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Harald Hardrada Saga

Harald Hardrada Saga


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Published by Manuel Velasco
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

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Published by: Manuel Velasco on Apr 05, 2008
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King Harald's fleet assembled at the Solunds. When King Harald

was ready to leave Nidaros he went to King Olaf's shrine,

unlocked it, clipped his hair and nails, and locked the shrine

again, and threw the keys into the Nid. Some say he threw them

overboard outside of Agdanes; and since then the shrine of Saint

Olaf, the king, has never been opened. Thirty-five years had

passed since he was slain; and he lived thirty-five years here on

earth (A.D. 1080-1066). King Harald sailed with his ships he had

about him to the south to meet his people, and a great fleet was

collected; so that. according to the people's reckoning, King

Harald had nearly 200 ships beside provision-ships and small


While they lay at the Solunds a man called Gyrd, on board the

king's ship, had a dream. He thought he was standing in the

king's ship and saw a great witch-wife standing on the island,

with a fork in one hand and a trough in the other. He thought

also that he saw over all the fleet, and that a fowl was sitting

upon every ship's stern, and that these fowls were all ravens or

ernes; and the witch-wife sang this song:

"From the east I'll 'tice the king,

To the west the king I'll bring;

Many a noble bone will be

Ravens o'er Giuke's ship are fitting,

Eyeing the prey they think most fitting.

Upon the stem I'll sail with them!

Upon the stem I'll sail with them!"

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