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Harrods is a department store situated on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London.

Harrods group has got other companies like Harrods Bank, Harrods Estates, Harrods
Aviation and Air Harrods.

The store has an extension of 18,000 m2 . Charles Henry Harrod was the founder, and he
found Harrods in 1834. When Harrods was founded, it was in East London, but in 1849
Harrods moves to the Knightsbridge area of
London, near Hyde Park.

The store has got 330 departments that offer a

wide range of products and services.
In Harrods you can find many products,
include clothing for every sort of customer
(women, men, children, and infants),
electronics, jewelery, sporting gear, food and
drink, and much more.
300000 persons approximately visit the
department store Harrods during the summer
holidays, the number of employee that works
in Harrods are more or less 5000 persons.