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From: Laura Holland [mailto:lholland@rochester.rr.

Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 11:41 AM
To: ''
Cc: aayers; Grace Bates; 'Tom Gunderson'; 'Nancy Yann';
Subject: Inadequate Response, re: 331 Main Street, Aurora, NY

Dear Mr. Staley

Your response to me (below) is riddled with inaccuracies and red-herrings. I will

address them later.

Could you please limit your reply to responding to my formal complaint.

I ask, for the third time:

• There is a substantial excavation and earthmoving being done at 331 Main

Street, Aurora, NY. Has the excavation at 331 Main Street gone through the
official village process and received CPP and Planning Board approval?
• There is a structure that has been built at 327 Main Street that extends into
331 Main Street property. Wouldn't such a structure require a variance? Has
this structure gone through the appropriate village process?
• How can these two jobs be lumped together as one project when they involve
two separate properties, two separate locations, and two separate owners?

In accordance with the Village of Aurora Local Law #1 of 2002, Article XI

(Administration), Section 1100 (Zoning Officer), Part A (Duties and Powers) #6 please
consider this email a "complaint".


Laura Holland

From: Doug Staley []

Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 9:12 PM
To: Laura Holland
Subject: RE: 331 Main Street, Aurora, NY

Hello ;the Site plan of Both these proprties was approved by CPP,
Planning and Zoning see map in SEpt of last year ; The Koepp/Place
got permission and a CURB Cut From DOT ; You have Not ; You made
such a Fuss, as always, they had to go this route; The COMMON
Driveway was for Both Properties Because they did( LYON House) Did
not have One; Permission was granted by Wells College for them to
Pusue this Route;; By the way your Still in violation of Set back for your
patio which will have to be MOVED; Rememeber the one that the
Village had to have the Sheriffs deliver because YOU Refused to accept
Delivery of the Notice; Have a Nice Day ; thanks; Doug Staley