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LESSON PLAN Field Hockey

FOCUS OF LESSON: Field Hockey extended on skills into short version games.


Duration: 1.5 Hours Class: Year 9
No. of Students: 25 Students Conditions/Location:Dunnings oval

OBJECTIVES AND/OR LEARNING OUTCOMES: Provide bases of fundamental movements/skill of Hockey that can be the stepping stone for further progression into
more complex movements and ability to play the game at an adequate level for their age and skill level.

TEACHING APPROACH(ES): Partners, teams, Small groups and whole group.

THINKING SKILLS: Spatial awareness, Team work, Strategies, dribbling, passing and shooting etc.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Cones, Hockey sticks, Tags/Coloured vests, goals and hockey balls.

Level one coaching manual published by Hockey Australia.

Students running in restricted area could cause collisions.
Sticks being used.
Students to act in a safe manner always.
Teacher be in a position to see any possible dangers.

Phase of

Performance Activities/Tasks or Learning

Class Organisation
Teacher Positioning

Teacher and Student Resources.

2 Laps of point cook oval.

Students form small groups and utilise skills learnt last week of
passing, dribbling and trapping. In a line one student shall dribbling
the ball out and pass to another team mate the receiver then traps
the ball and repeats this.
*This is done to refresh skills learnt previously.

Practise 3 vs 2 situations:
Different teams of three players take turns in attacking the two goals on
each end-line. Initially the goals at each end are defended by a covering
defender in the shooting zone and one midfielder in the centre of the
field. Subsequently the restrictions of the covering defender are lifted.
How many successive goals are the attackers capable of scoring against
the two pairs of defenders (without losing possession or allowing the ball
to go out of play)? An attack ends when a goal is scored, when the ball
goes out of play, or when a defender wins the ball and passes it to the
other defender or pair of defenders.

Number hockey:
Break students into two groups and number off accordingly, place hockey
ball in the middle of the field and call out random numbers (2-4) the
students on each team with corresponding numbers work together to try
and score the team with the most goals win.

1. Get behind the line of the ball, and watch it
all the way onto your stick, and cushion it
as you make contact. Don?t jab at the ball.
2. Stay low to make the pass and the
3. Utlise trapping of the ball to gain control.

Students gain confidence with the ball on how to
score in a game situation.
Rotate defenders regularly.

Make sure all numbers get call out even amount of

Game time: In teams the students are to complete an actually game of
field hockey with complete rules and scoring system.

Be strong when officiating with and hockey slaps
and other dangerous activites.