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It is with a great sense of disappointment that I am addressing this email to you. It was quite
embarrassing that I had to cancel the DLS by an eminent woman entrepreneur and professional of the
country who has won numerous recognitions abroad, Ms Amina Saiyed. Only 20 of you decided to turn up
for the lecture and I had to apologize to her for the inevitable cancellation of her lecture. I bring all these
distinguished personalities to IBA so that you get outside class room understanding as to how successful
people have been able to accomplish what they have been able to do in their lives. This encapsulated
lesson from such a diverse array of top in the line individuals would never be available to you throughout
your life. But your excessive obsession with grades only has blinded you from recourse to other more
effective forms of life long learning. I have tried many variations for DLS during the last 18 months
,involved the student societies in organizing them , requested the Student Council office bearers to be
active, requested the teachers to quiz you but it seems nothing is working . I wanted to treat you as
responsible adults who would make informed judgments about their own interests and well being and do
away with the culture of penalties and punishment but it seems that you haven’t yet acquired the degree
of maturity that is required to exercise that responsibility. We talk about our values but we have failed to
instill these in you because you continue to behave just like others in the society.This has convinced me
even more that direct admission to MBA after BBA is not such a good idea and only persons who have
gained some experience in the real world would value such opportunities.
I am therefore proposing two options and would like your response (a) we discontinue the DLS and not
put ourselves in similar shameful situations in the future or ( b) make it compulsory for various classes
depending upon the topic. I am reluctant to go for (a) because this would deprive you of enormous
enrichment in your life and I am equally uneasy , despite the advice of my many colleagues who seem to
be right and I am wrong, in making it compulsory. I am therefore leaving the choice to you. Pl let me know
what you want me to do in this case.

Pl send a choice form on line with (a) or (b) for all the students to fill in and send to you on line.