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Sample Scoring Rubrics for Presentations

Scoring Rubric for Oral Presentations: Example #1

Category Scoring Criteria
Points Score
(15 points)
The type of presentation is appropriate for the topic and

!nformation is presented in a logical se"uence.

Presentation appropriately cites re"uisite number of references.
(45 points)
!ntroduction is attention#getting$ lays out the problem %ell$ and
establishes a frame%or& for the rest of the presentation.

Technical terms are %ell#defined in language appropriate for

the target audience.

Presentation contains accurate information. 1'

(aterial included is rele)ant to the o)erall message*purpose. 1'
+ppropriate amount of material is prepared$ and points made
reflect %ell their relati)e importance.
There is an ob)ious conclusion summari,ing the presentation.
(40 points)
Spea&er maintains good eye contact %ith the audience and is
appropriately animated -e.g.$ gestures$ mo)ing around$ etc...

Spea&er uses a clear$ audible )oice.

/eli)ery is poised$ controlled$ and smooth.
0ood language s&ills and pronunciation are used.
1isual aids are %ell prepared$ informati)e$ effecti)e$ and not

2ength of presentation is %ithin the assigned time limits.

!nformation %as %ell communicated. 1'
Score Total Points 100

TOTAL SCORE _______ 100