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Ebook How To Get 1.

000 Views Per Day
By Mr.Krabby
Follow The Steps Is So Easy
1. Step Make Vi!eo "ike MS# Passwor! Fi$!ers%Fa&ebook
Passwor! Fi$!er%'r Troll Vi!eo
The Most $! S(re To Get Views Is The Trolls Vi!eos
How I )a$ Make Troll Vi!eo*
+(st Dow$loa! The Free So,tware -i$!ows "i.e Maker
Pi&k 3p 'r Ga2e Is )o2i$4 Soo$ Photo Fro2 Goo4le
'pe$ The -i$!ows "i.e Maker !! Pi&t(re To 5o(r
Vi!eo $! Press Pro&essi$
$! Type 600 Se&o$!s 'r How Ma$y 5o( -a$ts
The 600 Se&o$!s Is 17 Mi$ites
3ploa! 5o(r Vi!eo $! Type The Ga2e 5o( Take It 17 Mi$ites
!! Ta4s The Trailer ', Ga2e 'r 5o( Take
Troll S(&&e,(lly /D
#ow How I )a$ Get The Views*
Go To 5o(t(be $! Sear&h For #ew So$4s Fro2 VEV'
The VEV' )o2pa$y )li&k '$ $y Si$4er Star 5o( -a$t The
Best Is To Go To "a!y Ga4a VEV' 5o(t(be )ha$$el
5o(t(be )ha$$el
#ow Go To $y Vi!eo )lip ', Ga4a "o4i$ -ith 5o(r &&o($t
$! )li&k '$ )o22e$t Bo8
$! Press )reate 9espo$! Vi!eo
$! !! 5o(r Vi!eo Troll 5o( Make...
#ow I, $yo$e Sear&h The So$4 5o( Sele&t )a$ See 5o(r Vi!eo
I$ 9espo$! /D
: Step/ #ow How To Get More Views -ith MS# Passwor!
Dow$loa! Free The Vis(al Basi&
#ow )reate So2ethi$4 "ike This I$ Pi&t(re #o #ee! To K$ow
VB So(r&e +(st '$ly Desi4$e!
5o( )a$ 3se $! Sites For Views
Proo, ', Views
I, 5o( #ee! $y Help )o$ta&t Me I$ Ha&kFor(2s
My Pro,ile
$! Goo! "(&k