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Harald Hardrada Saga

Harald Hardrada Saga


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Published by Manuel Velasco
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

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Published by: Manuel Velasco on Apr 05, 2008
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Edward, Ethelred's son, was king of England after his brother

Hardacanute. He was called Edward the Good; and so he was. King

Edward's mother was Queen Emma, daughter of Richard, earl of

Rouen. Her brother was Earl Robert, whose son was William the

Bastard, who at that time was earl at Rouen in Normandy. King

Edward's queen was Gyda, a daughter of Earl Godwin, the son of

Ulfnad. Gyda's brothers were, Earl Toste, the eldest; Earl

Morukare the next; Earl Walter the third; Earl Svein the fourth;

and the fifth was Harald, who was the youngest, and he was

brought up at King Edward's court, and was his foster-son. The

king loved him very much, and kept him as his own son; for he had

no children.

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