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Parks at Piedmont

Covenants Committee Meeting

September 1, 2009

• Meeting convened at 7:05 p.m. with the following members in attendance:

○ Eric Sharp – Chairman
○ Deborah Davis – Co-Chairman
○ Blair Sawyer – Committee Member
○ Jean Bell – Committee Member
○ David McLoughlin – Committee Member
○ Danielle Desalu-Committee Member
○ Dan Glicos-Committee Member
○ Mallori Scott—Legum & Norman
○ Angie Nielsen—Legum & Norman

• Applications for exterior modifications were reviewed with the following results:
○ 6834 Witton Circle—Add Exterior back door 2nd level------Approved
○ 18076 Camdenhurst---Add patio under deck---Approved
○ 6616 Stourcliff Lane---Extensive Landscaping—Need additional information
○ 6713 Selbourne Lane—Patio, walkway and seasonal garden—Denied, no

• It was approved by the board that a $50 fine be charged to the homeowner at 18076
Camdenhurst for putting the patio in before they had approval. This will applied to
all applications that come in with the modifications already completed as this is in
violation with HOA rules. It was subject to approval of the Board.
• Eric Sharp announced with regret that he was resigning from the Covenants Board due to
personal reasons.
• The Board asked Mallori that when an application comes in for landscaping if she would
ask the homeowner to come to the Covenants Board meeting and explain what they were
doing as applications do not give enough information (i.e. height of trees).

Minutes submitted by Jean Bell