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 Result Cheat Code

Display most cheats Επίδειξη οι πεπιζζόηεποι


testingCheatsenabled [true or

1,000 more Simoleons Kaching

50,000 more Simoleons Motherlode

1,000 more Simoleons babyboom

View career outfits and service uniforms [Note 2]

Εξαπηήζειρ ζηαδιοδπομίαρ άποψηρ και ζηολέρ unlockOutfits [on or off]
ςπηπεζιών [ζημείωζη 2]

Εξαπηήζειρ ζηαδιοδπομίαρ άποψηρ και ζηολέρ

moveObjects [on or off]
ςπηπεζιών [ζημείωζη 2]

Return Sims to safe and nuetral state at home resetSim [first name] [last name]

Reset lifetime happiness of all Sims in active


Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, constrainFloorElevation [true or

and other structures false]

Objects will not snap to slots while holding [Alt]
[on or off]

Objects fade when camera gets close to them fadeObjects [on or off]

Show talk/thought balloons above Sim's head hideHeadlineEffects [on or off]

Print random joke to console jokePlease

displaylotpackagefilename [on or
Toggle lot tooltips

Toggle "Llamas" warning icons [Note 3] enablellamas [on or off]

Slow motion visuals; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest slowMotionViz [0-8]

Toggle framerate display at top right fps [on or off]

Full screen fullscreen [on or off]

Quit the game quit

Note 1: This code allows additional cheat codes to be used and unlocks various testing
options, as described below.
Note 2: This code must be enabled before entering Create-A-Sim mode.

Note 3: "Llamas" are the triangular warning signs that appear with some messages.

 Testing cheats

Enable the "testingCheatsenabled true" code, then type one of the following codes at the
console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code

Make toddler that grows to child become an NPC ageuptonpc

Set Simoleon total for indicated family familyfunds "[last name]" [number]

Set game speed speed [0 to 4]

Toggle map tags maptags [on or off]

Toggle all audio playsounds [on or off]

Record video with specified size and quality recordvideo