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Internet Program goes to school

Your opening …….

Ladies and Gentlemen
Leaving in this modern era, we are triggered to have a better even much better competitive action in
order to stay on the track in Economy, Politic even in Education world. We cant close our eyes for
the role of Technology such Internet in the middle of the competition. It has been successful enough
in carrying out certain country to be more developed in Economy, Politic and Education. Denying the
truth for some reasons will not take us to a better life. That’s why, In this such a good occasion.
Allow me to carry out a speech entitled :
Internet Program Goes to School
Ladies and Gentlemen
The communication and technology development in Indonesia recently must be able to be used for
the people’s prosperity. The technology such the internet is a tool or device to make or create the
smart, developed generation. Internet can give us many advantages