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Visti Larsen

1.1 Introduction
The Chathurthamsa or the Turyamsa, as it’s also called, is the Varga Division of the 4th
Being within the material plane (D1-D12) it would indicate the immovable material
property, such as home, lands buildings, etc. all of which belong to the 4th house
indications. ‘Vahana’ or vehicles are not to be seen from this varga, readers are referred
to the Shodasamsa (D-16) for the same.

1.2 Description and Calculation

Maharishi Parasara states the following in the use of the Turyamsa:

tuya¡ze ÉaGyicNtnm!.7-2.
turyäàçe bhägyacintanam |7-2|

“The 4th division throws light on fortunes.”

The calculation of the Turyamsa is given as follows:

Sv]RidkeNÔptyStuya¡zeza> iÇyaid;u,
svarkñadikendrapatayasturyäàçeçäù triyädiñu|

“The 4 Kendra from the sign itself, are lords of the 4 divisions respectively.”

In other words, the lord of the 1st Turyamsa is the sign itself. The lord of the 2nd
Turyamsa is the 4th from the sign, and etc.
As 1 sign (30 degrees) has 4 Turyamsa, this corresponds to; 30/4 = 7:30 degrees per

A quick table for reference is given:

Signs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
7:30 - 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3
15:00 - 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
22:30 - 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Later Maharishi Parasara describes the 4 Devas of the Turyamsa:

snkZc snNdZc k…marZc snatn>.9.

sanakaçca sanandaçca kumäraçca sanätanaù||9||
“The 4 Aswini Kumara: Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatana, lord the 1 st, 2 nd,
3rd and 4th divisions respectively.” The use of the Devas is explained separately.

1.3 Bhavas
Being that Turyamsa is a division of the 4 th house, this off course implies that the focal
point of this Varga is the 4th house itself.

• This 4 th house will show our house/property, its circumstances and state, etc.

• The 11th from the 4th house, gives Labhaargala on the 2 nd house. The 2nd house
shows the gains we receive from our property, which could come from selling,
renting, or otherwise distributing ones property for others use.

• If the 12th house also associates with the 2nd, then the person may sell houses,
hence the personal loss of property is experienced, yet the gain of money is as

• This Argala which is received from the 2nd house is obstructed by the 3rd from the
4th, namely the 6th house, which shows how the competition or enemy may deny
ones own gains.

• The 2nd from the 4th is the 5th house, which gives Dhanaargala on the 4th house.
The 5th shows how ones followers, or children, tend to use the house, be it to spoil
(malefics) it or restore it (benefics). This also shows how ones own power and
authority may influence the house.

• This is however obstructed by the 3rd house which is the 12th from the 4th house.
This shows the lease of the house for others use, such as renting and etc, or simply
not being home, whilst others use the home.
• If there is a connection between the 2nd and 3rd houses, the person may earn
money by leasing their house/property.

• The 4th from the 4th gives Sukhaargala on the 4th house activities, and is the 7th
house. The 7th house shows business, contracts or agreements, which helps one
attain more property.

• This Sukhaargala is obstructed by the Lagna, being the native, showing how the
natives own ideals may lead them to different properties, or even estrange them
from owning properties.

• The 10th house, opposing the 4th, would definitely bring this purpose of estranging
the person from the home, and the person could wander from house to house,
either due to renouncing their own home, or due to their occupation, which
prevents them from staying home.

• Similarly the other bhavas should be understood from the 4th house.
• The Arudha of the 4th house, we can call Chathurpada (A4), will show the image
associated with the property. A king will have a very fortunate Bhoomi Arudha,
yet may live in a small Hut if the 4th house supports it.

• The Maraka Sthana (2nd and 7th) from the 4 th house and its Arudha, are important
to see the destruction of property/buildings, etc.

1.4 Planets and Karakas

The Karaka/significator for lands (bhoomi) is Mars, whilst that of buildings (griha) is
Ketu. These two are important in judging the quality of the property.

Saturn is the prime enemy of Mars, and when associated with the 4th house can cause a
lot of damage to the land and building, in the form of cracks, leaks etc.

If Saturn is placed in the 4th house, whilst Mars is in the 10th house, then Mars will
attempt to protect the property from Saturn. This can lead to fires, etc as Mars will
destroy the house rather than let Saturn have its way.

The type of house can be seen from the planetary influences on the 4th house.
Maharishi Jaimini Upadesa Sutras, slokas 1.2.42-47, gives us the following

If there are exalted planets in the 4th, the residence is large.

Sun indicates huts, thatched houses, placed in open areas.
Moon indicates a palatial building, especially when associated with Venus.
Mars and Ketu indicate a brick or clay house, which can withstand the winds of Saturn.
Jupiter indicates a house made of wood.
Saturn and Rahu may indicate a house made of stones or rocks, or such materials.
Mercury creates a building of mixed influence.. I.e. made of both wood and bricks. This
will depend on other grahas influencing Mercury.

If the 4th house is a movable sign the native may have many houses in various places, as
per Vyankatesh Sharma (Sarvath Chintamani). Similarly a fixed 4th house will keep the
person in 1 place.

Some examples will clarify this.

2.1 Example Charts
Chart 1: Royal Property

This is the Chart of Prince Charles of England. Lagna is Cancer, whilst its lord is in
the 10 th giving Fame. This is confirmed by the Arudha Lagna being placed in the 7th
from Moon in Libra.
The 4th house and Arudha Lagna, has Ketu with Mars and Venus on each side,
forming a type of Vaitanika Yoga, or Yoga for Royal insignia. Sun is the Chara
Atmakaraka, and is the 2 nd lord (family) in the 4th, joined with Chara PitriKaraka -
Mercury, confirming birth in a Royal family, and many favors from elders/preceptors.

Furthermore, there’s Vasumati Yoga, formed by Benefics in the Upachaya Sthanas,

giving abundant wealth. Saturn in the 11th from Arudha Lagna, is important showing
favors from the press and public, and Saturn being in the 2nd shows the reason.

As 4 th is a Movable sign, he has many royal resorts, various places in the world.
The Turyamsa should reveal some more details about the homes.
The 4th house has Ketu and Mercury, showing houses made of various building
materials but mainly of Brick/Clay.
The Arudha of the 4th house is in the 12th house, namely Virgo, whilst receiving Rasi
Dristi from Jupiter and Venus, forming an auspicious Yoga, showing how his homes
would be perceived as very fortunate/rich in appearance.

The Hora Lagna is also here, whilst its lord is in the 4th house, conjoined with the 2nd
lord, whilst it has Rasi Dristi on the 2nd house, hence sales of property are also
Note the Parivartana between Ketu the 2nd lord and Saturn the 4th lord, and
significator of the public, showing a lot of earnings coming from the public.

The Dhanapada (Arudha of the 2nd house) shows through which means the native will
buy property. Dhanapada has Rasi Dristi with the Darapada (A7) and Putrapada (A5)
showing how business and his followers help in paying for the property.
Jupiter is the lord of the Dhanapada and is placed in the 3rd house with Dara- &
Putrapada, showing that this comes from leasing out buildings, for tours, tourism, etc.
As Venus is in mutual dristi with Jupiter, the leisure/tourism is confirmed.

Chart 2: Owner of Island Property.

The female native, has Chathurpada in the 12 th house, showing property in foreign
nations. As the 4th house is a movable sign, this shows travel and many different types
of property.
Furthermore, the Chathurpada, is aspected by Satrupada, showing some legal cases
connected with the property! The Satrupada is with Ketu and Exalted-Mercury,
showing a highly influential and favored enemy, possibly with some spiritual
significance connected to him/her.

We us venture into the Turyamsa for more.

The 4th house has debilitated Sun, showing a house of Thatched roof.. with leaks.
Mars has Rasi dristi, indicating a brick or clay foundation. The auspicious Yoga of 4th
lord Venus and Exalted Lagna lord Moon in the 11th with Sri Lagna, gives a lot of
gains from the property, which is close to water!

The Native owns some property on an Island in East-Africa.

The 6th house is important for court cases, and this 6th house, lorded by Jupiter, again
is associated with Mercury, the 3rd and 12 th lord, showing a possible loss of house,
due to enemy/legal battles. Rahu is here, and is the 8th lord.

During Jupiter Maha Dasa – Mercury Antar Dasa, a native emerged with legal
papers (mercury is his weapon), which would give him ownership of an entire Island.
The Island was already inhabited by 2 villages and various restaurants as well as
resorts, who had bought parts of the land. Since then there have been legal battles,
and during the present Jupiter Maha Dasa - Moon Antara Dasa, there has been little
or no developments in the case, other than villagers threatening to kill the owner of
the legal papers.

12 th from Satrupada in Rasi, has Mars, Saturn and Moon, showing how the enemy
ignored the public as well as other authorities, when presenting his case.

When the 3rd and 6th from Arudha Lagna have malefics the native performs actions
leading to gains, whilst benefics do otherwise. The present Moon – Antara, gave no
results due to being a benefic in the 6th from Arudha Lagna, but the upcoming Antara
of Mars, the Bhoomi Karaka, is bound to help this woman.

Mars is placed in the 6th from Arudha Lagna (AL) in Rasi, and is in the 2nd house in
Turyamsa. The native has been advised to worship Hanuman to assist in the court
Chart 3: Property Problems

The 4th house has Rahu and Saturn, being Marakas for the 4th house, as well as
Badhakesh (8th lord from Fixed-Lagnas), causing some destruction to the home and a
lot of moving around during Rahu Dasa. Lord of the 4th – Sun, is in the 11th house
forming some Raja yogas with 5th lord and 7th/12th lord, indicating fortune through
business (7th) and sales (12 th).

Venus is placed in the 10th house with Ketu, the 7th lord. Venus furthermore lords
Japatana Saham1 (Saham for crossing ocean), and would indicate foreign travel away
from home land, through business.

Chathurpada is in the 7th house, with Venus showing some luxurious homes. The
aspect of Moon on Venus further indicates this. The placement in the 7th house
confirms abroad travel.

The native has lived in England, as well as parts of the USA.

The Turyamsa again has Rahu in the 4th house, whilst Lagna Lord - Saturn is in the
10 th house causing with Ketu, showing destruction of home due to mistakes, and also
a lot of instability in living circumstances, during Dasa’s related to Rahu and Saturn.

The Marakas for the Chathurpada are Saturn - his Lagna lord, Rahu and Mercury.

During Venus Maha Dasa – Rahu Antara – Saturn Pratyantara, the native
accidentally drove his car into the garage wall. During the same time the native
moved to a different, apartment in a new town, and is forced to look for new

The problems stem from the Badhakesh – Saturn being displeased, and can also cause
dangers to the health as well.

Saturn is in the Navamsa of Sun joined Mars and Jupiter, hence the remedy lies in
offering a lamp, and keeping the home clean (Saturn) so that Lakshmi can enter.

Om Tat Sat
Degree points in the chart, propagated by the Tajika System of Jyotish. Have similarities with the Arabic
parts, used in Western Astrology.