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Kansas Promised to serve 7,874 people at any Point

in Time in 2013 (“Year 4”) and 2014 (“Year ”) on
t!e P!ysi"al #isa$ility %aiver&
'tate o( Kansas made t!ese promises to in"rease t!e
n)m$er served on t!e P# %aiver as part o( its
%aiver *mendment s)$mitted t!e (ederal
+overnment (,,'-./')& T!ey made t!is promise
0!en t!ey 0anted to o$tain approval (or its
“Kan.are” pro+ram, 0!i"! s0it"!ed all o(
/edi"aid to (or1pro2t mana+ed "are "ompanies
(1-1-2013)& T!e (ollo0in+ "omes (rom Kansas3
amendment 2led 0it! ./' aro)nd 4-30-2012&
Appendix B: Participant Access and Eligibility
5136 7)m$er o( 8ndivid)als 'erved
The State limits the number of participants that it serves at any point in time
during a waiver year.
a. The limit that applies to each year of the waiver period is specified in the following table:
Table: B-3-b
Waiver Year
a!imum "umber of #articipants
Served $t $ny #oint %uring the
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5