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Abundance Centres

Focus Teams:
Focus teams are made up of a mixture of Trust members, our staf and other
supporters. Each team will generally hae ! to " members and will be responsible to
the Executie Committee. Their internal goernance is coered within the Trust#s
general o$ce and administration
%rganisational &ntelligence
internal thin'tan' ( ensuring we fully harness our networ'ed intelligence
Cross)Curricular *earning +edagogies
study, deelopment and improing practice of educational processes
Communities , -ey .ta'eholders/ networ'ing , engagement
building relations/ alued and meaningful agreements and realised
&mplementation of the localisation strategy 0see %ur 1rowth .trategies
+rinciples, +rocesses , +rotocols/ Total 3uality Assurance
safeguarding assurance
general serice total 4uality management oersight
5ar'eting and +ublic 6elations
in the context of reenue stream deelopment.
establishing mar'eting consistence across diersity of serice and
community relations
7ithin this deleoping Focus Team structure we need olunteers interested in the
Abundance and u*earn 8aturally pro9ects, do chec'out our website and then gie us a
call : email to explore all the bene;ts you 0we, i , i2 can gain by contributing in these
ways. <on#t underestimate your alue, we need your help to 'eep building 4uality
educational proisions that truly honour family alues.
Than' you for your contributions/ progressie thoughts and deliberate actions.