (for each student)

THE PLAN: [Your plan must include the following items:
Reviewing Community Guidelines (poster),
Sharing Learning Goals (typed out),
Anticipatory Set,
Running Record on first Guided Reading book (1 student),
Guided Reading Phase 1 all components,
Teacher Directed Guess My Category (at least 8 items in each category),
Spelling Extension Activity (choose one option: writing sort, word hunt, speed sort, draw and
label, blind sort, or blind writing sort),
Teach comprehension skill from assessment analysis,
Extra activity
It doesnt matter which order the items are accomplished as long as all items are completed within the
practicum time frame.
Below, list the order in which you will complete the activities and describe what you will do to teach the
lesson including prompts, questions, materials, etc. (Be specific!)] (28 points)
Sharing Learning Goals:
I will discuss with the students the shared learning goals (attached to this document)
and explain that we will be addressing the goals during our time together that day. I will
provide a sheet with these goals for the students to view.

Reviewing Community Guidelines:
We will read through the rules we created.
I will then reiterate to the students that it is important to follow these rules during our
time so we can complete our tasks.

Anticipatory Set:
What was your favorite part about Henry and Mudge: Sparkle Days, the book you read last

Running Record on first Guided Reading Book-Brian:
I will let the student know that he will be rereading, Henry and Mudge: Sparkle Days (Ana will
also be rereading the story but silently)
I will have the student start reading orally, start my timer/recorder, and code the reading
behavior on the recording form.
Once the student gets to page 10 I will stop the timer and record the time on the recording
Then I will have the student continue to read silently.
I will calculate the accuracy rate, self-corrections, reading rate, and comprehension score after
my time with the student. I will make notes about fluency while I am there.

Guided Reading:

1. Fluent Writing
fire, love, about
Have students practice writing these words on their white boards. They need to say the
word slowly, write what they hear, and look at word to check it. (model this skill for
students first)

2. Phonological/Phonemic Awareness AND/OR Phonics (Letter/Word Work)
Letters d, k, a, r
Line up the letters on your board. Lets build a word you know.
Make the word dark
Break dark. Blend the word back together.
If you were to write the word dark, whats the first part you would
write? The last part you would write?
Whats a word that rhymes with jump? Provide letters to make the
word. Break the word. Blend the parts back together.
So in reading, if you get to a tricky word, you can break that word into
parts and bland it back together to help you read that word quickly.

3. Guided Reading
a. Title and Level: Henry and Mudge: Firelight-Level J

b. Orientation to New Book:
i. (M) Overview of text:
Have you ever seen a shooting star? If so, did you make a wish? If
you did make a wish, what was is it? If not, what would your wish
be if you did see one?
The name of book we are reading today is called Henry and
Mudge: Firelight. Henry, Mudge, and his family take a winter walk
and see a shooting star. Each of them made a wish. What do you
think they wished for?
Lets take a picture walk to see what they see on their winter walk
and what they wish for.

ii. (S) Unfamiliar Language Structures/Vocabulary:
Page 43-shooting star
Page 45-fireplace

iii. (V) Known/Unknown words:
Page 41-lights- Teacher writes light on white board. Discuss first
the igh part of the word and that this pattern makes a long I
sound. Have the students verbally break words in parts and blend
back together. Find word in text.
Page 44-basketball- Teacher writes basketball on white board.
Break the word into two parts, basket and ball. Have the students
read each word and blend back together. Find word in text.

iv. Purpose for Reading:
Lets read to find out what happens on Henry and his familys
winter walk.

c. After Reading New Book:
i. Comprehension Questions:
What did Henry and his family love to see on their winter walk?
When they saw the shooting star, what did they each wish for?
What did Henry think Mudge wished for?
Lets discuss the character, Mudge. What do you think about
What do you think the family was thinking about when they were
sitting by the fireplace?
Why do you think Henry and his family love to take winter walks?

ii. Validation and Teaching Point:

Comprehension Skill/Activity:
I will have the students sequence the main events in the story in correct order using the
sequence strips provided.

Teacher-Directed Guess My Category:
First I will introduce the sort by reading through the words and discussing vocabulary.
Then I will introduce header cards (a short i and a long i word).
I will demonstrate sorting 2-3 cards. Then the students will complete the rest of the
I will ask the students to describe the features of each category.
Then read the columns to check the sort and prompt the students to create a
generalization. Then I will have the students sort individually.
Then I will use header cards with one word having igh and the other having i consonant
Then I will have the students sort words using the same process used above.

Spelling Extension Activity (Blind Sort):
First I will establish the header cards (igh, i-e) and lay them out for the students to see.
I will shuffle up the cards and call out the words.
The students will take turns identifying which category the word belongs in without seeing the

Extra Activity:
Hidden Treasure Bingo:
First I will explain to the students that we will be playing a Bingo game that will help them with
identifying short/long a as well as ai and a-e. Then I will explain to them the directions and
provide them with a copy to view:
1. First give each player a bingo card and 9 markers (gems)
2. Then the bingo caller (Ms. Murray) will select a word card from the pile and read it aloud. The
patters/sound in the words include short a, ai, and a-e.
3. Then the players will place a gem in a square that includes the pattern or sound to correctly
spell the word that was read aloud. For example, if the bingo caller were to say the word cat,
you would place a gem on a square that says short a.
4. Repeat this process until one of the players covers 3 spaces in a row, either horizontally (across),
vertically (up and down), or diagonally (from one corner to the other).
5. When a player has done this they need to shout, Bingo! Whoever is first to do this is the

CLOSURE: [Review learning/Assess/Motivational ending, etc.] (4 points)

I will ask the students to compare and contrast the settings of the two guided reading
stories they have read.

Header cards for short and long i:


Header cards for igh and i-e
bike bright

fit time
kid hide
thin smile
slick dive
ship night
kit fight
quick sigh
sick tight

Sequence strips for comprehension activity:
Henry, Mudge, and his family go
on a winter walk.
They see warm lights in the houses,
stars in the sky, and the sparkle of
the moon.
They see a shooting star and they
all make a wish.
They arrive home and sit by the
fireplace to rest.