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Student reflections


Htoo ba
I learnt that everyone’s imagination are not always the same and explinations are
not the same too
It started quite easy but started getting harder and difficult. but I bileived and tried
my best. I saw shapes and struggled but I succeeded.
Today I learnt how to picture images and memorise the shape
Today I had a few tests I complete both but I was proud about how I had done 1
mistake and my memory is very good.
Today I have learnt that two things equal one that is called a synthesis
Today I learnt how important concentrating and visualising is, and that sometimes
our eyes can just visualise the image without us thinking about. I was really
nervous at first when I heard we were going to do the test, but now I’m alright.
While doing this test I only got up to the second row and my brain just decides to
shut down I couldn’t visualise anything I could only do some. I feel a little
successful because I think I can do better but I am happy I did at least 2 rows
Today my plan was to start with the squares and I did I stuck with my plan I found
it a lot easier but at the same time I would find the dots of the square (can hold 2
or more sources at once) and connect them then I would (sequence) take quite a
time to find the dots for the squares but I did complete it.
To me today the level of complexity has increased,but I managed to get to the
bottom of the page. During the test on column 3 box 1 I was stuck because my
sizes of shape weren’t the same
Today this page was easy to me my brain was wide awake today. I really enjoyed it
I am over the moon today at first I was lost but then my brain clicked to me the
level of complexity hasn’t changed I think because my brain is getting the hang of it
Today I had trouble with my visual transport because I couldn’t see the squares
and the triangles I could see the rectangle clearly
Today what stood out the most for me was the different strategies and rules there
are, now I know many more strategies to use.

The best thing that happened in this lesson today was the test because it got
harder and harder to push us to the limit like how far can we go.
Today our test was really frustrating because when I turned the page over my mind
just went blank
Today I think I went really because I got to finish and we didn’t have a time limit
Today I think the task was awesome even though it was hard at first. I began to see
the shapes more clearly because I consentrated and I stuck to my strategy (
Perserverance and feelings of competency)
Today it was seriously hard for me with the test but after a while it seemed to get
more easier. Even though I didn’t finish I still had fun doing it.
Today I think I went really well because I finished and even though I made a few
mistakes I know I did the best I can (Blocking)
The test today was really tough because I didn’t know what to do when we started
but as I saw the model I started to get it and it was actually fun
Today was really fun because we had to do a revision of the picture we did
yesterday and it was amazing I got everything drawn down.The one thing that was
really hard was the test we did the orientation in space I didn’t know what position
it was
We had to do some of the ravens test papers It was really interesting because I
never saw the little thing that made the picture correct
My thinking was all over the place. I thought about each dot and where it
should’ve belonged
Today I learnt a rule about how this thing works and now it’s easy to figure out
what to do.
I was very excited to be involved in this research study! The test we did was a bit
confusing as I thought ‘why are we doing maths in reading? But as we went along,
it kept getting harder/complex. Overall it was great !
Today this test was very competitive. My brain skimmed through the dots and
tried to make the correct shapes The part when the shapes began overlapping was
the most confusing and challenging. I liked it.
It was such a relief to find out that we are not going to be timed. I felt confident. I
made relationships with the dots and used a systematic search. I found it easier to
create the squares first
My plan was to begin with the straight, long lines-squares. But at a few places, I
wasn’t able to use my plan and found it easier to use the triangles
I was so confused in the 3
and 4
block on the first row (co ordinates) My
Isosceles triangle didn’t look right But when I finally got it, it was time up! I created
When I first saw the ‘Find the errors’ I thought’Oh no!’ This will be difficult but it
was actually simple. The term’ Visual transport ‘ is a new word for me and I didn’t
realize that my bran used it many times before throughout my life !’
I got a bit behind because I had lost my book But when I finally started it was much
complex than the last one. In a few parts I felt I was imprecise
Todays orientation in space activity was interesting as we looked at the novelty
and contents on the page. The complex figure challenge was very exciting. I drew it
exactly the same !
Todays lesson did really boost up my understanding

Today I learnt that our brains can perceive 2 D drawings as 3D objects eg ( here a
cube drawing is done)
While doing the test my brain felt confused in didn’t know what to do my brain
would look at the PaPer and the first thing in would do is try and find a Triangle.
Today I felt as I were being challenged using the Ruler made it really easy but when
I put the ruler down it made it even easier
Today my plan was to find the squares first and it actually helped out a lot the trick
was finding that first square but once you finished that finding the others was a
piece of cake
The complexity of the dots were much harder than the others my brain felt like it
was being challenged
Today my brain did what it always does finds the square first and t I didn’t feel
challenged at all then figure out the rest, it was no different from the others
Today was the same as yesterday it wasn’t challenging at all at leas the next
session we get to do something different
Today what really stood out for me was the 3
one where we had to separate the
figure from the background and make a flower thing with the figure and a cross in
the background
Today I learnt that people can have many images in the mind when a simple word
is written. Although some ideas were similar no one’s image was the same
My thinking in this test was all over the place, as it was harder to visualise the
shapes. After the first couple of minutes my brain had completely given up on itself
I found that this activity was easier than the first one. I complete it, I did a
systematic search, finding the squares first and then the triangle.
Today my plan was to start with finding the squares then the triangles. I stuck to
this plan throughout sheet although at times it was difficult
This page of the instrument was very complex as it had many shapes overlapping
(Visual transport)each other and my brain was blocking me from figuring out the
This page was very interesting as it had instructions and codes, which made it
more complex to find the figures. I was able to visually transport the figures and
compare them (Spontaneous comparison)
Today I struggled to finish the page as my brain was blocking me and has trouble
transporting the shape usually
I felt quite confident doing the orientation in space. I internalised myself to work
out the answer.
Today I felt quite successful as I found how to find the answer and define the
The major learning for me was learning how our eyes can manipulate us whilst
looking at something that is 2D &3D
Qs Why do people think of something different when you say the word dog ?
During the dot activity my brain was telling me all the pink dots go so I did it. I felt
unsuccessful and was finding the task very challenging. Why would my Brain think
all the pink dots go together/ I think because they just stand out.
Today I felt successful because I completed all my with right shapes. When it came
to the part where I had to connect a pink dot and black dots I thought it was quite
weird because there was no other group that mixed pink and black (Recognising
novelty and complexity)
I changed my plan from looking for squares first to looking for triangles.On my
continuum line I circled 4 because I did not complete a lot of the compartments
and I found it very complicating (Omitting words often in written
I changed my plan from looking for squares first to looking for triangles. On my
continuum line I circled 4 because I did not complete a lot of the compartments
and I found it very complicating
I felt challenged and I found that the complexity of this activity is getting harder by
the page
Today I felt slow and unsuccessful can it be because I am tired from morning tea or
just me being lazy,
I really enjoyed this lesson I think I done very good in the booklet because I got
everything right. While drawing the picture I missed one or two things so that was
Today I felt successful because I got everything right and I found out I did fairly well
in my ravens test.The way I solved the problems stood out to me
Today I learnt some new vocabulary like complexity, perspiration, and other big
words. I also learned that my brain can do more than I think I can do. I really
enjoyed the test and look forward to our future lessons. Thank you.
While I was thinking I tried to use my knowledge from previous tasks to try and
work out the pattern. The models made the first dots easy but when I moved to
the next I completely forgot About the models and drawed squares and triangles
instead, it was confusing but at the last minute I followed the model, last minute!
This task was really easy and fun. Also more relaxing because there was no time
limit.I can’t wait for the next page !
(Written in red pen) Today was a little bit harder than yesterday, but my plan was
to have the square as my point of reference, and it worked, although sometimes it
was hard to find the square
When I opened the page I thought it would be easier because there were 2
triangles instead of two squares and it was. My stratergy was to have the square as
my point of reference and ten find the triangles. Although it was easier than the
page from yesterday, precision was really hard without a tool, (ruler). I am really
looking forward for the next challenge. Thank you.
This test was the best because it was really fun to finish and feel good about how
good I‘m getting at doing this ! I think this is the first test I’ve finished on time !
(feelings of competency growing)
Tobe honest I couldn’t hold my impulsivity, because as Mrs Mackintyre was talking
I visually worked out the answers. However I apologise for that. This test was
harder than the last one Thank you
I began with the cross on the top left hand corner of the picture because it was the
easiest. I liked the memory best because I was the one doing the work, not copying
from a picture. Thank you
The last page was really complex because you had to look carefully at the tiles
because the background was the key to the answer. I love how challenging it is!
Thank you.
In this lesson I learnt that everyone’s thinking is not the same. Each and one of us
visualise different things, and think at different paces.
My brain was working like mad, my mind almost exploded! It took me a while to
identify all the shapes, but I found at the end I found it easier
It was a lot easier this time I didn’t have to worry about the time. My brain wasn’t
in a rush, because the pink/bold dots helped me and that gave me a point of
reference ( gaining the language and concepts connected)
My plan was to start and find the squares first, so the triangle would be revealed. I
stuck with this plan through the whole sheet and it worked for me.
When I first flicked over the page, I was a bit shocked because it looked quite
complex but I realised it wasn’t so hard because it had given instructions and lots
of examples.I also found the bold and pink dots were useful/helpful as it gave me a
point of reference (Comparison and relevant cues)
The difference was that the pink dots wasn’t helping.There was no bold dots,so I
started with my squares as a point of reference,I think my brain can visually
transport figures, but not at the very best
When I first glimpsed the complex figure, I was a bit shocked because it looked a
bit hard to draw. I began by drawing the rectangle and a triangle on the right side,
because I thought it would be easier to draw in the inside of the rectangle. The
second attempt was quite challenging because I had to think hard and remember.
It took me awhile to figure out what to do on page 3 and 4 in orientation in space. I
am proud that I got all my answers correct and how I had memorised the complex
Today we explained our strategies. Some were tricky to work out and hard to build
a strategy on, so we worked it out together as a class. First time class asked to
work as a unit
Today we were learning depths perceptions and our dot test was really confusing
in the beginning because I had no idea what to do but then I understand what to
do. And when we were watching the video my brain was going haywhy.
My brain was going crazy because during the test I couldn’t think of which dots
connect together to make which shape.
In the beginning I used a ruler but then I put it aside I found it more easier.
The easiest thing for me was finding the easiest shape which was a square and I
found it a touch more harder because on the first task all the pink dots made one
shape but on this task there was only about 1 to 2 pink dots in one shape
I had impulsivity driving through my brain. I just wanted a little peak at the test. I
kind of struggled at finding the squares. (Metacognition impulsivity)
To be honest I found this test more easier than the others and was able to finish
just in time.
On test E2 I couldn’t really think of which dots to connect to make a square or a
In today’s lesson I learnt ways of finding the answers and I was fascinated by how
the other students in our class worked out the answers

Today I learn’t about perceiving things in a different way from what they might be
at first
I would struggle finding the shapes so I ended up making a lot of mistakes but I
think I did more than most people
Today I felt really good about how fast I finished. The task was very easy.
My stratagy worked most of the time. Today I found the test quite difficult and I
struggled near the end
Todays test was really difficult because I had trouble finding a relationship
between different shapes ( Elaboration, verbal clarity, metacognitive assessment)
Today I liked the test very much because it spiced up the formula by adding new
novelties and features to challenge my brain by adding more complexity ( issues
with succinctness in Verbal expression)
Today wasn’t quite as complex as I thought the was quite easy
I enjoyed the positions and think I did extremely well with the memory
I liked finding patterns in the test and learning my results. I would like to know why
it is called Ravens ?
In Todays major learning I learnt how to visualise shapes out of dots, And how to
see my imagination to think
I never completed the challenge of the dots because it was really hard.
In Todays Major learning our lesson was really easy and I could find the shapes
Qs Why was my mind boosting then getting lower at the end?
I was doing really good until I got to the bottom
In todays major learning I was doing really good until I got to the bottom
In todays lesson I found it really easy than the previous one because My brain had
already known all the knowledge of what to do
In todays lesson we had done page E2 and actually found it really really easy ut I
didn’t complete it
Today, I was able to use my prior knowledge of maths to help me do the test. The
way I saw the 3D art video was from a different perspective as well as
concentrating on what it looks.
During the organisation of dots activity I was really confused and frustrated with all
the complex shapes. I wasn’t really confident while I was doing the activity but
proud of my effort.
I am extremely proud of my effort doing this activity by managing my time and
using my endurance and speed for writing/drawing faster
During the activity I tried to follow my plan exactly how I wanted to. Unfortunately,
my mental processing didn’t work faster than I wanted to. This activity was also
frustrating and I was really annoyed!
Today my main focus was to try and accomplish accuracy as well as precision in
this activity. It was quite difficult to find squares in the last two rows but still it was
a really good challenge for the morning!
Main focus /challenge/goal :precision/accuracy
While I was doing the next page of this booklet I’ve gained more confidence to
complete this activity ( Perseverance)
But my challenge was how am I supposed to find the different figures and the
extra or missing dots with the remaining shapes I have located. (Identifying a
specific problem) Before the activity I was getting impulsive !
While I was doing orientation in space activity I was able to visualise the positions
to get my answer. However it was quite confusing because of left and right.
During the lesson I received my ravens test results and I am very proud of myself.
Throughout the rest of the lesson we were given challenges to help us understand
the ravens test a bit more.
I learnt that even something as simple as linking dots can actually be quite hard. I
heard one or two new words as well but can’t quite remember what they were
This set of dots was quite hard. Sometimes though, I could quickly visualise the
patterns and get it right.
I learnt about what blocking is I don’t think that happened to me I also learnt
about the Milky Way and the southern cross.
I learnt where North south West and East are in relation to the school. Also a
difference on the cover is that the staple is in a different place.
I think I did really well with the dots this time. They seem to get easier the further
you go. Or I’m just getting better which ever one it is I’m happy
The test was quite challenging but I think I did all right at it. It’s interesting that
plain patterns can be so hard
This set of dots was different because it had curves in the shapes. I found these
easier so I was more confident and did it a lot faster.

I began first and second one in the same place with the vertical cross. I likes
remembering it better because it felt more satisfying even though I got things
I got everything right today  except in the drawing where I got a few lines slightly
The last pattern I got wrong but when it was explained I understood it well. All the
other patterns I got right
It was really confusing when I did the test but I got the hang of it when miss
mcintyre walked in it was confusing but when she told us what we were doing I got
This test was confusing for me I found it extremely hard
This task was much esayer than the last one I felt much more confedent
This test I found it hard because the pink and black dots connected and formed
shapes my plan worked good so far (Esol?)
This test was difficult not hard but difficult and I didn’t manage to complete it
hopefully next time I’ll complete the test. This time we didn’t get a plan and it
made it a little harder than last time. ( Planning behaviours)
I could of used more precision when I was doing my lines for the shapes but this
test was quite easy. I feel confident.
I found this test a little harder than the last one and it was blurred to me I couldn’t
see most of the shapes ( Eyesight issues ? handwriting is messy)
This session was very intertaining and fun because we got to solve problems

I’ve learnt what depth perception is and how it gets you using all five senses, but
only for today we used our eyes and our ears to get all the information to our
I thought was hard because I couldn’t really find any of the modelling shapes. All I
could find were the triangles, and sometimes the triangles I found were very odd
looking. I couldn’t us all the dots, it didn’t add up. This test was hard.
My strategy was to find the triangles first because I knew they were harder to find
than the squares and sometimes if I joined in a square with dots that actually make
a triangle, there could be a problem. (different triangle shapes instead of the
modelled triangle) But it was easier since we were given more time. ( response
seeking solutions and trial and error, making new plans)
My strategy was to look for squares, than find the triangles although my strategy
didn’t work with the two columns because the dots were squeezed in a bit and the
dots were closer and it made it harder to find squares. But my plan worked !
I thought it was the hardest test because the dots were squeezed in more than
ever and it was hard to find the squares, especially. I had to focuse on my
precision, complexity, conservation of constancies and points of reference. The
hardest to use was conservation of constancies. Even though the square kept
changing on different sides, it was hard to find
I thought it was easy. I thought this because on the sheet it already starts it off for
you and you have to continue it ( reading relevant cues and logic) It gives you
instructions on what you need to find. I had to use points of reference, visual
transport and precision. Overall it was easy.
I learnt how to use conservation of constancies and systematic search to find what
you are looking for, or use a system when trying to memorize how you do
something, now I have a better understanding of conservation of constancies
What stood out for me was how to use the strategies you could use for the next
Ravens test
In this task I was thinking about the shapes and connecting the dots together. Why
do some pink dots on the test not make a shape?
In this task I was thinking about the shapes and connecting the dots together
Before the test I felt very impulsive but when I opened it I looked at it for a minute
or 2 and then I started but after that I didn’t stop. First I would find the squares
Then all the triangles (Recognising impulsivity control and systematic search,
My plan doing squares first actually did work. What was going on in my head was
where was the triangles! I was confused.
During this task I felt a little bit competency while doing this and I found
relationships with the dots and the shapes. This test was really competitive
But a lot of blocking was going on during this test.
At the beginning of the test I wasn’t really feeling impulsivity but well I was doing it
( metacognitive self awareness) I found a relationship from this one and the other.
And again I was blocking myself.
In todays test it was hard for me because I was trying to find the directions but
then I would get lost and confused. But when we did the memory copy again I got
all of it right so I was happy
Today the test was easy but the last one was a challenge because there was lots of
detail. But I could see the differences.
I learnt Its gonna be a little hard doing this corse.”Jokes” I learnt how to find
shapes easy in that test.
Oh my god my mind was going crazy. I was so confused I just was so confused. I
had to just make any weird shape that’s how bad it was
Well that’s how it went it was great cause I felt smart again. The last bit was hard
for mostly everyone but it was easy and I felt great because I’m the slowest in
Room 7

I learnt about what our brain can and can’t do and I have also learnt about our
The dot test was ok. Half way I felt like pulling my hair. This test was a lot harder.
The dot test was mostly easy. I just kept worrying about the time
The left right back front test was easy and I knew what to do. I loved the compass
part. Thank you for the advise
I did some catching up on the dots
Today the dot test was very easy because I was visualising
In the complex figure the first thing I started to do was the box because it was the
easiest. Part 2 was very easy and I started with the box because it was more easy
to remember
In this activity I have learnt that my memory is stronger than I thought
Today I got all of the answers right in the blue book. The complex figure test was
easy. I got everything I started with the box because it is very easy to remember
Today my brain found it easy to find the answers on the find the rule activity
Also it was easy to find the rule.
Today I learnt that you can’t force your brain to do things
I felt really confused with the dots because I thought it was going to be squares
and a triangle only but my brain got used to it.
My strategy was to see if there was a difference in the circles and then I’ll find a
Today I didn’t change my plan because first I found a square than out of nowhere
the other square just stood out (patterns emerging)
Today my mind started blocking when I got to the 4
column it just went blank.
Sometimes my triangles weren’t precise so I had to go back and change them.
Today wasn’t actually that hard it didn’t take as long as I thought it would but all I
had to do was remember the letters and what it means and then see which was
which (holding 2 or more sources of information at one time )My impulsivity
actually took over me at the beginning when I saw the page I really felt excited
because it included symbols ( haven’t used the word symbols yet, writing is fast
and shows impulsivity today)
Todays dots got really complex but my visual transport really helped me alot .I
finished in good time.
It was my first session today and I’ve been learning how to use a stratigy in order
to connect my dots and form an equilateral triangle square and triangle. The
strategy I used was to find the squares and then the triangles (sequencing)
In todays session I found the test to be much harder. My plan was to find all the
squares first but this did not work out as I found that the triangles weren’t
matching up even when the squares were linked up. I soon learnt that the model
would be helpful to me than I thought.
Today’s focus was all about precision. I realised that I was focusing on just one area
and was blocking out all of the other possibilities of the shapes.
I then applied conservation of constancy to my stratigy and I was able to come up
with more shapes. Although I didn’t do much I still feel proud because of my
stratigy and reflecting during the task. This allowed me to do some more.
Today I applied my new strategy ( that I learnt yesterday) towards todays’ test
(Transcendence) Some of the large dots made it easier as I used them as points of
reference. I also tried to be very precise (mediation of the word precision to
precise for the class has worked) with my lines. I have a much higher feeling of
Today it felt much easier to connect the dots that were already where the error
was identified. I tried to be precise with my lines and felt like my strategy from the
past tests that I used helped me a lot- ( bridging)
Today I had to visually transport a boy in a different position into a picture. The
boy’s four positions were labelled A, B, Cand D He was either facing front back left
or right. I found this quite easy as I was able to imagine the boy rotating
Today I believe that the reason I was stumped in the E section of my test was due
to blurred and sweeping perception. I was most likely trying so hard to focus on
the figure itself I probably didn’t pay much attention to the background. It is so
important to analyse the page very thoroughly even when you think you have, you
need to take a step back and look at the page differently

I learnt that with thinking, concentrating and visualising is very important. As I sat
this test today I visualised one shape and then the other. I am proud of what I
learnt today.
When I was doing this task I found it hard. I almost went crazy thinking so hard,
that I almost wanted to run away from the sheet of paper.
Well my plan didn’t really work everytime but it worked sometimes. But I’m proud
to say that I feel more successful than the beginning
Before I opened the paper today I was in so much impulsivity to do the dots. I think
some of my triangles are not as precision as it’s meant to be. I feel more successful
everyday. Learning new vocabulary and things is awesome. I like doing this
research, not only is it new and it’s challenging . I like to take on new things.
Thanx.(Feelings of Competence)
Today was great because I have only missed one of them all. I used Visual
Transport to help me. I only looked once at the model and carried on. I feel
successful as you can see on my continuum lines for feelings of competency
Today I found sheet E2 more complex than E1 But I kept going and didn’t give up,
this time I double checked
Today was my first time doing orientation in space. But I found it challenging at
first but as I got on it wasn’t as challenging as I thought. Today found myself trying
to block somethings
Today what stood out was the new ways and strategy that Mrs McIntyre has
taught the class. I like the way we used synthesis and analysis while discussing as a
class. My brain has started scaffolding

Today I learnt that 3D drawings look 2D depending on the sunlight
The dot was a lot harder than the first one.
It’s a different constellation and not cover page why ?
Sorry i didn’t have a rubber on the 6
one It should of looked like ( he has drawn
the squares on his page to explain writing small and some words illegible)
Yesterday I did pinks first and today I did the same
This was a lot harder I tried to find all of the triangles first then the squares and my
precision was ok
Today I felt a lot better ( Sam did the verbal expression challenge and is now
writing more words) I could notice it straight away (the squares and the triangles)
( he specifies on the 2
attempt)Today my plan was to find the squares and
stuff(needs labels) and at the end it was a lot more complex
Today was a lot harder than the 12
the plan was the same kinda
Today was quite easy I used page 2 to help me out for a little while with page 3 and
then I memorised it
Today was easy with the ravens questions I got the rule straight away which made
it very easy to figure out
I learned today that we are the 2
class in NZ to do this project,which was
astounding to hear !
During the complex and pressuring test I felt quite impressed with my visional
ability to see the dots and recall shapes that they could have possibly be made out
I felt much more confident because of my experience, although I did feel quite
impulsive in the beginning
I stuck to my plan, by using points of reference and by looking for familiar shapes. I
wasn’t as confident because of the rise of complexity with the dots
Controlling my impulsivity seems also unbearable.My next step is to elaborate on
my answer when asked a question.
The novelty of this next test was huge. The complexity rose and it became harder
to systematically search for any familiar shapes. With precision, it was very
challenging. My lines became crooked at times and it never worked out. The
constant blocking of my brain added to the predicament. My goal for the next
session is to persevere and calmly control my impulsivity.
There was another gigantic rise of complexity with this page, and to my surprise I
wasn’t feeling impulsive before beginning the test. Possibly because I saw how
difficult and challenging it was. I enjoyed the game, clearly explaining what verbal
expression is ( transcendence)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this particular dot test as it was a great and challenging.
It was good to have and know,understand conservation of constancies very well.
My memory towards the complex figure was great ! I am very proud of this
achievement. Also fun, doing orientation in space.

I learnt to visualise a shape (square,triangle) and draw it. At first I was confused on
what to do in the test but then I saw the shapes and drew them up. I’m very
excited about to be part of the research.
Today when we started I wanted to give up because I was so confused and
frustrated but I didn’t. I had most trouble finding the Cones and that the shape
that looked most like a U was the easiest to find
Today I had a bit of trouble with the E2 test. Since I was at AIMS I need to catch up
a little. I felt confused when I looked at the dots and I had to stop and think very
Today I felt successful in the orientation in space because I got only one question
wrong out of both of the tests. I remember all of the complex shape
Today we did sheets that are like the ravens. We learnt that we have to find a rule
to find out the answer
I learnt how to visualise objects with dots and also how to make my brane work
and visualise
This task was harder that the last time
Thanks for the training my brane visualised everything so easily,and so also I think
that my brane is visualising stuff more easily
This time struggling a little bit but it was fun
Today I learnt how to do conservation of constancies
Now I know what I was getting wrong in my test I think I will do better next time.

I was a bit confused when I saw all the dots. I realized I had to connect them when
I saw the picture of the square and trinangles
At first I thought the test would be easy but it was not easy at all. I was wondering
why she told us not to look at our papers until I saw the test. We could have spent
a while to work
This time mrs makintire let us see the page before we could start. It was easier
than I thought it would be. Why did we miss a page ?
Today the test was a bit harder because there were not any big dots and the black
dots made shapes but before the pink dots made their own shape and the same
with the black dots (verbal expression problems ?)
Todays paper with dot was a lot harder. Most of my triangle we icoseles triangles. I
was I was a bit confused because some dots made a round shape (Improving visual
Todays paper was different. We had to write letters underneath the box (
Describing the task not her metacognition)
When I saw the paper I thought the complexity will rise.
The paper got a bit boring after awhile. I think I was doing well until I got up to the
Todays lesson was a bit different we did a few of the ravens. I learnt how to think
in depth.

Today I learnt who our brain sees things and it was very interesting also the test
was very interesting.
Qs Why did the test have no instructions ?
In this task I found it harder and my brain did find the shape in about one minute
and I had to think really hard.
Today my thinking was so fast and found relationships and systematic searches
Today my plan was starting with tringles but it only worked sometimes.
Today I found that the work was more complex and there was a lot more novelties
in it.
Activity E1 made me use my brain a lot more and to make me visually transporting
the model a lot more.
Today what really stood out for me was that we learnt new ways to solve the
Ravens test and hopefully get better marks

Today I learned about the brain and how it concentrates. And different senses
that help us concentrate like, seeing, hearing etc
In this test today, my brain went beserk. The complexity in it was really difficult. As
it went up the page it got harder and harder.My brain could not cope!
In this task today I think I went well. It was far easier than my last test I had done
to be honest, my brain went haywire towards the end of the page. But I did do the
whole page !
The test I had done today was very hard. It took me a minute to figure out the
pattern.I was scared I would muck it up. I started to get the hang of it.
Today the test looked very easy to me. Our goal was precision.When I started my
test and finished on a box, I see that there is dots left. Then I some don’t have a
square which got me a bit flustered. So I had to be careful with what I did
(Precision) I also realized, that my strategy doesn’t always work with every test (
Flexibility, reassessment)
This test was very new to me I’ve realized that the complexity gets higher and
higher in each test. I think I did well today.
Today we got our results for the ravens test. I did very well But I can do better next
time! We had little challenges which looked hard, but was easy if you really looked
at it
Much faster than the other day as I identified the patterns quickly and there were
lots of points of reference to guide me In the last lesson I was really frustrated as
we didn’t get to do the dots and I was so keen to get onto it as I was sure I was
going to be better than the first time.
My strategy was to look for squares first. Mostly this worked well but as the
configuration of shapes became more complex this was difficult.
Initially I was a bit impulsive and found a few triangles that were identical to the
prompt. Later when I had completed the page I went back to this and found my
Have missed a few days and came in late to this lesson so found it really
challenging to work out what to do. Think I did ok though as I looked for the
patterns,points of reference again. Found these quite quickly much quicker than
the first two lessons even though it was more complex