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Kansas REDUCED the number they promised to serve

on the Physical Disability Waiver by nearly 2,000
people (slashin it !rom ",#"$ people to %,&00 at
any Point in 'ime() *+ear %, o! the PD Waiver is
calendar year 20-$)
'his is a 2%. reduction in capacity o! the number
served on the PD Waiver) 'his capacity /as
slashed 0ust /ee1s a!ter revenues plummeted)
'he !ollo/in comes !rom Kansas2 amendment to
reduce PD Waiver Capacity by 2%., approved by
3345C64 on 7une -%, 20-$) Kansas !ound out
revenue dropped by over 82-" million in 9pril o!
Appendix B: Participant Access and Eligibility
:;<= >umber o! ?ndividuals 4erved
The State limits the number of participants that it serves at any point in time
during a waiver year.
a. The limit that applies to each year of the waiver period is specified in the following table:
Table: B-3-b
Waiver Year
a!imum "umber of #articipants
Served $t $ny #oint %uring the Year
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5