1.Physical and psychological traits of the characters are first of all the major technique to be
employed by AHMED ALI.
2.Keen sense of observation and the thoughtful description of various characters .
3.An honest and contemplative evaluation of round and flat characters .
4.Deep inside and apparent flaws reveal through the actions of various characters.
5.Portrayal of male dominance and their moral decadents further open or reveal the main
nature of those characters to the readers.
6.Coherence of plot has been successfully attained through fine cohesion of the series of events
and incidents in the novel.
7.Depiction of the thematic concerns through the exact detail of the characters.
8.Sepration of female kind and the beautiful exposure of their pent-up emotions have also been
revealed through their subtle actions.
9.Portrayal of generation and communication gap have been only possible due to ALI’s way of
10.Verstality of characters has also been revealed through their festive occasion s and eclectic
11.Hidden traits like escapism ,sadism ,cynicism, epicureanism , pessimism all these have been
disclosed through their way of demeanour.
12.Social constants like decay of social , political and personal level have also been superbly
uncovered through the nature of these characters.
13.Loyality of women and infidelity and indifference of the male members have also been
remarkably unraveled and juxtaposed .
14.Ruined , shattered , tattered life of the outcast either beggars ,kings , courtesons or prostitutes
constitute the social fabric .
15.AHMED ALI’s profound observation and keen insight into his characters unearth all the major
social ,political issues of that age.