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Parks at Piedmont

Covenants Committee Minutes

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meeting convened at 7:05pm with the following members in attendance:

• David McLoughlin – Committee Chairperson

• Jean Bell – Committee Member (left early but agreed with Dan’s emailed
responses to agenda items).
• Danielle Desalu – Committee Member

Members absent:
• Dan Glicos – Committee Member (emailed responses to agenda item)
• Blair Sawyer – Committee Member (agreed with signature acknowledgement
with Dan’s emailed responses to agenda items).

Hearing was held regarding continuing covenant violations with the following result:
• 15102 Danehurst – Charged $50.00 (single offense) for continued pet waste

Application for exterior modification was reviewed with the following result:

• 6712 Eldermill Lane – Fence/Approved.

Discussion items with following results:

• Committee selected Dan Glicos for Co-Chair position.

• Committee agreed per post meeting discussion to give grace period to residents at
6048 Gaylesburg regarding lamp post and basketball hoop violations.
• Committee heard from resident Chris Darno at 16020 Sheringham regarding
Neighborhood Watch.
• Committee revised “Top Ten Covenant Violations”.
• Committee requested additional comment line added to current Lawn
Maintenance Violation form.
• Committee requested that BOD consult with Committee regarding Covenants
Violations Procedures.
• Committee requested that BOD open Mowing Service to competitive bidding.
• Committee extended invitation for any Board Member to attend Covenant
Committee meetings.
• Committee request that both Management and Members identify “House of the
Season” candidates for finalist determination between Dec 10 -15, 2009.
• “Extended Use” definition tabled until next meeting.