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Chignecto-Central Regional School Board

Professional Development Committee (NSTU)
Short Courses (courses taken outside regular school day and no substitute required)

Name: __________________________ School/Site: ______________________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________
Contract Status: ____________________ Professional Number: ______________________
Home Phone # _____________________ Subjects Taught: __________________________
Work Phone # _____________________ E-mail address: __________________________

Course Name/# Institution Course Start

Briefly describe how the
course upgrades your
professional qualifications
or improves your classroom

Please ensure that this claim includes:
Official Receipt _____________
Verification of successful completion (example: certificates, letter from instructor, other documentation,
etc.) __________

Signature of Applicant: ___________________________________ Date: ______________

Return to: Professional Development Committee (NSTU)
Chignecto Family Office
84 Church Street (PO Box 2500C)
Springhill, NS B0M 1X0
Phone 597-4206; Fax 597-4220 (Applicant is responsible for obtaining facsimile transaction report for future reference if necessary.)
Revised September 2014 (Page 1 of 2)
Please note that the deadline for submitting receipts is 45 days after short course has been completed. If for any reason you are unable
to attend the short course please contact the PD Committee Office via an email to
All claims require prior approval, to a maximum of $500.00 per budget year.

Committee Approval Date
Short Courses (courses taken outside regular school day and no substitute required)

Article 60.35, 60.36, 60.37, 60.38, 60.39 and 60.40

60.35 Subject to the established budget the Committee shall pay reasonable
expenses for teachers who take courses for the purpose of upgrading their
professional qualifications or improving their classroom effectiveness.

60.36 Each grant shall be at the rate established by the Committee.

60.37 Tuition/course registration and documentation verifying successful
completion of a course(s) shall be submitted before reimbursement is made.

60.38 The Committee shall establish the deadline date for professional development
grants and shall inform the teaching staff of these dates.

60.39 To qualify for a grant for a course the teacher must be under contract with the
School Board as of the beginning and ending dates of the course.

60.40 A teacher on educational leave shall not be eligible for a Professional
Development grant.

Only registrations/course fees will be covered
under this category,
to a maximum of $500 per budget year.
1. All requests require prior approval by the P. D. Committee.

2. Forms must be sent directly to the P. D. Committee at the
Chignecto Family office.

3. Applications must be received at the Chignecto Family Office
at least 5 days prior to the monthly P. D. Committee Meeting.

Revised September 2014
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