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Harald Hardrada Saga

Harald Hardrada Saga


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Published by Manuel Velasco
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

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Published by: Manuel Velasco on Apr 05, 2008
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One summer it happened that Harald, the son of Godwin, made an

expedition to Bretland with his ships, but when they got to sea

they met a contrary wind, and were driven off into the ocean.

They landed west in Normandy, after suffering from a dangerous

storm. They brought up at Rouen, where they met Earl William,

who received Harald and his company gladly. Harald remained

there late in harvest, and was hospitably entertained; for the

stormy weather continued, and there was no getting to sea, and

this continued until winter set in; so the earl and Harald agreed

that he should remain there all winter. Harald sat on the high-

seat on one side of the earl; and on the other side sat the

earl's wife, one of the most beautiful women that could be seen.

They often talked together for amusement at the drinking-table;

and the earl went generally to bed, but Harald and the earl's

wife sat long in the evenings talking together, and so it went on

for a great part of the winter. In one of their conversations

she said to Harald, "The earl has asked me what it is we have to

talk about so much, for he is angry at it." Harald replies, "We

shall then at once let him know all our conversation." The

following day, Harald asked the earl to a conference, and they

went together into the conference-chamber; where also the queen

was, and some of the councillors. Then Harald began thus: "I

have to inform you, earl, that there lies more in my visit here

than I have let you know. I would ask your daughter in marriage,

and have often spoke over this matter with her mother, and she

has promised to support my suit with you." As soon as Harald had

made known this proposal of his, it was well received by all who

were present. They explained the case to the earl; and at last

it came so far that the earl was contracted to Harald, but as she

was very young, it was resolved that the wedding should be

deferred for some years.

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