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Choose the best word or phrase to fill the gap.

1) Hello Mustafa, ------------? I'm very well, thank you..

a) How do you?
b) How are you
c) How you are?
d) How is it?

2) What's ------- name? Jane Edwards.

a) you
b) your
c) yours
d) you're

3) How old are you? --------------------

a) I twenty.
b) Me is twenty.
c) I've twenty
d) I'm twenty.

4) Is this your book? -------------------

a) No, it isn't.
b) No, isn't it.
c) No, he isn't.
d) No, there isn't.

5) Where is Anna from? ----------- from Rome.

a) It is
b) Her is
c) He is
d) She is

6) ---------- is your address?

12, Sundown Street, Bristol.
a) How
b) Who
c) What
d) That

7) --------- name is John Smith.

a) His
b) He's
c) He
d) Her

8) Sam ---------- a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.

a) aren't
b) isn't
c) not
d) doesn't
9) Here are Juan and Mercedes. ------- are from Valencia in Spain.
a) They
b) Their
c) Them
d) This

10) Have you got a computer? Yes, -----------

a) I got.
b) I've got.
c) I've.
d) I have.

11) -------- two hundred students in my school.

a) They are
b) It is
c) There are
d) There is

12) Is that --------- car? No, it isn't.

a) they
b) their
c) there
d) they're

13) ---------- is this blue bag? It's £5.50.

a) Where
b) How big
c) How much
d) What

14) What's her job? She's ----------.

a) a actress
b) actress
c) the actress
d) an actress

15) --------- your car? It's in the car park.

a) Which is
b) Who's
c) When's
d) Where's

16) --------- bag is this? It's mine.

a) Whose
b) What's
c) Who's
d) Who

17) --------- only three chairs in my room.

a) They are
b) There are
c) There is
d) It is
18) She ----------- a house in the town centre.
a) got
b) have got
c) has got
d) is got

19) ----------- brothers have you got? Two brothers.

a) How much
b) How old
c) How are
d) How many

20) Is there any food in the fridge? -------------

a) No, there isn't .
b) Yes, there is any.
c) Yes, they is.
d) No, there aren't.

21) There aren't ---------- people here today.

a) any
b) a lot
c) much
d) the many

22) We haven't got ----------- .

a) some children
b) any children
c) a children
d) one children

23) Do you speak Japanese? No, I ---------.

a) don't speak
b) not
c) speak not
d) don't

24) We have lunch --------- one o'clock.

a) at
b) to
c) in
d) on

25) She works ----------- Saturday.

a) at
b) to
c) in
d) on
26) I stay at home --------- the morning.
a) at
b) to
c) in
d) on

27) Do you like classical music? -------------

a) Yes, I likes.
b) Yes, I like.
c) Yes, I does.
d) Yes, I do .

28) Where want to go?

a) does
b) do
c) have
d) will

29) this house ?

a)does live
b) did live
c) lives
d) does lives

30) ............colour do you prefer, pink or yellow?

b) which
c) how
d) why

31) Mr and Mrs Baker live in London. ........ son lives in Australia.
a) His
b) Their
c) Her
d) Theirs

32) That's not ......... umbrella. black.

a) yours/Your
b) my/Me
c) my/Mine
d) her/ Her

33) There is a big wooden table ------------------ the kitchen.

34) “-----------------money have you got ?” “5 dollars.”
a)How much
b)How many
c)What time
d)How old

35) Where are ------------ from ?

a)the boys
b)the girl
c)the child
d)the teacher

36) My name is Hans.

I ------ a mechanic.

37) Choose the odd one.

a) house
b) eraser
c) book
d) pencil

38) There is a ............................ on the floor.

a) carpet
b) curtain
c) mirror
d) wall

39) You ................... wear make up at school.

a) mustn’t
b) can
c) aren’t
d) weren’t

40) Have you got ......................... ice-cream.

a) any
b) some
c) a
d) an

41) My friends ............. a new car

a) has got
b) have got
c) get
d) are got
42) 12:45. It’s a quarter .............. one.
a) from
b) in
c) to
d) after

43) Are you young or old ?

a)I’m young and old
b)I’m young or old
c)I’m young
d)I’m a student

44) Jack ___ a book but he ___ a dictionary.

a)has got , has got
b)has got , have got
c)has got , hasn’t got
d)hasn’t got ,has got

45) This book is mine, that book is _______


46) How ____ water do you drink every day?

a)a lot

47) A: Where’s the nearest supermarket?

B: Its ______________ the street.
c)straight ahead

48) A: ____________ did you finish your homework yesterday?

B: At about 12 p.m.

49) I always come to school ________ the morning.

50) A: Did you watch the football match?
B: No, we ____.
a) watch
b) didn't
c) did
d) did also

51) How many _____ can you eat?

a) cheese
b) milk
c) coffee
d) apples

52) There's not much

a) oranges
b) orange juice
c) onions
d) eggs

53) He lives with ____ parents.

a) his
b) he
c) him
d) hers

54) I've got two children and ______names are George and Jack.
a) his
b) their
d) there

55) It's his problem, not ____.

a) mine
b) me

56) I know ___ but I can't remember __ name.

a) she/her
b) her/she
c) her/her
d) she/she

56) She can stay with ____ at __ house.

a) we/us
b) us/our
c) us/ours
d) our/us
57) There _______ any programs on TV.
a) is
b) are
c) isn't
d) aren't

58) A: Is this your pencil?

B: No, it _______.
a) was
b) wasn't
c) is
d) isn't

59) A: ____ is this book?

B: It is my book.
a) What
b) Whose
c) Who
d) Which

60) There is ____ apple on the table.

a) a
b) the
c) some
d) an

61) She has ____ new coat on.

a) hers
b) her
c) she
d) mine

62) Ali and Eda's birthdays are ............... April 25th.

a) in
b) at
c) on
d) for

63) _______ any messages for me?

a) Is there
b) Will there
c) Are there
d) Was there

64) Look! The cup is empty. There ........... nothing in it.

a) is
b) will
c) are
d) can be
65) What day ____ it today?
a) was
b) were
c) is
d) are

66) What colour ____ his eyes?

a) do
b) are
c) is
d) does

67) ______ is your favourite sport?

a) Who
b) What
c) Where
d) Why

68) Joe worked in his ____ shop.

a) father
b) fathers'
c) fathers
d) father's

69) He closes his shop ___ 8 o'clock every evening.

a) on
b) at
c) in
d) for

70) How many _______ can you eat?

a) milk
b) cake
c) apples
d) cheese

71) How _______ money have you got?

a) much
b) few
c) many
d) any

72) He put on ______ coat and went out.

a) him
b) mine
c) hers
d) his

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