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Harald Hardrada Saga

Harald Hardrada Saga


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Published by Manuel Velasco
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

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Published by: Manuel Velasco on Apr 05, 2008
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Earl Hakon went in winter to the Uplands, and was all winter in

his domains. He was much beloved by all the Uplanders. It

happened, towards spring, that some men were sitting drinking in

the town, and the conversation turned, as usual, on the Nis-river

battle; and some praised Earl Hakon, and some thought others as

deserving of praise as he. When they had thus disputed a while,

one of them said, "It is possible that others fought as bravely

as the earl at Nis-river; but none, I think, has had such luck

with him as he."

The others replied, that his best luck was his driving so many

Danes to flight along with other men.

The same man replied, "It was greater luck that he gave King

Svein quarter."

One of the company said to him, "Thou dost not know what thou art


He replied, "I know it for certain, for the man told me himself

who brought the king to the land."

It went, according to the old proverb, that the king has many

ears. This was told the king, and he immediately ordered horses

to be gathered, and rode away directly with 900 men. He rode all

that night and the following day. Then some men met them who

were riding to the town with mead and malt. In the king's

retinue was a man called Gamal, who rode to one of these bondes

who was an acquaintance of his, and spoke to him privately. "I

will pay thee," said he, "to ride with the greatest speed, by the

shortest private paths that thou knowest, to Earl Hakon, and tell

him the king will kill him; for the king has got to the knowledge

that Earl Hakon set King Svein on shore at Nis-river." They

agreed on the payment. The bonde rode, and came to the earl just

as he was sitting drinking, and had not yet gone to bed. When

the bonde told his errand, the earl immediately stood up with all

his men, had all his loose property removed from the farm to the

forest, and all the people left the house in the night. When the

king came he halted there all night; but Hakon rode away, and

came east to Svithjod to King Steinkel and stayed with him all

summer. King Harald returned to the town, travelled northwards

to Throndhjem district, and remained there all summer; but in

autumn he returned eastwards to Viken.

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