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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
Welcome to your Intermediate school. Please take time to read the following information and all notices sent
home since we do want to keep you informed. Hopefully, it will provide you with the information needed to answer
most of your questions, and it will help all of us to provide a high quality education for our students.
The Indian Creek Intermediate chool creates a safe educational environment in which each student is
challenged and encouraged to achieve his or her potential.
!"#! a.m. $ %oors &pen
'"(# a.m. $ Tardy )ell
*"(+ p.m. $ %ismissal
*"*+ p.m. $ &ffice Closed
,ll payments sent to the school should -e -y check whenever possi-le. We cannot accept checks that com-ine
te.t-ook rental, meals, insurance, pictures, or etc. Please make separate te.t-ook rental and meal checks paya-le to
/H0. 1ake all other school checks paya-le to Indian Creek Intermediate or as specified on the order form. 2ou may
com-ine on one check all of your /H0 Indian Creek students3 -ook rental and on a separate check all of your /H0
Indian Creek students3 meal money. )e sure to indicate on these checks or envelopes how much money is to -e
applied to each student3s account.
4rades three 5*6 through five 5#6, te.t-ook rental statements will -e availa-le at 7eturning tudents3 7egistration.
,ll students are encouraged to eat nutritious meals that are served daily in our cafeteria. )reakfast is availa-le at
'"++ a.m. It is strongly encouraged that the parent8guardian make meal payments in advance. 1oney should -e sent to
school in a sealed envelope. Write on the envelope the name of the child, the amount, and their grade. , check is the
-est form of payment. 9unch and -reakfast are paya-le on 1onday or the first day of the school week. We do prefer
that all students pay for their meals on 1onday. Payments may -e made for the day, the week, the month, or more.
)reakfast and lunch prices are listed in /H0 Corporation Hand-ook which is posted on the /H0 We-site.
1ilk is availa-le for purchase for students wanting an e.tra milk on their meal tray or who are -ringing a sack
-reakfast or lunch.
The same good -ehavior and good manners are e.pected in the cafeteria as is e.pected in the classroom. :uiet
talk to students sitting close is permitted. tudents are required to sit at ta-les assigned -y the supervisor.
We strongly !s"o#r$ge %e$l "&$rges, -ut we understand that an occasional emergency makes it necessary at
the intermediate level. The ICI policy is as follows"
tudents may not charge more than ;((.!#.
Parents will -e notified and -e asked for prompt payment.
,ll charges must -e paid within five 5#6 days of notification.
/o meal charges will -e allowed during the last four 5<6 weeks of school.
2our student3s account activity is availa-le online through 1eal 1agic3s parent portal or call 5*(!6 '!'=>(?@ to
request your student3s account activity report. ee /H0 Corporation Hand-ook for parent portal access details.
Proposed conference dates have -een set up for &cto-er. If you desire a conference at other times, please call the
school to set up an appointment with the teacher. Please do not come to school and e.pect your child3s teacher to have
an unscheduled conference. The teacher will not -e a-le to interrupt classroom instruction without a scheduled
,ll ICI parents are encouraged to -ecome active in the Parent=Teacher=&rganiAation 5PT&6. Taking an active
interest in your child3s school shows how important you feel their higher education and future are.
Co=Presidents" Tina )rownfield
,my Woodrum
Treasurer" 7achel 7amey
Bmail" icisptoCnhD.k(>.us
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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
,s a service to students, we keep a few necessary items in our -ookstore. Items include" paper, pencils, folders,
and erasers at reasona-le prices. The supplies are to -e purchased early in the morning.
The chool )oard requires all students enrolled in the schools of this Corporation to attend regularly in
accordance with the laws of the tate. The Corporation3s educational program depends on the consistent presence of
all students to achieve continuity of instruction and a successful educational climate.
, parent8guardian must report all a-sences prior to the start of the school day.
L$te Arr!,$l -- tudent who crosses the threshold of the school after the designated start time" '"(# at ICI.
Lost Instr#"t!on$l T!%e == tudent who misses less than two 5>6 hours of instructional time throughout the
H$l.-$y == tudent missing -etween two 5>6 and three 5*6 hours of instructional time within a school day.
De$t& o. $n !%%e!$te .$%!ly %e%/er
&-ituary or Euneral Home )ereavement Card signifying family relationship.
Hos0!t$l!1$t!on $n ' or 2#$r$nt!ne
Written notification from a competent physician.
Pro.ess!on$l A00o!nt%ents 3!4e4 Me!"$l5 Dent$l5 +!s!on A00o!nt%ent6
/otice after appointment must -e su-mitted within *+ calendar days to the office.
tudent name must -e identified as the one seen -y the professional.
The date and time of the appointment must -e documented -y the professional.
The date of return must -e documented -y the professional.
B.pected limitations and duration must -e documented -y the professional when applica-le.
P&ys!"$l or Ment$l In"$0$"!t$t!on
&fficial 9etter of Incapacitation signed -y a competent Physician.
Physician must indicate start and proDected end date of the 9etter of Incapacity.
Physician must indicate student3s diagnoses and symptoms specific to the 9etter of Incapacity.
Re7#!re Co#rt Atten$n"e
Written court documentation of court appearance.
Written court documentation of detainment from a 0uvenile 0ustice 7epresentative.
O/ser,$n"e o. $ Re"ogn!1e Rel!g!o#s Hol!$y
(.Fne.cused a-sences in which accepta-le verification has -een received.
>.The day of, and the day following, a student -eing sent home -y the school clinic.
<.B.empt -y tatute
a. ervice as a Page or as an Honoree of the 4eneral ,ssem-ly
-. ervice on Precinct Blection )oard or for Political Candidate or Parties
c. Witness in 0udicial Proceeding
d. Bducationally 7elated /on=classroom ,ctivity
(.,ny a-sence in which accepta-le verification has not -een received.
>.Truancy $ , student who has lost instructional time without the knowledge of the parent8guardian.
*.Pre=arranged or unreported a-sencesG i.e., vacation.
(.Warning 9etter $ ent when a student has missed an accumulation of seven 5!6 days of une.cused instructional
time and8or seven 5!6 occurrences of lost instructional time less than two 5>6 hours.
>.&fficial /otice $ ent when a student has missed an accumulation of (+ days of une.cused instructional time
and8or (+ occurrences of lost instructional time less than two 5>6 hours.
*.E7P 7eferral $ 1ade -y the school when a student has missed an accumulation of (+ days of une.cused
instructional time and8or (+ occurrences of une.cused lost instructional time less than two 5>6 hours.
<.E7P ,ction $ Eamily 7esource &fficer will meet with the parent8guardian when a student has missed an
accumulation of (+ days of une.cused instructional time and8or (+ occurrences of une.cused lost instructional
time less than two 5>6 hours, to complete a needs assessment, read and sign compulsory attendance laws and
school attendance policies, and sign an action plan.
/H0 >+(>=>+(* *
2014-2015 HANDBOOK
#.Eailed ,ction $ Eamily 7esource &fficer will send notice to the parent8guardian to report to the /urturing
Parenting Program when and if the following has occurred"
a. The parent8guardian fails to meet with a Eamily 7esource &fficer
-. The student misses an accumulation of (# full days of une.cused8unaccepta-le instructional time.
?.Charges Eiled $ Eamily 7esource &fficer will file charges of parental or Bducational neglect against the
Parent84uardian, through the 0ohnson County Prosecutors &fficer, when and if the following occurs"
a. The parent8guardian fails to attend the /urturing Parenting Program and complete (@ hours of class.
-. The parent8guardian fails to respond to attempts to notify them of escalating lost instructional time
-eyond the (# day notice
The prompt arrival of students prepares them for success the entire day. tudents who report late to
school must check in at the main office to o-tain admittance to the -uilding.
When a student has reached his8her seventh 5!
6 tardy, a letter is sent from the school notifying the parent.
Fpon the (+
tardy, the school will send notice to the Eamily 7esource Program for further consideration.
Instruction is taking place throughout the entire school day. Teachers teach up to and until the last five 5#6
minutes of the day. tudents who are picked up -efore the five=minute=to=dismissal announcement will
receive a Tardy=9eft Barly designation. This category of tardy will count the same as a tardy at the start of
the school day.
The awarding of marks shall -e the responsi-ility of the teacher and principal. Parents shall -e notified at the
earliest date when their child is -eing considered for retention. *!n$l e"!s!on on 0l$"e%ent o. $ "&!l5 8&et&er
0ro%ot!on5 tr$ns.er5 tr$ns!t!on5 or retent!on 8!ll /e %$e /y t&e 0r!n"!0$l 8!t& !n0#t .ro% t&e te$"&er $n
Tr$ns.er9 A "&!l 8&o !s tr$ns.erre to t&e ne:t gr$e 8&en t&ey &$,e not %et t&e $"$e%!" st$n$rs o.
t&$t gr$e le,el4 T&$t st#ent %$y /e 0l$"e /$"; !n t&e 0re,!o#s gr$e $.ter $n e,$l#$t!on &$s /een %$e
.ollo8!ng t&e .!rst gr$!ng 0er!o4
&ur corporation recogniAes that among the many factors affecting the successful operation of schools is the
appearance of its students. It is also aware that styles and trends change. In view of these considerations, students are
e.pected to wear apparel and have grooming ha-its, which are neat, clean, modest, safe, healthy, and non=distracting
to the efficient operation of the schools. In instances deemed necessary -y the principal, action may -e taken which
may include consultation, parent8guardian conference and other appropriate measures. Wearing apparel or general
appearance that is distracting or interrupts the educational process is for-idden. Eootwear without -ack straps creates
safety issues for students. This includes flip=flops or open heeled shoes without straps. The principal shall have
authority to determine and interpret these criteria and make recommendations accordingly.
The following suggestions and guidelines are presented with the hope that 2&F will have a -etter understanding
of what we would appreciate seeing in our student3s -ehavior. &ur desire is to help you -ecome the -est person you
can and to give you the type of education that will -enefit you in your future years. These guidelines will help us help
(. Treat others, as you would like to -e treatedH
>. THI/I -efore you do or say something you might regret later.
*. ,lways try your -est.
We strongly encourage parents to not send flowers8-alloons8stuffed animals for -irthdayJs8holidays. It -ecomes an
academic distraction and an interruption to the students. ChildrenJs feelings are delicate at this age when fellow
students receive e.or-itant gifts and they do not have the same gift. 4ifts8flower arrangements8-alloons, etc. will -e
kept in the office and will have to -e picked up -y a parent -ecause these items can not go home on the -us.
1ost teachers will -e sending home specific classroom rules with positive and corrective consequences resulting
from student3s -ehavior. These rules allow the teacher to teach, which is necessary for effective learning -y students.
The following rules have resulted from previous pro-lems created -y the lack of such rules. These rules will -e
maintained throughout the year, for doing without them would create numerous pro-lems. 7ules are su-Dect to
revision, addition, or deletion throughout the year as the situation demands. 7ules and regulations must -e maintained
for the safety and welfare of all students. chool rules apply to students from the time they leave home until they
return home. This includes walking to and from school, at -us stops, on the -us, while on school property during the
day, and at all school events.
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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
(. Eighting will not -e allowedG there are -etter ways of settling disputes.
>. Walking, not running, is the proper and safest way to travel while at school.
*. Ieep your hands, feet, and -ody to yourself, and off others showing that you respect the rights of others.
<. Cutting in line is not accepta-le.
#. 4um of any kind is not allowed at school.
?. Ieep hands, feet, pencils, etc. off the wallsG this will show respect for others3 property and pride in you school.
!. Inives, matches, to-acco, drugs, alcohol, or other dangerous materials are not to -e used at or -rought to school.
The administrator reserves the rights to search student property on school grounds to ensure the safety of all
'. )ase-alls, -ats, and skate-oards are not to -e used at school, e.cept under the close supervision of a teacher or
@. Eire and disaster drills are serious -usiness and should -e treated with respect. tay quiet, no running, and follow
drill procedures.
(+. Children are to leave immediately after school and go directly homeG at no time should students play around the
entrances to the -uilding.
((. /o toys or pets are to -e -rought to school without permission from the teacher.
(>. tudents should not leave the school grounds with strangers or accept rides. Permission from the office is required
-efore leaving school at any time other than regular dismissal.
(*. tudents are not allowed in the teachers3 workroom.
(<. Hats are reserved for -eing worn outside, due to etiquette and possi-le distraction inside the -uilding.
(#. &ur school does not tolerate -ullying in any form. ,ll mem-ers of the school community are committed to
ensuring a safe and caring environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self=esteem for all.
(?. B#lly!ng
In ,ccordance with the provisions of IC >+=**='=(*.#, and the /ineveh=Hensley=0ackson Fnited chool
Corporation )oard Policy ##(!.+(, -ullying is not permitted at Indian Creek Intermediate chool. tudents who
commit acts of -ullying are su-Dect to discipline including, -ut not limited to, suspension, e.pulsion, arrest and8or
prosecution. )ullying as defined in tate law means overt, unwanted, repeated acts or gestures, including ver-al
or written communications transmitted 5including digitally or electronically6, physical acts committed, aggression,
or any other -ehaviors committed -y a student or group of students against another student with the intent to
harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the other student and create for the targeted student an o-Dectively
hostile school environment that"
,. Places the targeted student in reasona-le fear of harm to the targeted studentJs person
or propertyG
). Has a su-stantially detrimental effect on the targeted studentJs physical or mental
C. Has the effect of su-stantially interfering with the targeted studentJs academic
performanceG or
%. Has the effect of su-stantially interfering with the targeted studentJs a-ility to
participate in or -enefit from the services, activities, and privileges provided -y the
This type of -ehavior is a form of harassment, although it need not -e -ased on any of the legally protected
characteristics, such as se., race, color, national origin, marital status, or disa-ility. It includes, -ut is not limited
to, such -ehaviors as stalking, intimidation, menacing -ehavior, coercion, name=calling, taunting, making threats,
and haAing.
(. ,ny student who -elieves s8he has -een or is currently the victim of -ullying should immediately report the
situation to the -uilding principal, assistant principal or the uperintendent. The student also may report concerns
to a teacher or counselor who will -e responsi-le for notifying the appropriate administrator or )oard official.
Complaints against the -uilding principal should -e filed with the uperintendent. Complaints against the
uperintendent should -e filed with the )oard President.
>. Bvery student is encouraged, and every staff mem-er is required, to report any situation that they -elieve to -e
-ullying -ehavior directed toward a student. 7eports may -e made to those identified a-ove.
*. ,ll complaints a-out -ullying -ehavior that may violate this policy shall -e promptly investigated.
<. If the investigation finds an instance of -ullying -ehavior has occurred, it will result in prompt and appropriate
disciplinary action, up to and including e.pulsion for students, discharge for employees, e.clusion for parents, guests,
volunteers, and contractors,
and removal from any official position and8or a request to resign for )oard mem-ers.
#. The complainant shall -e notified of the findings of the investigation and as appropriate, any remedial action
that has -een taken to the e.tent disclosure is permitted -y law.
?. 7etaliation against any person who reports, is thought to have reported, files a complaint, or otherwise
participates in an investigation or inquiry concerning allegations of -ullying is prohi-ited and will not -e tolerated. uch
retaliation shall -e considered a
serious violation of )oard policy and independent of whether a complaint is su-stantiated. uspected retaliation
should -e reported in the same manner as -ullying. 1aking intentionally false reports a-out -ullying for the
purpose of getting someone in trou-le is
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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
similarly prohi-ited and will not -e tolerated. 7etaliation and intentionally false reports may result in
disciplinary action as indicated a-ove.
B#lly!ng at Indian Creek Intermediate 5ICI6 is defined as"
Hurting someone again and again, over a period of time, with words or hurtful things you do to them. ICI will
not tolerate -ullying in any form. Bvery student at ICI is e.posed to the )ully Eree chool Curriculum that
e.plains the various types of -ullying and methods that students can use to solve the pro-lem. tudents are
encouraged to solve their -ullying pro-lem first with proactive techniquesG if this does not work, they are to tell
the nearest adult. If the pro-lem has not -een solved after these steps have -een taken, the student should fill out a
-ully referral form. The administrator or counselor would then investigate the report and take appropriate action.
The following consequences may -e enacted -y the -uilding principal"
Conse7#en"es .or B#lly!ng O..enses
a. Eirst offense $ Teacher and student conference.
-. econd &ffense $ tudent conference with principal or counselor and a student improvement plan is created.
c. Third offense $ Teacher, parent, principal, counselor, and student conference.
d. Eourth offense $ In=school suspension.
e. Eifth offense $ &ut=of=school suspension or referral to law enforcement.
KKKK Eor serious offenses, principal may skip right to suspension. KKK
(?. Playground"
a. The playground is open to students during the school day in good weather and only when supervised.
,nyone using school grounds or playgrounds after school hours assumes responsi-ility for health and
any claim for inDury or damages.
-. %o not walk in front of slides or swings while students are playing.
c. &nly one student is to -e on each end of the teeter-oards.
d. /o one is to -e on top of the horiAontal ladders $ use hanging, hand=over=hand motions.
e. &ne person on ladder or slide at a time. lide in forward sitting position only.
f. %o not throw rocks or snow-alls. /o dodge -all or keep=away is allowed at recess.
g. %o not lay or sit on the ground when it is wet or muddy. tay out of mud and8or water.
h. %o not re=enter the -uilding during recess time unless you have permission from the teacher on duty.
i. ,fter recess, students are to enter the -uilding in an orderly manner, calmed from the e.citement of
playground activity. ,ll students will line up quietly and enter the -uilding under your teacher3s
supervision. Please -e as quiet as possi-le, -ecause other classes are in session.
(!. Blectronic %evice"
In order to limit distractions to the learning process, the use of the following devices, any like items, or any other
items deemed -y an administrator to -e disruptive are not allowed during the regular school day 5'"++ a.m. $ *"*+
p.m.6" cell phones, electronic pagers, C% players, iPods, video games, and etc. These items should -e turned off
and placed in a -ook -ag -efore entering the -uilding and stored in the student3s -ook -ag and8or locker if
availa-le. If these are seen in a student3s possession during the school day, the administrator maintains the right to
confiscate the item and follow appropriate disciplinary actions so that the learning process will not -e interrupted.
The school does not assume any responsi-ility for any item that is lost or stolen from the student3s possession.
pecific rules, guidelines, and policies found in the /H0 Corporation Hand-ook are applica-le to all students.
/H0 >+(>=>+(* ?
2014-2015 HANDBOOK
When sent to the office, -ecause you are in trou-le, the following events may take place"
(. ,ll sides of the pro-lem will -e heard and considered.
>. , discipline card will -e filled out on all persons involved, with name, date, and nature of the pro-lem and the
action taken.
*. , solution to the pro-lem will -e discussed and a course of action decided and action taken.
<. 4enerally on your first visit, depending on how severe the pro-lem, a Ltalking toM will -e the course of action. &n
your second trip to the office, consequence will -e forthcoming.
#. The principal has a lot of respect for students that tell the truth, that admit their mistakes, and accept their
consequences. This type of student often receives less severe consequence than the person who lies, makes
e.cuses, or -lames other people.
?. , W&7% &E ,%NICB" tay out of trou-le and your visits to the office will always -e enDoya-le trips.
,mong the main programs in the Intermediate chool each year are the Christmas Programs, pring ing, and ,rt
hows. Information will -e sent home with your child concerning these programs at the proper times.
4randparents may look forward to attending school during 4randparents3 %ay.
&ur PT& has financially supported professional educational programs for the entire school.
In order to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students at the Intermediate chool we will follow the
procedures listed -elow"
Nisitors in the school -uilding who volunteer 8 eat lunch 8 etc.
(. ign in at the office
>. 9eave their Photo Identification in the office
*. ign out in the office upon leaving and pick up identification.
When picking up a student during the school day, the following procedures will -e followed"
Photo Identification must -e shown to the office staff.
Nerification that the individual is on the Bmergency Contact 9ist
and eligi-le to take the student from the -uilding.
ign out the student
<<< I. $n !n!,!#$l !s not on t&e E%ergen"y Cont$"t L!st5 t&e !n!,!#$l 8!ll not /e 0er%!tte to t$;e t&e st#ent
.ro% t&e s"&ool 0re%!ses.
,wards will -e given in the following areas 5criteria for receiving the award is also listed6"
,TTB/%,/CB $ 9imit of one=half 5(8>6 day e.cused a-sence and two 5>6 tardies. ,n award will not -e given if one
5(6 full day is missed.
CH&9,TIC $ &utstanding achievement -y su-Dect. L,M average in a su-Dect on report card.
TB,CHB7 %IC7BTI&/ $ CitiAenship, 1usic, ,rt, 1ost Improved, or pecial ,wards.
TIT9B I $ 7B1B%I,9 7B,%I/4 $ , Eederal Program designed to increase the 9anguage ,rt skills of regular
classroom students e.periencing difficulty.
NII&/ C7BB/I/4 $ /ew and referred students may also -e screened.
HB,7I/4 TBT $ 4iven to grade < and upon referral.
pecial ervices 0ohnson County chools 50C6 provides testing and evaluation for referred students. 0C
conducts special education classes throughout the county, as well as speech and hearing assistance to students
qualifying for classes. ,lso, students at our school qualifying for specialiAed programs may receive full or part=time
special education classes.
ICI offers services to meet the needs of all students including high a-ility students. Bach school and teacher is
searching for new ways to challenge all levels. , )road )ased Planning Committee has -een formed to plan
innovative ways to meet the needs of the high a-ility students. Please refer to the High ,-ility we- site at
http"88www.nhD.k(>.in.us8High,-ility8inde..htm for more details.
Parking may take place in the appropriate lot. /o vehicles are to -e parked in the -us lanes.
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2014-2015 HANDBOOK
Thank you for reading this information. If each student understands and follows these policies, each student will
get along well with the other students and most importantly, get an e.cellent education.
/H0 >+(>=>+(* '