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Recognizing the value of cooperation and interconnectedness, come now the delegates
and advisers form the different Adventist schools in the Philippines convening this
session in order to formally establish the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the

Believing that when individuals and organizations achieve greater things when bonded
collectively, a cooperation has been sought among student body organizations in
Adventist schools in the Philippines in order to expand their spheres of service, witness
and influence;

Ensuring the aid of the Almighty God who has ordained things in the pas, now and in the
age to come;

We the undersigned, on behalf of our respective student body organizations and the
school we represent, do hereby declare and affirm that we willingly, voluntarily, and
deliberately agree to join the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the
Philippines (AICAP);

Further, we agree to join hands together for the promotion of closes links and mutual
understanding among member schools and student body organizations in order to
strengthen the bond of love, friendship, respect, and solidarity for the growth and
development of our members.

We also agree that this cooperation will begin with the ratification of the Constitution of
AICAP and the exchange of notes that will open the commission channels among
member schools. We also agree that, for the time being, this cooperation will not involve
immediate financial assistance, but will be limited to cultural, educational, and religious

We agree to review this Covenant every year, and if necessary to revise it to suit the
conditions and needs of participating schools and their respective student body
organizations as we come to understand those conditions and needs; so that this
cooperation will work strengthen our relationships through the coming years.

We confirm this covenant by fixing our signatures this 17 th day of December 2007 during
the Second Official Annual Leaders’ Summit of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate
Association of the Philippines held at Cliffside Retreat Center