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Title IID – Project ICT September 2009 – January

School: _____________________________________
Name of Person Completing This Document:
Contact Information: Phone#:____________________& e-

Evaluation Materials Needed From Participating Schools

Due Date: January 4, 2010

Please complete the items as best as possible and return to

Denise or Lois. Responses, where appropriate, can be added
to this document. Thank you.

• List of participating teachers and the classes they are

working with on the project

Teacher Classes Working with on ATS code


• Description & Evaluation of E-Portfolios

Date Title of Description / Rating of Student Standards

Activity Purpose of e-Portfolios Met or Not
Activity Met

• Examples of Rubrics used to assess student work

Rubric - Link Source

• Number of e- portfolios developed:

o Individual student portfolios:
o Group or collaborative portfolios:

• Samples of student digital portfolios (Please attach if

available.) Provide links if appropriate.

• List & description of Presentations conducted jointly by

Staff & Students

Date Title of Event Description / Audience


• List of ICT related lessons/units

Lesson Technology Curriculum Grade

Used Area
• Description of a minimum of 2 – 3 lessons/units

Lesson Description