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From: John E. Stein
To: John W. Ferguson
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Request for additional FCRPS BiOp review by Dr. Lubchenco]
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2009 11:00:33 AM
Attachments: Triggers Document 080509 415pm.pdf
Immediate action Issue Paper Disease_8-5-09.doc
Immediate Additional Actions NIS_final.docx

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Subject:        Re: Request for additional FCRPS BiOp review by Dr. Lubchenco
Date:   Fri, 07 Aug 2009 06:30:29 -0700
From:   John W. Ferguson <>
To:     Simberloff, Daniel <>
CC:     John Stein <>
References:     <>

Dan:  I am attaching 3 documents.  All are under the Attorney-Client

relationship and are confidential.  In addition, I have been asked to
"Please stamp the the Triggers document "Privileged and Confidential --
Do not release"-- DRAFT when circulating."  But it is a pdf so I didn't,
but you get the point.  The documents are still fairly generic, due to
the lack of time to really scope these ideas out further, but they
address the panel's comments to incorporate an early warning approach
and monitoring to address uncertainty, non-indigenous species, and
monitoring for new pathogens or disease outbreaks.   Any comments and
thoughts on these is greatly appreciated and will sent to Dr. Lubchenco
and incorporated into the Adaptive Management Plan.

Thanks for your time and efforts to review these.


Simberloff, Daniel wrote:

> Hi John,
>      Just read this this morning (Friday) after getting back last night
> from the ESA meeting.   Yes, I would be glad to review these if it is
> not too late for you.
>               Dan

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