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Anatomy & Physiology


Chapter 15 TEST Study Guide
1. What are the 6 special senses?
2. What sense organ processes each of the 6 senses?
3. Name the receptor cells that detect stimuli for vision, hearing, smell and taste.
4. What are the 6 muscles that move the eye?
Identify how each muscle moves the eye.
5. Know the function or description of all 14 eye parts we covered in the class notes.
6. Be prepared to identify additional facts about 3 internal eye parts that you included in your
textbook notes.
7. Identify the function or importance of the accessories of the EYE: eyebrows, eyelids,
conjunctiva, lacrimal apparatus.
8. Be prepared to match the following EYE terms to their definitions (from LAB):
 refraction
 accommodation
 emmetropic
 myopia
 hyperopia
 astigmatism
 presbyobia

9. Be prepared to label the following EYE diagrams:
1. External (muscles)
2. Internal parts (sclera, cornea, lens, etc.)
3. Lacrimal apparatus

Name and describe 2 DISORDERS of any of the Special Senses.