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ITtoolbox has given us a new area.

It's called Oracle by Request and it's a way

you can ask me specific Oracle questions. There is also a wiki so we can summari
ze resolutions into documentation. Check it out, I hope to migrate these pages i
nto the wiki soon.
1. Introduction
2. Datafiles and Tablespaces
3. Segments and Extents
4. Datablocks Part 1
5. Datablocks Part 2
6. Basic Memory Structures
7. SGA
8. PGA
9. Intro to Oracle Processes
10. Server Processes
11. Background Processes
12. Backups
13. Note about RMAN
14. Rollback/Undo
15. Recovering the database
16. What is SQL?
17. Executing SQL
18. Basic SQL statement
19. REDO generation (excessive?)
20. Oracle Quiz #1
21. Intro to Indexes
22. B-Tree Indexes
23. Bitmap Indexes
24. Q&A #1 (You can post questions here)
25. Deadlocks
26. Cost-Based Optimizer Part 1
27. Recursive Calls
New wiki and group here.
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