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Texas A&M University Galveston, TX Jan. 2013 - Present
Major: Marine Transportation
Expected Graduation: August 2015
Professional Courses: Ship Construction & Stability, Rules of the Road, Tug and Towing,
Lifeboatman & Basic Safety Training, GMDSS, RADAR/ARPA, Bridge Resource Management
Organizations: Texas Maritime Academy, Propeller Club

United States Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point, NY June 2010 Nov. 2012
Major: Marine Transportation
Professional Courses: Terrestrial Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Cargo
Operations, Dangerous Liquid Tankers Operations, Basic Shiphandling
Organizations: Power Squadron, Regimental Honor Guard

Professional Experience
LeBeouf Bros. Towing, LLC. Bourg, LA Dec. 2013 Jan. 2014
Winter Intern
Assisted with navigation on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Lower Mississippi River, Mississippi Sound
and the Mobile River
Participated in essential operations such as building and breaking tow, transiting through locks, and
entering and leaving fleets
Oversaw tank barge operations while loading and discharging Heavy Olefin Fuel

Magnolia Fleet, LLC. Luling, LA Nov. 2012 Jan. 2013
Assisted in the maneuvering of spud barges for River Construction on the Lower Mississippi River
Moored and unmoored barges for construction crews to complete
Participated in essential operations such as transiting through locks, building and breaking tow, and
assisting in fleet maintenance

Military Sealift Command Washington, D.C. Nov. 2011 Mar. 2012
Deck Cadet
Assisted with bridge watch standing including Terrestrial, Celestial, and Electronic Navigation; and
RADAR/ARPA collision avoidance
Participated during cargo operations involving the safe loading and discharging of military cargo for the
United States Navy both at the berth and during Underway Replenishments, Replenishments as Sea, and
Fueling at Sea
Executed mooring and anchoring management and operations; ship maintenance; preparation for the
United State Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection; safety inspections; fire and lifeboat drills; preparation
for annual Chemical Biological Radiological Defense training and drill

Summer Cruises
Sophomore Training Cruise May 2014 July 2014
USTS General Rudder

Academic Achievements
Texas A&M University Galveston, TX Jan. 2013 - Present
TAMUG Academic Scholarship