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Euucational Technology }ouiney
Naiina Beinanuez
Azusa Pacific 0niveisity

Authois Note
Naiina Beinanuez, 0nline Nasteis in Euucational Technology stuuent, Azusa Pacific
Conceins iegaiuing this exploiation shoulu be auuiesseu to Naiina Beinanuez,
Bepaitment of 0nline Nasteis in Euucational Technology, Azusa Pacific 0niveisity. E-mail:

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3'4&(20 (5 6(#24-7(28
6(#24- ,'&*- 9 :)4&2#$&(2 ;%<-= ,-2<
?-0 @-%2)')/
Founuation in Euucational
Kathleen Bacei
Fall 1
Aciobat skills, such as auuing post-it notes,
highlighting anu auuing buttons
Leaining in the 21st Centuiy
uaiunei's Nultiple Intelligence
Leain to cieate viueo


}oe Biuzzese
Fall 2
Website builuing skills. viitual connection
such as skype anu hangouts
Special Topics
Baiiy Bettgei
Fall 2
Incoipoiation of viueo within cuiiiculum.
Technology incoipoiation of uevices


ulobal Leaining¡Cioss-Cultuial
Kathleen Bacei
Spiing 1
Incoipoiation of cultuial leaining. uLP
uevelopment anu implementation.
Auveitisement elements foi uLP
Instiuctional Besign¡Bevelopment
Kathleen Bacei
Spiing 1
Bevelopment foi lesson planning. Elements
of backwaiu uesign lesson plan mouel


Instiuctional Apps of Bypeimeuia
Lauia Silva
Spiing 2
Bevelopment of tiust monitoi policy anu
site mapping foi web-uesign.
Bigital viueo in the Classioom

Cieateu INovie
Shoot, up loau to you tube anu euit
Pictuie effects


Evolving Euucational Technologies

Piezi, Class website
Blog, Auuio Poucast
voucast, Woiule
Scieen snaps, Auuacity
Applications of Tech Suppoiteu
Elisabeth Silvei
i 1
Evaluate school technology plan anu
stuuent impiovement plan.


Capstone Expeiience¡ Bigital
Teaching anu Leaining

Kathleen Bacei
Reflection¡Self evaluation
uiowth assessment e-poitfolio.
Instiuctional Applications
Piouuctivity Softwaie
INSTR0CT0R: Beinanuez
Nail Neige
Spieausheets on Excel

L2-%4 (5 M2(7&.
N-24()%* M2(7&.O As pait of my own continuous euucational involvement anu
uevelopment with technology, my inteipeisonal leaining style has helpeu me mastei
inuiviuual peisonal giowth. I have gaineu skills such as establishing bettei habits in oiuei
to facilitate my iesponsibility as an euucatoi, collaboiateu with othei euucatois to enhance
leaining, anu the ability to uevelop a moie efficient piofessional ielationship with stuuents.
The piogiams couisewoik has enlighten my own peisonal leaining style in oiuei to
pioviue the best possible instiuction to leaineis touay. I have leaineu to evaluate in uepth
uaiunei's multiple intelligence baseu on Nckenzie (2uuS), in oiuei to facilitate the
uemanus of technology that euucation iequiies foi the uiveise leaining styles (p.S8). I now
know how to incoipoiate uiffeient means of technology within instiuction to accommouate
all leaining styles anu the evolving uemanu of oui times, baseu on the knowleuge of my
own peisonal leaining style. Accoiuing to Shelly (2u12), "the age of conveigence will
continue to evolve in new, exciting, anu yet to be ueteimineu ways as we live, teach, leain
anu woik in the seconu uecaue of this centuiy" (p. S). Theiefoie, continueu peisonal
giowth will always facilitate teaching anu leaining.
In auuition, I have also been gifteu with gieat colleagues anu euucatois. In times of
oveiwhelming woikloaus anu fiustiation, I have hau the oppoitunity to comfoit my
uistiess with gieat people that I have met in the mastei's piogiam. The moial, as well as
the cheeiing suppoit have given me motivation to accomplish my goals. The
knowleugeable euucatois that I have met pioviueu me a helping hanu at the piecise

Fuitheimoie, I have wiueneu my knowleuge by pioviuing a moie uefineu anu
focuseu euucational guiue foi otheis to accomplish theii own peisonal goals. I always
consiuei myself a motivatoi. Nonetheless, the appiehension obtaineu in the piogiam has
pioviueu the appiopiiate piofessional tools that guiue anu encouiage leaineis to fuithei
theii abilities to accomplish theii own goals.
To wiap up my euucational jouiney so fai, anu my peisonal giowth
accomplishments, I am ceitain that upon the achievement of this uegiee I will attain much
moie than just an euucation, I will inheiit a life style that will offei wisuom, paitneiship
anu suppoit to oneself anu to those who wish to ieach theii own peisonal goals.
N2(5-44'()%* M2(7&.O As pait of my piofessional giowth, this mastei's piogiam
has given me confiuence to unueistanu my inuiviuual position as an euucatoi in the 21

centuiy. I have uevelopeu skills that have uemonstiateu meaningful instiuction anu have
impacteu my caieei in a positive mannei.
Ny piofessional accomplishments have cleaily uevelopeu confiuence thiough my
jouiney with Azusa Pacific 0niveisity. The incoipoiation of technology has playeu the
biggest pait of continueu piofessional ueteimination. Fiom my BA to wheie I stanu touay,
I can unuoubteuly say that I have become a competent anu knowleugeable euucatoi. This
jouiney has pioviueu me with the piopei tools neeueu to engenuei stuuents' success.
When I initiateu this jouiney, I knew that it woulu piesent goou anu bau moments, yet I
also was suie that becoming an euucatoi was, anu is my calling. Fuitheimoie, I then
uiscoveieu that becoming a goou euucatoi meant much moie than just obtaining a title, it
iequiieu a lot of peisonal coiiection, saciifices anu haiuwoik!

Not only has knowleugeable assuiance playeu a iole on my piofessional giowth, but
the ability to uevelop instiuction in meaningful ways has guiueu my giowth. The gift of
being in the euucation fielu allows me to continuously offei new anu ienovating methous of
leaining foi my stuuents. Incoipoiating technology within instiuction has expanueu
knowleuge in my piofession. Nethous such as web uesign have enhanceu my piofessional
giowth anu have offeieu an oppoitunity to incoipoiate leaining in a moie natuial way foi
touay's native technology leaineis. Kiug (2u14), confiims by stating that "when I look at a
web page it shoulu be self- eviuent. 0bvious. Self-explanatoiy" (p. 11). In auuition, I've
obtaineu confiuence fiom the evolving euucation technology couises to piesent techniques
such as the flip classioom, oi to incoipoiate peisonal instiuctional uigital viueos into
instiuction, in oiuei to contiibute into the uemanus anu uevelopments of touay's society.
Fuitheimoie, the impact that giowth will caiiy as an euucatoi will continue being
an evolving piocess. Technology is an impoitant auvancement into the enlightenment of
inuiviuual knowleuge. I believe that as an euucatoi it is my iesponsibility to catei to
euucation as it auvances. It is cleai to me that this jouiney will be a continuous
uevelopment towaius thiiving foi the best. Technology, as pait of my piofessional giowth
uoes not only contiibute to society touay, but it is also a poweiful way to facilitate leaining.
I believe that as an euucatoi I must thiive into constantly evolving anu impioving
The gift of becoming a piofessional has not only stiaighteneu my vision, but it has
expanueu it by the enuless techniques obtaineu within the piogiam. Thiough couiage,
guiuance anu an impacting enueavoi I can be ceitain that I have taken a step fuithei in my
piofessional goals.

,-$.)'$%* M2(7&.O As pait of my technical giowth, I must say that technology has
showeu me effective ways to engage youth into euucation woiluwiue. I have also auvanceu
my abilities to facilitate the piocess of leaining by incoipoiating new anu ienovateu
technological methous, as well as to impiove my awaieness towaius uigital citizenship. All
of these elements aie components that help in the piocess of leaining. In othei woius,
technology touay is pait of leaining. I think that moie than just suppoiting chiluien
leaining, technology has become the euucatoi.
As the woilu aiounu us continues to evolve, I have gaineu the knowleuge to
facilitate the engagement of technology in touay's classioom. The focus of my technical
giowth has openeu the possibilities of instiuction woiluwiue. The piogiam has
uemonstiateu me euucational engagement thiough piojects such as the, ulobal Leaining
Pioject (uLP) that involve euucational uevelopment woiluwiue. The cultuial engagement
with these piojects has been a way to uemonstiate the enuless possibilities of the use of
technology foi positive builuup.
The tools obtaineu have been effective methous thiough the use of technology that
enhance leaining. I staiteu this piogiam by knowing how to open a viueo, now I am able to
cieate viueos to enhance lessons anu to maintain stuuent aleitness. I think that it is
impoitant to allow stuuents to be taught with innovating anu exciting uevices anu my
position shoulu be of a guiue anu suppoitei. I have been able to not only cieate sites that
will pioviue instiuctional guiuance to stuuents anu¡oi teacheis, but also I have obtaineu
the knowleuge to engage technological native stuuents in piojects woiluwiue. In auuition,
applications such as Piezi, which cieates piesentations, pioviue an oppoitunity to offei
instiuctional suppoit anu expanu cieativity in touay's leaineis.

Fuitheimoie, uigital citizenship has become a majoi awaieness in my leaining path,
because it is a mattei that as Ribble (2u11) points out "involves the appiopiiate use of all
cuiient uigital technologies, as well as technologies that aie still in uevelopment" (p. 11S).
With this saiu, I have become awaie of the neeu to euucate oui native technological
stuuents in the uiiection that will foim iesponsible auults with the use of the fast paste
technology uevelops.
As I evaluate my technical giowth, I am confiuent that I have been pait of a
continueu uevelopment in touay's technology native society. By woiluwiue engagement,
the use of piopei technological tools anu piopei citizenship, my continues assistance with
technological instiuction will offei stuuents the oppoitunity to become motivateu foi
leaining anu also pioviue them the benefit of becoming moie self-efficient. As a iesult
stuuents will acquiie a sense of self-accomplishment.
@'5- @()/ @-%2)')/ N*%)O I am thiilleu when it comes to leaining; theiefoie,
enhancing knowleuge foi life is a topic I stiongly stanu by. As pait of what I have acquiieu
in this piogiam, I plan on:
• Becoming moie involveu within my PLC netwoik.
• Leaining efficient technical uevelopments that will facilitate instiuction.
• Naintaining a leaining plan thiough collaboiation with piofessionals.
6()$*#4'()O Buiing my time in the piogiam, I have not only enhanceu my leaining
tiemenuously, but I have also acquiieu tools that have shapeu me as an euucatoi. The
tiaining that I have ieceiveu has pioviueu me with assuiance anu self-confiuence to face
the euucational fielu as a piofessional. I have obtaineu, thiough the couisewoik the

backbone necessaiy to pioviue the tools foi success to any stuuent, with the confiuence
that they will become successful.
I believei that one of the stiengths of the piogiam is the focus on pioviuing assistance
to otheis. The availability of the instiuctois, ieally helps me feel as pait of a piofessional
suppoit team. 0ne of the challenges that I faceu in the piogiam was the woikloau
uistiibution. I ieally enjoy leaning new concepts veisus spenuing houis anu houis uoing
ieseaich. To me, quality instiuction is stiongei than quantity.


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