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This article can be related to the section 6, the separation of church and state

shall be inviolable. This act means that the state should not use its money and

coercive power to establish religion. The church is likewise prohibited from d in

purely secular affairs. But not totally means that there is a total separation. For my

own understanding, as you can see, church is a religious sector unlike the state,

consist of politics, government which is full of controversies. The priest is a member

and a follower of the church. He who leads the people in accordance to their beliefs

in Christianity under the savior Almighty God. And based on the article, it is said to

be that ___ is going to run for the politics and mainly be part of the state to lead the

people not for any religious thought but for different intension merely to use the

money and power to establish a church. As we look forward to what will happen if

any member of the church enter to the politics, it is mean also that the church will

eventually be under the power of the politics, power or position in the country and

money issues. How come that one member of the church will simultaneously lead

both the church and the state. What if there is any conflict between the two, what

will be prioritizing first?, It is better if there is really a separation between them to

be able to prioritize what should be.