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The following is a sample of the Lesson Plan format used by the University.

Lesson Topic/Focus: QR codes Date: 10/6/14
AusVELS Domain(s): Information and Communications
Year level(s): 5/6
AusVELS strand (s): Lesson duration: 50 mins
AusVELS sub-strand(s):
AusVELS Dimension(s) or
Religious Education

Learning Standard(s)/Outcome(s):
Students will learn about the impacts of ICT in our local community


Students will make a QR code that works and describe the positives/negatives of QR codes in our

Teaching focus:
A. I will stick to the allocated time given to each section and improve on my waiting time

Background to the learning:
A. Teacher has used for further information on QR codes

Lesson resources:
 Interactive whiteboards
 Laptops
 Ipad
 Ready made QR code

Lesson content:
A. Introduction
__5__ mins
Introduce the QR code topic – Quick response code and how it works
Ask students if they know what it is or has seen/used one for the students.
For the students who haven’t, show them what it looks like with the ready made QR code.

C. Consolidation, practice, extension __15__ mins
1. Choose a student to scan the ready-made QR code to explain the activity
2. Show the students the website that they must go on to create their QR code and choose plain
text under 1. Text type. They must write a letter to someone or to the class and create their
QR code & print it to give to the person they wrote the letter to.

B. Development __20__ mins
1. This person put a QR code on their business card
“Why do you think they put a QR code on their business card? What do you think is on it?”
2. Discuss a positive of QR codes
“When ___ scanned the code was it quick? Do you think it’s a positive or negative, Why?”
3. Discuss other positives
“What other positives are there?”
- You can have different formats linked to the QR code
- Easy to create
- It’s easy to scan
- Saves paper
- Anyone can make it
4. Discuss negatives
“Can you think of any negatives?”
- You have to download an app in order to scan it

D. Closure __10__ mins

Ask the students whether any one was to share their QR code
Discuss whether they’ll use a QR code in the future and why