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From: Michelle McClure C.

To: John W. Ferguson; Rich W. Zabel
Subject: Re: Final independent scientists comments
Date: Saturday, August 08, 2009 9:45:20 AM

A couple thoughts on the comments from these folks

1. The spatially--explicit thing -- I apologize, I caught that problem

in the writeup, and decided not to flag it in that way, as I wasn't sure
whether they had meant it as spatially explicit modeling. On a more
substantive note, the TRT tried spatially-explicit modeling a couple of
times and we ended up giving up because there just weren't good measures
of straying, and many members of the TRT felt that there wasn't anythign
substantive that could be said. If we embark on this (and I've got
reasonable starts on it, using RAMAS), we will have to lay it out as
primarily a sensitivity analysis. Another potential response is that
the populations were defined with the intent of having them be
demographically independent on a 100-yr time frame.

2. Dan is absolutely right about the invasive species issue -- given

the information available, it might be more reasonable to start on a
"shoot first, study later" program, and to emphasize that.

3. Peter's got a lot of good points abou the modeling and the trigger
that we should really pay attention to.

Just thinking (typing) out loud.


John W. Ferguson wrote:

> Attorney Client and Work Product, Deliberative Process Privileged and
> Confidential
> Bruce: The attached file, dated 8-8-09, includes a slight addition to
> the comments from reviwer #4. This version includes what was sent in
> his email, in addition to what he had sent in a word document which
> was what I included in the file I sent you yesterday. In short - use
> the attached version that has 8-8-09 in the file name.
> Rich and Michelle: FYI, and we'll be working with NWR folks on Monday
> to incorporate the reviewer's comments into the AMP.
> John

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