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1. What did former Enron CEO Ken Lay's father do for a living?
Baptist minister.
2. A highly touted Enron initiative that never got off the ground involved partnering with Blockbuster to
provide ____.
3. When Enron executive Rich Kinder decided to leave the company, Key Lay enlisted the help of his
friend Texas Governor George W. Bush to make a "video valentine" for him. What plea does Bush make
in the video?
"Don't leave Texas"
4. The video suggests that Enron traders not only from the California Energy crisis of 2001, they
might have _it.
profited; manipulated.
5. What does the video suggest was the core problem that led to Enrons downfall?
Recording "possible" or "projected" profits as though they actually existed.
6. According to the video, former Enron CEO Ken Lay had a PhD in economics and was an early apostle
of .
7. According to the video, former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling was a man of big ideas. What was his single
biggest idea?
To transform the company from a traditional energy supplier into an energy trader.
8. Enron employee blew the whistle on the illegal financial schemes being conducted at Enron.
Sherron Watkins.
9. In an effort to drum up support for the company after its shares begin to fall, Jeffrey Skilling gave a
speech at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club. What memorable activity took place at the meeting?
Skilling got hit in the face with a blueberry pie tossed by a protestor
10. In 2000, Enron announced a new initiative that sent its share price soaring to new heights. It
involved trading .
11. What is former California Governor Grey Davis's reply when questioned about whether former Enron
CEO Ken Lay and President George W. Bush had a political agenda to blame the California energy crisis
on him.
12. What did former Enron executive Lou Pai do with the millions he earned from the sale of Enron
Bought land in Colorado.
13. One of the methods that Enron used to inflate its earnings was a practice called accounting,
which allowed it to book future profits on the day a deal was signed.
14. During the year 2000, it seemed that Enron could do no wrong in the eyes of Wall Street. It was even
recognized by Fortune magazine as the most ____ company in America.
15. Who was awarded the Enron prize for distinguished public service?
Alan Greenspan.
16. In April 2001, former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling unnerved the financial markets by cursing at an
investor during a ____.
Conference call.
17. Under Enron's Performance Review Committee (PRC) system, employees would be evaluated by
the/their .

18. The video suggests that Enron senior executives engaged in a practice called pump and dump."
Who or what did they dump?
19. Under Enron's Performance Review Committee (PRC) system, rough 10 percent of the firm's
employees would be .
20. What "macho" activity did former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling like to do with senior executives?
Motocross racing.