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Rain clouds in the sky

seems to me they want to cry

may be they felt a need to say
to me and to you
the bloodshed between the two
the Nazi and the Jew
or the muslim and the hindu
after all we all are same,us and them
different is the skin worn over a rented soul
for a definite period
different names doesnt really make any difference
one world,one country and no god in them
live again
or dont expect me to rain
the river never want you to help him flow
nor the the breeze to play
Rama is dieing and the allah has to die some day
Dionysus had to die
but the sun's hot today
and the clock is laughing at its prey
thousand god together couldn't stop it to do so
nothing lasts forever ,how much you pray
smoke as much as you can before the fag ends
or dont expect me to rain
you need some more enemy if you want to fight
whom do you baptise when no one's left to lay
martyrs are the holy lambs lay down to
look at the santa where he has taken us today
we need to grow when faith is an only anesthetic
i cried an ocean
please let me live if i don't praise
tit for tat,everybody knows that
you cannot help it,so i need you for what ?
its all just faith indefinite
can raise a centre in the left
and the god is for the sake of it
live and let live,i say it again
or dont expect me to rain.